Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
Witness says his "neighbor's refrigerator exploded"...


I mean I'm sorry but COME ON...

An exploding refrigerator causes a fire that spreads lightning fast because it just happened to be next to a gas pipe...

I just don't buy it.
(06-13-2017, 09:54 PM)MO Wrote: Check this shit out:

"It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions . . ."



Self fulfilled prophecy. I am very careful with what I say from now on.
Interview with a young guy who lived either in the building or the immediate area saying he believes the building was burnt by the city on purpose, saying that the area needs revamping and that they are building nicer places around it and simply want it gone:
Another guy suspicious of the event, says there was a fire 6 months ago which was easily contained, questions why the building went up this time like something out of a horror film:
(06-14-2017, 11:56 AM)MO Wrote: Interview with a young guy who lived either in the building or the immediate area saying he believes the building was burnt by the city on purpose, saying that the area needs revamping and that they are building nicer places around it and simply want it gone:

that sounds legit because if they just tore down the place some people wouldn't have been easily bought out. This is how to get them all out. Time will tell if these people have been purposeless displaced.
I have personal experience with the fact that local government WILL burn old buildings down, WITH people inside... they DO NOT care.

They burn buildings down rather than do the work/spend the money to bring them up to par. Just like I've seen from personal experience... there were indicators of them refusing any initiatives to renovate. They had other plans. It's LONDON... we're talking about a place with systematic pedophilia and child abuse rings running rampant. They DO NOT care about the people. They have no morals. They're the elite. They're evil. They don't care who they kill.

No one with any real clout is even TALKING ABOUT THIS.

This TERRIBLE loss of life and the TRAUMATIC and HORRIFYING circumstances thereof.

People don't care because it was "the ghetto"... poor families of every race and creed.

Well my wonderful crazy sexy lady MO , i never really thought you would be so against the ruling elite , after reading all your comments on the london fire and many other references it is clear that you are serious about this stuff . I was very bothered by all this bullshit from 2009 - 2015 then my brain just had enough as i realized nothing would ever change . There are just too many brainwashed ,asleep , busy ,' don't bother me ' type people for there to ever reach a critical mass that would threaten the ruling elites firm grasp of power . And then i realized there is even something bigger going on because when you consider the large coverups (moon landing, 9/11) and the degree of co-operation on a national level between many sovereign nations , well what i think we have here is some group of aliens that control many countries and large corporations . These aliens have put the fear of god into anyone who is in a position of power so much so that they are slaves . Its the only way i can make sense of everything and tie it together .

She and everyone with her... almost certainly dead.

Unbelievably horrific.
This is a horrible and traumatic situation for all rescue workers etc. involved.
She's praying and then opens the door. There are people banging on doors, she yells for them to come inside.

It sounds like you can hear some smoke alarms, I think. Not entirely sure if that's what that is or not.

They've deemed Grenfell Tower a "death trap"...

Just horrible.

People huddled up in apartments together just waiting for the smoke or flames to get them.

If people are going to live in high rises they need to invent some kind of parachute to jump out with.

Or something. God. I mean seriously? Humanity wants to colonize space but it can't even accomplish a high rise parachute?


4:35 you can hear her kids talking and she's telling them to sit down.

Fucking unbelievably sad and horrific.
Imagine having to drop your baby out of a 10th floor window as the last thing you do before you die.

Fuck it all, seriously.
Probably a Chinese made refrigerator.

I don't trust anything made in China.
I Google'd it and apparently there have been reports of certain kinds of refrigerators "exploding" for several years now.

I still don't know if I buy that as the cause of the fire...

All I know is that dozens of people of every race and creed died in that building, in one of the most horrifying and deeply traumatic ways possible.

That is the truth.

The trauma continues... for all the people who have to go and recover bodies. For all the witnesses who did make it out. For people who lost friends and family.

It's very upsetting.
One of the most horrific things I've seen in a long time. It really is.
It's STILL burning...
Photos of the missing...
so yeah me and ling want to know why it still hasn't collapsed yet :

far more heat than 9/11

20 times longer duration

steel beams much smaller than twin towers

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