Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
News reporting fire alarms did not go off...
The roof:
Other people now noting how in 2016, management had advised people to stay in their apartments in the event of a fire:
Another report of 4th floor refrigerator having started fire...
Seeing lots of people tweeting photos of relatives saying they can't get in contact with them...

Dunno if these reports are true though...

Lots of them popping up.

Nearby buildings all being evacuated.
So much smoke can't even see the building anymore...
Now people seem to be speculating that the 2016 renovations set the building up to burn:
Onlookers told by authorities that tenants need to "self-evacuate"...

Seems to suggest they are waiving responsibility of rescue.
"Installation of insulated exterior cladding"...

Sounds like another way of saying "highly flammable"...

From the complaints concerned tenants were making, it sounds like super flammable outside cladding is the last thing it needed.
Video of screams coming from the building...

More than enough to turn the stomach.
"Huge sheets of cladding falling off"...


So out of all the work the building needed, they decided to slap a bunch of flammable cladding on the outside...

Alrighty then.
It took them 30 minutes to respond to the fire and it was already so out of hand at that point they couldn't even attempt to enter.

Layout of the building:

"One set of stairs for 24 stories and 120 apartments".
Resident says no fire alarms went off and he was only alerted by screams...
When first fire engine arrived, smoke from the second floor was already so bad no one could enter or leave their apartments.
Updates about Grenfell Tower being censored on Twitter search results, only old posts showing up. Same issue on several search terms.

Very few survivors being reported at this point.

Absolutely horrifying footage of people waving out of windows inside of fire engulfed apartments.
People are suspicious of the fire considering that high rise fires are pretty rare and it was at a vulnerable time/middle of the night:
Witnesses again reportedly saying that early on in the fire on the second floor, people trapped in their apartments claimed that smoke in the hall was too thick to get out.
So let me get this straight...

They covered the building in highly flammable material...

And their newly revamped fire alarms DIDN'T EVEN GO OFF.

Alrighty then.

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