Teal Swan is right.
(08-26-2021, 02:41 PM)genba Wrote: first seam is at 0:09:49 it's subtle and right after bug transit.

Damn you're fucking good. I see it. You're right.

I dunno how they made this video, but video fuckery has obviously taken a giant leap forward.

I'm so relieved she didn't really sit there all that time.

Bug bro followed the exact same path in both appearances I looked at, so.

Whew. Thank God man.
You are a global treasure Genba.
I hope I never dabble in video fuckery.

I am not judging Teal by saying that, this video was a brilliant concept and so well done.

I am just speaking in GENERAL.

I wanna keep it so fucking real for all my days.

DAMN. Teal looks good as FUCK in black and white.

She looks better than anybody got business looking.
Could you imagine a chick that hot getting mad at you...

Looking all pissed off and shit?

Like she'd be all mad and stuff, but she'd still be super hot with those almost exotic looking eyes, and I'm not saying she couldn't be scary, but it'd be pretty hard to take her seriously.


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