Bob Dylan
That’s a nice one darling for our cabin in the woods
Big campfires and matching tunics
This is how new belief systems are formed
We can wear each other's coat back and forth forever.

0:57 a former paper warehouse, how fitting.

1:22 I can't believe they landed all that stuff for only $20m. There are a lot of guitars in there, lots of outfits, not to mention all the notebooks and letters. One of his guitars sold for $965k in 2013.

Apparently his music catalogue sold for between $200-$400m, not sure why a solid sum hasn't been shared.

The unwashed phenomenon, the original vagabond.
Quote:About Joan Baez, Dylan says: "She was something else, almost too much to take. Her voice was like that of a siren from off some Greek island. Just the sound of it could put you into a spell. She was an enchantress."

2:56 "My mother instincts all poured out because he was a scruffy little mess, you know?"

Bob typed out "Love Is Just a Four Letter Word" and then it fell behind the piano. He forgot about it. She retrieved the paper and 'borrowed' the song. Later when he heard her singing it, he remarked, "Jeez that's a good song, where is that from?" She said, "You wrote it, you dope!"
Odetta was an inspiration for Bob too...

Who wouldn't be inspired by that?
Dave Van Ronk too...


They called him Judas for going electric...

TBH, it's a miracle he didn't just throw in the towel back then and say fuck these people.

Sure glad he didn't though.
Crazy to think he was getting shit on and booed for playing "Like a Rolling Stone" which is now regarded as one of the greatest songs of all time... lol. First they call you crazy, then they call you a genius.
"False Prophet" artwork from the Rough and Rowdy Ways (2020) album...

Gee, that's interesting.

Here's the original 1942 dime magazine cover it was inspired by...

Quote:Death About Town: It stalks rich and poor alike

Previous discussion about the Rough and Rowdy Ways album...

"Murder Most Foul? The Kennedy 'Curse' and Bob Dylan's New Song"
I appreciate the fact that every song's lyrics are posted on the Bob Dylan domain...

That's not really typical with band/singers' websites, even though it should be.
‘Like a rolling stone’ , I first heard this at a week long school springtime camping trip . It made me feel quite sad and thing’s basically went downhill from there ,that was grade 7 about 5 years later I was receiving my first anti anxiety pills then shock therapy about a thousand miles from home ‘a complete unknown’
I was a victim of a random violent attack at age 11 which caused head trauma and chronic pain . My loony Christian parents thought prayer and forgiving the perpetrator was good enough so I basically suffered until I finally discovered opiates at age 18

Praise the lord
(01-23-2023, 11:09 PM)Guest Wrote: thing’s basically went downhill from there
shock therapy
random violent attack at age 11 which caused head trauma and chronic pain
discovered opiates at age 18


Gospel Bob = Best Bob.

Did they know?

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