Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
Jihad magazine calls for people to wage 'arson war' and details how to start fires/shows buildings burning:

Hundreds could be dead.

Lack of reporting by MSM very suspicious.
120 apartments and likely several people per apartment. This was akin to section 8 housing in the US, according to people who know the area.
Just for some perspective, here's what a typical London apartment fire looks like, May 18th:
"IN CASE OF FIRE" signs from Grenfell Tower:
Reports of people having jumped from windows...

Many reports of people trapped in their apartments communicating with friends but now unreachable.

There are probably at least 100 people dead.
People disgusted by lack of MSM coverage:
So a refrigerator "blew up" and started a fire that took off and engulfed the whole building with unbelievable speed?

Newly applied flammable coating on the building.

Newly updated fire alarms did not go off.

All seems a little too suspicious.
The sorry MSM is actually getting all their info from tweets.

They have been combing tweets for hours and there is absolutely zero new info from them...

They got it all from tweets and livestreams.
A May 31st tweet says there was a fire in a Battersea flat, and that the building had no working smoke alarms...

So a lack of working smoke alarms is super common in London apartment buildings, eh?

How convenient for arsonists and terrorists using the aforementioned 'arson tactic'...
Fire "too fast to escape".
Building was coated in flammable material that is known to 'spread fire fast'.
This early photo shows the fire spreading quickly up one side of the building...

People are speculating it could have been spread through a gas pipe or elevator.

"No sprinklers, no fire alarms, no evacuation drills"...
Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK?

Look at the intensity of that fire spreading up that building in a straight line?

It's as if the fire shot up one side of the building straight to the top.

Very suspicious and all too convenient...

Seems all too efficient.
Look at the intensity of the fire concentrated on that one straight line area:

Intensely suspicious.
Not normal whatsoever...
Fire still burning and people are suggesting flammable material such as gas could be involved.
Photo shows pipe which fire traveled up:
The only thing that MSM is even reporting is that surrounding roads are closed...

This is not ordinary.

This was not a typical fire.
More people stating the obvious about the suspicious way this fire spread from the bottom to the top in staggering speed:

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