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So now that we've made it to page 2, let's go ahead and address my aforementioned ABSOLUTE, TOTAL FUCKING GRIEVANCES shall we...
I am absolutely disgusted that the soulless hollywood machine chose Timothee Chalamet to portray Bob Dylan in the upcoming, totally unnecessary biopic style film about early '60s Dylan's meteoric rise to fame.

Not only is Chalamet's massive 12 year old fanbase gonna pour into the Dylan community because he's gonna be in this movie (which means guaranteed money spent by parents so their teenage daughter can get her Chalamet fix)...

But because of Timothee's questionable (at best) morality, God only knows what kind of sick, perverted or just downright propagandistic trash they're gonna be peppering into this movie.

If I was Bob, I would absolutely forbid this movie being made in the first place, but I'd especially forbid Chalamet portraying me. I'm serious, I'd be livid. But maybe Bob doesn't have any say in this at all, maybe there's absolutely nothing he can do about it from an official or legal standpoint. I dunno how that kinda stuff works, but I just know it's pretty likely they're gonna pull something incredibly disrespectful with this movie.

Timothee Chalamet is known to be an absolute douchebag... there's story after story from people who have known him, gone to school with him, met him at various events, and he's a complete and total asshole.

Now it could be argued that Bob has seemed like a total asshole at some points in his career... but that's only on the surface. That's only if you don't UNDERSTAND Bob Dylan. He is actually an exceedingly humble individual. Bob lives by this humble quality as a LIFE PRINCIPLE. That's probably something Chalamet couldn't possibly understand or match up to... at least not from what I've heard about the guy.

So yeah, it's an atrocity.

There are MANY actors, known and unknown, WITH musical talent, who could have done absolute justice to Bob in this movie. Timothee is not one of them.

Chalamet was chosen because they want to appeal to his AUDIENCE... which is full of 12 year old girls, immature 20-somethings, and gay guys.

They wanted someone who is considered "sexy" to play Dylan so that they could capitalize on looks and sex alone.

Which, by the way, I don't think Timothee even resembles Bob well enough to be chosen based on his looks...

Timothee just looks like the most smug douche ever. And he doesn't even have blue eyes, so don't bring characteristic specifics into this, because they could have gotten another actor and popped in some blue contacts or used CGI to color the eyes. There's just no excuse for this.

And let's not forget "I'm Not There" (2007) wherein Bob was portrayed by an incredibly gifted Cate Blanchett... A WOMAN. She was among several other actors who played him throughout the film, including Heath Ledger, who didn't resemble Bob at all. So they know how to make a movie with an actor that doesn't even really look like Bob.

It's not about looks... it's about VIBE. It's about staying true. It's about respecting and honoring the man and the story... which is why it's such an absolute disappointment that Timothee Chalamet will be portraying Bob.

My personal choice for an actor to do Bob Dylan some justice would be Finn Wolfhard. He's musically talented, looks totally natural playing an acoustic, and he's no doubt a TRUE FAN of Bob in the first place. He's probably been very inspired by Bob, actually...

They were clearly setting him up to portray Bob at some point, judging by the stylistic choices in some of those photoshoots. So what the hell happened??

If it's not SOLELY about sex appeal and $$$, then why not choose someone like Finn who has a close enough look and A LOT of other skills that qualify him for such a role?? Granted, admittedly, Finn is a bit tall to be portraying Bob... but he's still better than Chalamet on any day of the week.

Timothee had probably never even touched a guitar before he started preparing for this role, but Finn on the other hand...

He's been playing guitar since he was a little kid.

So okay fine hollywood, we get it... you know how to line your pockets and you always choose the deviant over anything respectable. But you should have chosen differently when it comes to Bob Dylan... God help you. Really. Hanging onto relevance by an ever fraying thread in the face of being replaced by digital media talent... I hear your death rattle.
"Alright, we get it, you totally hate Timothee Chalamet."

No, I don't hate him...

I can merely see what he is.

And he is nothing like Bob, on any conceivable level whatsoever.

Not as a soul, not as a being, not as an artist, not physically, not mentally...

None of it.
Bob recently sold his music catalogue...

Wise move on his part, most likely, considering he is quite elderly these days and that must have been a huge chunk of money...

No matter what happens, he'll be able to live well for the rest of his life, and his descendants will probably never want for anything.

But I suspect this is one of the reasons this movie can be made now and there's probably nothing Bob can really do about any of it.
(01-20-2023, 05:00 PM)Chatwoman Wrote:


Absolutely fucking legendary.

Great video too... Jakob Dylan looks absolutely gorgeous but they still tried to focus on the beauty and aesthetic of the video itself, which I really respect.

Totally excellent.

This song got a lot of plays in my childhood home.

Too bad there's no video of that performance, at least not on YouTube. Pretty sure it was a total surprise and nobody knew Bob would be there. The White Stripes did an amazing cover of "One More Cup of Coffee" which I've always loved.

I remember reading an article once where Jack White casually mentioned how he'd been hanging out with Bob Dylan in Jack's private bowling alley at his house where he keeps a special bowling ball just for Bob...

And I thought, "Whoa, wait, what? Are you sure that happened, man?" Lol.

Because Bob doesn't just casually hang out and form friendships with people (at least famous people, other musicians, etc.) as a general rule.

Apparently it's true though...

Bob's mentioned Jack several times, dating back to the Theme Time Radio Hour days in the early 2000s, and recently in some Q&A interviews he's done.

I think Bob's interest in Jack probably started off as an attempt at mentoring. Bob is known for taking a seemingly random shining to certain characters, and he helps them out if he feels like they need it.

I'm sure Bob recognized Jack's immense, undeniable talent and legendary status in the making and felt like he could use some top level guidance.

Jack White's politics are sheer disease, but aside from that, there's nothing unlikable about him that I've ever noticed. As you probably know, I'm a fan.

58:11 roflmao...


This lil pure gold nugget right here is one of my fave interviews... heinously awkward, wholly transparent, and absolutely priceless.
That interviewer was such a snake trying to ask Bob about The Wallflowers.

This is the problem Dylan's always had with the press...

Total assholes trying to trip him up and get him to say things to make him look bad, trying to catch him in SOMETHING, anything.

I would say that over the years, he learned how to masterfully evade them, but he actually came out of the gate that way...

He's always had this quality about him, and I think it's a major reason he's been so successful. These evasive tactics work in tandem with his humble approach when he's asked certain questions.

0:28 "The answers to those questions, they've got to be in all the songs I've written."

1:50 "You can cast a spotlight on something and make everybody look that way, and then you come at them from another direction." ... "But that sounds like it's conspiratorial." ... "Yeah it does, don't it?"

2:22 "Everybody does have the choice to make about themselves."

2:40 "Born again by the Spirit from above. Born once is born with the spirit from below."

3:15 "I'm still doing it and still not knowing why I'm doing it. There's other things that I would really enjoy besides playing." Eventually, it seems Bob concluded that he must play the music and do the concerts because he sees it as his duty to God. This is why he's still touring to this day (sometimes referred to as The Never Ending Tour) and it seems like he's determined to do it as long as he's physically able.

3:44 "A surgeon who can save somebody's life on the highway, that's the man I'm gonna look up to as being somebody with some talent."

4:04 "Not to say that art is valueless, I think art can lead you to God." ... "Is that its purpose?" ... "I think so. I think that's everything's purpose. If it's not doing that, what's it doing? It's leading you the other way." Bob's also a painter...

4:44 "Beauty can be very, very deceiving. And it's not always of God."

5:10 "I've spent a lot of time dealing with the man-made beauty, so sometimes the beauty of God's world has evaded me."

6:38 "Ritual has nothing to do with spiritual laws. However, if you do walk according to the Law, all of the Law... well, you'll be a pretty pure person and on a pretty high level. A person who could no doubt move mountains."

7:48 "I figure if you can't learn it here, you can't learn it."

8:13 "I grew up admiring those types of heroes... Robin Hood, Jesse James, you know, the person who always kicked against the oppression."

9:41 "I think I picked that up in the folk tradition, when I was singing nothing but folk songs for years. There are many songs about Jesse James, Cole Younger, the US bandits, Billy the Kid. Of course the English ballads had them, and the Scottish ballads had them, and the Irish ballads. I used to sing a lot of those songs, and that just kind of carried over with me."

12:48 "I don't think of myself as being told what to do all the time."

14:04 "I just have to hope that in some kind of way, this music that I've always played is a healing kind of music. If it isn't, I don't wanna do it. Because there's enough so-called music out there which is sick music. It's made by sick people, and it's played to sick people to further a whole world of sickness. Now, this is not only true in music, this is true in film industry, it's true in the magazine industry, television, billboard signs. It caters to people's sickness. We're all sick. You can be healed, and well, and set straight."
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash...


"It must be good for somebody, this here song. I know it's good for somebody... if it ain't for me, it's good for somebody."

3:05 "So how then would you like to be remembered?" ... "Oh, as someone who tried to love somebody."

People sometimes interpret Bob's behavior as awkward in situations like this, but he has his reasons for the way he acts.

In this video for example, he turns from the audience applause as much as possible because this isn't about him, it's about Gordon.

It's hard for Bob to stand around and take applause in general... for him, to be humble is a requirement that goes as deep as it gets.

This 1979 SNL performance is a great example...

"I Believe In You" is a song from his "Slow Train Coming" gospel album.

4:34 as soon as the song ends, he turns away from the audience, puts his guitar down and walks off stage, with the band following behind him.

He wasn't about to stand around and let the audience cheer and clap at him as if the focus was supposed to be on him instead of the message behind the song.

"Who's Bob Dylan?"

This SNL clip is from 1980. Patrick Weathers is playing Bob Dylan and David Carradine is reprising his "Bound For Glory" (1976) role as Woody Guthrie.

Lol, not sure if Bob thought too highly of it at the time, but I think the skit is pretty clever. They're clearly razzing him here, probably because of his gospel album releases between '79-'81. "Saved" came out in 1980, so they had to dump on him somehow.

They're suggesting he stole all his early song ideas from his beloved Woody Guthrie in 1961 when he tracked him down at a psychiatric hospital in New Jersey... which admittedly sounds like something a "crazed fan" would do. But it's fine... I mean, Bob was adorable, who would turn him away?

After that, he moved on to Greenwich Village and started playing in all the clubs. In 1962, he started writing his own songs and officially changed his last name to Dylan.

Although he was heavily inspired by Guthrie, I don't think they spent enough time together for Bob to steal 600+ songs from him.
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