Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...

Grenfell Tower Regeneration Newsletter - May 2016

The "STAY PUT" Fire Policy:

"The smoke detection systems have been upgraded . . . If there is a fire which is not inside your own home, you are generally safest to stay put in your home. . ."

PDF saved:
May 2016, the management reported on upgrades made to the building...

November 2016, residents put out a threatening and eerie "warning" concerning fire.
"North Ken's Grenfell Tower transformed by £10m refurbishment" - May 2016
Why are there smiley faces on the screen of the live stream
(06-13-2017, 10:16 PM)LingAnderson Wrote: Why are there smiley faces on the screen of the live stream

That's what the jihadis always do on Livestreams when their enemies are dying...

If you're seeing a lot of smiley faces, that could be a hint that 'refugees' were involved.

If they were, then they'll take credit for it at some point here.
But it's pretty interesting that there were blogs publicly posted threatening a fire...

Does that seem a bit convenient?


I dunno...

I guess we'll see what they say was the cause.
Witness speculations, tenant referencing recent renovations on the building:
Look at this... very interesting:

Seems like an effort to make it clear "refugees" weren't involved is underway.

And I'm not insinuating I think they were...

Just reporting what I find interesting.
Absolutely horrific...
(06-13-2017, 10:47 PM)MO Wrote:

Would just like to note how odd that Imgur link is compared to the typical links which are usually just random letters, as you can see in the other Imgur links I have posted on this thread...
i think we are all just wondering, is it muslims?
More suspicious dissuasion regarding refugees/terrorists:

Note the mention of "racism" when islam is an ideology/muslims are not a race.
Incredibly late and vague/useless tweet from London's sorry excuse for a mayor:
Man in the window on the second floor:

Area he's standing in is near the bottom where the building isn't charred, very small area.
Word that there are people on the roof, as yet unverified.
Reports that NEWLY UPDATED fire alarms did not go off...
People are already speculating it was a "preventable fire"...
Former tenant says he doesn't see how many could have escaped once the fire got out of hand because there are no outside escapes...

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