Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
What are the odds that a fire started in such an opportune area in order to effectively spread directly to the top?

Pretty damn fucking low.
SO MANY of these witnesses being interviewed so far have muslim names...

The witness being interviewed now is Muhammad and there have been a few others with the same name.

Many 'immigrants' lived in this building.
Muslims on Twitter expressing joy over the tragedy and hoping for many dead:
The lack of MSM coverage or details coming out is worrisome.
In this photo of the layout of the apartments, the elevators are central...

The fire traveled up the pipes...
Key points:

*Building renovated in May 2016 to add flammable cladding.

*Supposed concerned tenants posted threatening blog in November 2016 complaining about lack of renovations and suggesting there would be a fire.

*No fire alarms went off even though the fire alarm system had also been updated.

*No reports of sprinklers.

*Fire spread quickly in strange pattern up side of the building where pipes are located.
ALL of the smoke alarms FAILED??


WHAT are the ODDS???

Every single witness so far has said no alarms went off.
It's Donald Trump's birthday...

Just saying.
Another early view of the fire showing the two separate vertical columns of fire:
Another supposed witness saying that the fire started in someone's kitchen because of the MICROWAVE and then TRAVELED UP THE GAS PIPE.



First it's a REFRIGERATOR that "blew up" (LOL?) and now it's a MICROWAVE.

The thing is...

That's the first verified mention of the GAS PIPES. Whether the microwave part is true or not...

It's starting to come out that the fire traveled via the gas pipes.


Maybe it did start when something "blew up" in a kitchen...

But WHAT REALLY blew up? And was it strategic in relation to the pipes?
What we know for damn sure?

The first started on one of the lowest floors, and it started in the perfect area to spread ALL THE WAY to the top, QUICKLY.

What are the odds that a 'random' apartment fire starts in such an ideal area for that kind of spread?

In my opinion, very low.
Look at this...

[sarcasm]Great job, Twitter.[/sarcasm]
More laughing smilies on livestreams:
Report of woman and her six children escaping from the 21st floor... so there's hope there might have been more people who escaped:

"The cladding went up like a matchstick."
Persian on Twitter calling the fire 'punishment to women'...
This is really horrible.
The confirmed dead at this point were people who jumped. People were throwing their children out of windows.

If this turns out to be something other than a random fire...
Reports of 'creaks, bangs, and thuds' and police ordering people to get back, from London reporter on scene:
"How come there were no fire alarms & sprinkler systems in a high rise tower like Grenfell?"

Indeed. I think that about sums it up.

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