Goodbye, Teal Swan...
all she sells is tits

maybe you get some added bonus if you do her dishes for a month , act submissive , eat soy and grow a man bun
i <3 titty
@ 6:54 fungoes on valentines day
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
I wanna see teal get spanked by this church lady

Lmfaooooo Guest, you are something else!!!

I put off watching this video because I wasn't sure about Teal.

But I eventually decided to watch it and yeah, she's right again.

And she has the prettiest heart shaped lips I ever did see.
teal is trying for that Minnie Mouse look
Rodent chic.


Do I ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY believe they edited it and added creepy music and spliced things together to paint it in a certain light? Hell yes I do.

Having said that...

It still looks bad.

Like for real.

The reality of it looks beyond culty.

I am so serious.

You can say what you want about how they edited it and blah blah blah...

What you CANNOT DO is to DENY that it ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY is a cult.



I had no idea they were even making this docuseries.

I am tempted to watch...

Not gonna lie.
The WORST PART about it is her STUUUUPIIIDDDDDD fucking male followers.

The ones she apparently keeps closest. They are dumber than dumb, mentally ill as fuck, and just absolutely embarrassing.


Would I even WANT a cult if it meant being surrounded by those kinda dudes?

Man, God, FUCK no.



Who wants to be surrounded by a bunch of will-less, weak minded fucks???

This video has a pissweak 2.5k views.

This isn't something that seems like it's just to make a whirlwind of attention around drama for $$$.

If it was, it'd have a lot more reach.

I dunno man...


This gives me "purposeful infiltration of a group we think is dangerous, doing our best to seem like we're friends" vibes...

It reminds me of the infiltration that was attempted on Bentinho Massaro's cult.

I think they infiltrated Teal's cult and are trying to expose it because they really do believe she's dangerous as fuck.
Alright, fine.

The Deep End: S1 E1 - "The Lost Toys"

I DO NOT get the sense from the "9 thumbs up" that very many people have even seen this.

0:40 I can't say that Teal isn't assisting this emotionally broken individual to confront their traumas and get past them... maybe she really is. Just because she doesn't have a doctorate, is her work any less effective? I'm just saying... if she was doing this type of stuff and her intentions were good, then maybe it'd be a fine thing. THE PROBLEM COMES IN when she's getting these people emotionally re-wounded and re-traumatized by confronting their own demons, and then INSERTING HERSELF as the savior. Essentially, why aren't 10 other people doing Teal's job here? Why aren't there 10+ other people in this group doing this work? If it's all about helping, then why is ONLY TEAL doing it? Mmmhmm.

1:30 like... MENTAL ILLNESS is what it is. Nobody is a miracle worker. I mean, if somebody's gonna CHANGE FOR REAL after going through this weird, disturbing, energetically cancerous situation with Teal (using Teal as the dumpster), then MAYBE engaging in this kinda stuff is acceptable. But WILL they change??? Man, I am not a big believer in humanity, I'm gonna be real with you. Just from what I've experienced with these fucking people on this planet... I would say no. Definitely not. They're not gonna change, they're not gonna "heal", this is just who they fucking are. Sorry. I know it sounds harsh, but come on. Really. Can you honestly say I'm wrong, from what YOU'VE seen in YOUR life?? Prolly not.

3:16 I mean it seems like if you as a film crew wanted to SUCCESSFULLY infiltrate her situation and get the real truth... you WOULD have to lay it on thick. You WOULD have to be convincing. You WOULD have to be deceptive. You really would. And you would have to be GOOD at it. And it seems like these people were.

4:40 Teal's physical beauty is the sole reason she's in this position. That means that as she starts to get older, this power over people will wane. And THAT means that her MOST DANGEROUS ERA (for the people personally involved in her group) will be before she's ~45. Now I am not saying that Teal won't always be a captivating person aesthetically, but because of HER OWN PERCEPTION about the changes to her body through the passage of time, HER OWN EGO will escalate things to a 'head' or a breaking point within her group due to fearing loss of power/control.

6:22 I'm sorry, but this guy is WAAAAAAAAY creepier than Teal could EVERRRRRR be. She needs to GET RID OF HIM.

10:56 she IS teaching truth... but a lot of people are. Especially these days.

11:27 it's the VIEWERS who are fucking crazy, TBH.

12:20 Tony Robbins is FUUUUCKKKINGGGGG obnoxious... cannot stand the sound of his voice. I dunno how these people even get popular, it's mind blowing.

12:42 Blake is the ultimate creepster, and anybody who can't see that is absolutely blind. It's horrifying. The fact she'd even keep him around just shows that she's spiritually NOT evolved. Lol. And the other fact is that "17 years" of being in this position with respect to Teal has made him, largely, who he is now.

13:00 I guess that's henna they're putting on her hair but I dunno cuz it's all on her forehead and that would stain like a mofo.

13:23 he's just in love with her, that's all... but unfortunately the dynamic between them for all these years is about the most toxic thing I've ever fucking seen. It's horrible.

13:43 give him 35% of the money from her empire, send him the fuck off, and never talk to him again. He's probably 40 or so... it's gonna take him so many years to get past this, she better act now.

14:16 he started off with a bum rap in life, like he was dealt a shite hand... but being involved with Teal has made it so much worse. He needs to consider it the end of a toxic marriage and just get the hell out of there.

14:30 he says he's from Utah so he was probably abused as a child... my guess is that he had a really traumatic childhood, and Teal made him feel "seen", as he said. The only question is whether or not he's continued that cycle of abuse... and I wouldn't trust him not to.

14:40 listen to how sick he sounds... his voice is so weak, he sounds congested. It's probably due to malnutrition from that stupid vegan diet for sooo long. He's gotta get out of there or he's gonna die. Get out, eat 1000 cheeseburgers, and move the fuck on with your life bro. Honest to God. Find a way to get past this, and hope you live to 90 so you can live it down.

15:50 I believe Teal's story... I really do. This kind of shit happens whether anyone wants to believe it or not... this type of abuse is systematic in communities across the WORLD. The USA is no different. It is a HUGE coverup. Watch the first season of "True Detective" (2014). I know it's a tough pill to swallow, but people need to understand these things actually happen. Regardless... that pretty much has nothing to do with the matter at hand and what Teal does now.

16:17 man these other pleebs need to move the fuck out of the way of the view of this redhead's ass though.

16:38 like, there are some hot people in these cults... some HEALTHY LOOKING hot people, lmao. That's the shame I see in all this. Like the scores of people who died at Jonestown. It's so wrong. So many beautiful people, and they got taken down by a motherfucking psycho. Their lives were worth so much more than that. It's so sick and sad.

Value yourselves, people. Dear God. VALUE YOURSELVES.

17:11 that's exactly what I was saying about the opening clip. Are these people REALLY GONNA CHANGE?? If not, why let them take all that insane, chaotic, frankly gross energy out on you?? WHY????? For real. This is why I am not set to simply demonize Teal and say she's just a useless warped cult leader. At this juncture, I'm up in the air about her intentions. OUT OF ALL THE THINGS I've ever seen or heard (and granted I'm not even 20 minutes into this docuseries yet), THE MOST DAMNING THING I've seen about Teal's operation is her allowance and usury of Blake. It's just. Fucking. Gross. And if she really was the real deal through and through, 100% good intentions... he would not be in her life, nor would ANYONE like him be in her life.

19:27 it's good to see someone OTHER THAN TEAL doing this work with somebody. That's a good sign. But the real question is... what is the deferral process?? Are those who get "worked on" by someone other than Teal passed off by her because she's not interested in being their "savior figure" for one reason or another? Because she doesn't see them as being particularly useful for her operation?? The answer to this important question is what it all really hinges on.

20:10 I can see how this type of therapy WOULD be useful. I will say that the less a "practitioner" says, the better.

20:32 Jesus I hope these people get paid a PRETTTTYYYYY fucking penny for dealing with this shit, lmao!!! Teal better make it fucking RAIIIINNNNN. When they start screaming super hard though, you gotta celebrate that release like a cheerleader though... pretty much validate that they just got it out. If you just stay silent, it's not really THAT useful. They feel like they're screaming alone. There are a lot of ways the practitioners could improve. Stay silent most of the time, but vocally celebrate the releases, otherwise it's a missed opportunity. Where my paycheck at??

23:11 uh telling much? That's not a "strange" question at all, it's a totally appropriate and 100% necessary question, and the answer better fucking be yes, or guess what, you're a cult leader with negative, ego based intentions. End of story. I guess this is the conversation (or one of them) that the guy was talking about in the video I embedded in my previous post.

24:35 TBH, it's a HUGE problem when someone doesn't have AT LEAST ONE "mentor" or person they look up to. For real. Like even the most hardcore sociopathic narcissists I've ever known had mentors and whatnot. So this is a massive red flag as it pertains to Teal's operation. If Teal was telling each and every person in that room to feel that way same way, ABOUT THEMSELVES? That would be okay. But she's not doing that. And it's not okay. She's not telling them to feel the same as she does about herself, and to put themselves above the concept of a mentor (even above her). She's allowing them to see her as the ultimate, and she is not giving the same power to them. That's bad.

I think anyone could just stop watching and walk away from the whole thing right then and there, concluding that what Teal is doing is wrong because of her own ego/intentions.

The approaches being taken to deal with peoples' trauma is not wrong. Teal is the wrong.

The motivation behind this documentary, so far as I can tell, was that people out there with the money/resources/time to do this GENUINELY believe there is a bad and serious problem with Teal's operation. And frankly, they're doing a great job so far proving that to be the case.

25:05 she should have said "Otherwise they're not very safe, are they?" The fact that she makes it all about herself, huge red flag.

25:30 and just look at her face when she's talking shit down to this guy. It's this epic bizarre cross between 'bitchass mother' face, and 'psycho girlfriend' face, with a touch of 'totally not remorseful serial killer confession tape' face. Pretty chilling. And sister, it ain't editing making it seem that way. So don't even give me that bullshit.

26:20 wow, anyone who would give their kid daughter that kind of haircut is... a legitimately cruel human being, lmfaooooooooomg~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we're looking at a considerable part of Teal's childhood trauma, RIGHT FUCKING THERE. THAT HAIRCUT is ABUSIVE. I'm so for real.

I get bad vibes from Teal's childhood in this footage and I think she's a product of nurture. Maybe of nature too. But most certainly of something very wrong on the nurture level. Scary as fuck.

I think Teal placed the blame on all the wrong people re: her childhood.

28:00 if this predator came along that way, it was because he clocked Teal as a victim of previous abuse that either one or both of her parents did not know about. That's my guess. This is how predators work. They can spot victims by their movements, by things they say, etc.

28:20 I mean, folks... in so much of this family footage and even in this childhood photo she shows here at the age of AT LEAST 8 years old, she is topless. She is very much being sexualized in an extremely disturbing way by her family. Under the age of 5, it MIGHT not be so abnormal for a female child to go around the house without a shirt on for a short period of time for whatever reason. But a child the age that Teal is in the footage and photos shown here? There is nothing normal about it.

29:40 they are NOT making light of the abuse that Teal says she experienced, or any other aspect of what she's sharing from that time period. It seems like they REALLY wanna show how a person ends up this way.

29:50 this is footage of Blake from a very long time ago in Teal's life. He's just a kid here basically. She got her hooks in him so early and really just... well, he didn't have a chance. He really didn't. I don't like the guy at all, bad vibes all the way around... but he just didn't have a chance.

30:35 exactly... it's only because of her beauty. There's no other reason whatsoever. Which is also very sad. But this is how dumb and impressionable humans are. The fact is, if they're so easily lead... then can you really blame someone like Teal for leading them?? Not really. I truly don't think so. It's just sad all the way around... but I still don't demonize Teal in this situation.

30:47 he looks at her like she's mommy.

31:40 and those were HER relationships, NOT HIS.

33:45 so AGAIN with Teal making them "feel seen"... red flag. They use the same words to describe what Teal brought to their lives, and this ability to make people "feel seen" is a manipulation tactic Teal probably mastered pretty early on in her life.

33:55 so some of the female cult members seem to start having an attraction toward Blake. Maybe this is another reason why Teal kept him around. But if she was gonna keep him around to reel in chicks, the least she could have done was feed him some cheeseburgers and fatten him up.

34:40 if he feels that way about the fish (and he's right) then why does he keep them as pets? Are they HIS?? Depends on whether they're his or not... but if they ARE his, and he KNOWS that it's bad/sad to keep fish trapped in aquariums, then why does he do it anyway? Psychologically, this is important.

35:05 so this poor lady fell into the feels with Blake, and she's being "recruited" into the "family", making the journey to LIVE THERE. Jonestown much? Not because of Teal, but because of this guy. And he's checking in with her in video call, encouraging her along in this change in her life. This isolation from her home and any family/friends she may have there... 100% culty.

35:40 so many bad vibes.

35:50 in this scene, she's talking to her mother about why she's leaving. And her mom is clearly just worried AF and she's even saying so. Her mom seems like a very lovely woman. Honestly? If you don't feel "seen" by her, sis, that is a pure and total 100% personal problem that joining a cult ain't gonna help you with.

36:50 in this scene, Teal is roasting Blake's nuts about wanting to bring this lady in and have a relationship... cuz Blake's not allowed to have 15 or 20 relationships like Teal has. He's not FREE. And he never has been since that fateful day he met her, so long ago.

37:10 she's being sooo hard on him. She's fucked him up so bad. Like, yeah, his general vibe is just creepster as shit and has been from day one, guaranteed... but he's a fucking human being and he doesn't deserve to be treated that way. It's like he's Jim Jones' wife or something.

37:50 if it was a man Teal wanted to fuck, there wouldn't be any discussion about it or any of these considerations whatsoever. Now it makes sense why he was hiding out in his car video calling her.

40:40 now that is the bullshit talking point Teal haters make to discredit her... the whole "she encouraged suicide" thingy. She ABSOLUTELY DID NOT. She did not, and she has not.

40:55 agh man, they are taking this out of context so hard.

41:10 this lady seems unhinged too if you want my opinion.

41:40 look how they're all dressed to meet this lady. What is this, 50 Shades of Grey??? It's like total overwhelm tactics, total intimidation tactics, it's TRANSPARENT AS FUCK.

41:50 they went to A LOT of trouble and expense to make this (extremely well done) documentary... and I gotta say, this is clearly a passion project done by someone or a group of people who are genuinely absolutely concerned. That's not to say they may not make back what they put into it with people paying to watch it, I'm sure maybe they'll break even. But it's not just the money... it's the time. They spent 3 years on this. This is about way more than making Teal look bad for money and attention.

Somebody actually cares about this situation. Maybe someone's family member got sucked into it and they decided to fund this documentary.

Learning about Jonestown and other cult related tragedies, and the tactics used by cults in general should be REQUIRED EDUCATION across the entire world.
"The Safe Place"

Someone NEEDS to do one of these documentaries on Bentinho Massaro.

Quote:Yesterday (February 21), three ex-members of an alleged "abusive cult" led by the self-proclaimed "spiritual teacher" Bentinho Massaro posted a series of statements on Instagram, each sharing how they became followers and finally broke free. Despite reportedly signing NDAs for $100,000 or more, they said that they wanted to expose a pattern of "psychological and spiritual warfare" within Massaro's following, in the hope that he will be brought to justice.

Well after reading all that, it sounds like Bentinho's goose might already be cooked, lmao! Anyway, back to Teal (the smarter cult leader for sure)...

2:50 so she gave this guy a new name that is a play on her own name... Cyan. Teal. Get it? She literally took his identity and made it a little version of herself. What the actual fuck.

4:10 there are plenty of groups of people out there working toward the same mission who AREN'T a cult. I'm just saying. The cult aspect of this whole thing is so unnecessary.

15:15 this lady is a really likeable.

20:40 meaning she's gotta wear her down.

24:07 this Amir guy is crazy as shit, he'd never be welcome back to one of my retreats.

24:30 I mean, lmao, she's right though.

28:10 so Teal's about to do a ritual and start channeling this guy's dead mother.

28:50 lmao, oh she's not channeling it herself, she's hazing the new girl with it! Unbelievable.

30:27 y'all this is CRAZY. And then the look on Blake's face while he's watching is just like... he KNOWS Teal chose her to do this as part of a way to traumatize her and break her down so she'll be easier to control.

31:07 Blake looks totally freaked out, and looks as if he's concerned that Teal is coming between himself and this woman by gaining her friendship on a deeper level as well. And that was Teal's goal.

36:36 if they're just given room and board, that's not enough compensation to have to deal with this trauma shit.

37:40 sounds like Teal has BPD/narcissism.

42:20 love is so stupid.
Regarding Blake, if he were 50 lbs heavier, he would be fairly good looking... it's possible that he's not a freaked out abuser himself. Usually your standard issue abuser is ugly.

But thennnnnn there's Teeeaaalllll....

"The Carousel"

2:00 so essentially these "practitioners" of Teal's just brainwashed this poor chick into believing there was a bunch of inappropriate shit that went down in her childhood, lmao. Wowww. She's either gonna leave there desperate to get away from these psychos, or she's a new member of the cult.

4:00 I mean THINK ABOUT BEING THIS CHICK'S MOTHER. Her daughter, who she was SOOO worried about going off to this cult, HAS NOW *MARRIED* THE FUCKING CO-LEADER.

4:40 being a parent would be such a fucking nightmare.

5:35 God, life in this cult seems soooooo boring.

7:45 you can see how immature Blake is in this scene. Pretty bad. This has been a couple years at this point I guess, so they may not even be married anymore. But this lady doesn't have all the time in the world to reproduce if she wants to, she definitely shouldn't be bringing kids into that situation and it's clear Blake doesn't want that with her anyway. But hey if she was gullible enough to get involved in a cult, the gene pool probably doesn't need her offerings anyways.

16:00 that's exactly what they were doing to the chick at the opening of this episode.

27:50 this whole scene looks like it was heavily edited, all out of context, etc.

28:20 her mom clocked it, she looks totally unhappy.

29:03 shit no, I'da been like "Come on home, sweetie."

29:10 Midsommar vibes.

30:00 why is this chick at the workshop then? She's crazy like the Amir guy was. Another one I'd ban from ever attending again.

32:07 she shouldn't HAVE private events... period. There's literally no reason to besides making money. She could do that in a number of other ways.

The best approach I think Teal can take is just to disclose that, yes, it is a cult. It's time to stop pretending it's not.

33:00 I mean, honestly she did just cross the line... and it's time for her to go back to Germany or whatever. She's realized life there sucks balls anyway. It's no big deal.

But this demonstrates the point the guy raised in the first episode... Teal doesn't allow people to come up against her/challenge her. That said, I do think there's more to this issue with this chick and the situation between them than just challenging Teal. She's not a good fit for the community, lmao. Like I hate to say that and even use those terminologies, but she's just not. And Blake is not a good fit to be her husband... he's immature, he's arrested development, he's brainwashed the shit out of, and he doesn't even want her children. Like, bye. AND he looks emaciated and totally unhealthy as a result of poor diet, massive stress, and having lead his life with Teal. Like, bye.

34:30 so this private investigator lady received the cult's list of "Non-Negotiables" that they have to agree to in order to get into the inner circle.

35:17 "You can't put your own family first, Teal has to come first." ... "The priority of the entire community is whatever is in the best interests of Teal." Not the "mission"... Teal.

40:15 this is the "waterboarding" scene she was talking about in her new YouTube vid I posted about this earlier... lmao. She can dress it up how ever she wants... the fact is, if you're doing spiritual or psychological teaching, you don't NEED to use PHYSICAL tactics on people for things to actually work. She's simply traumatizing people with CIA-like tactics of torture. Roflmfao, it's just unbelievable.

41:25 lmfao this is SOOOOOOOOO damning it's INSAAAAAANNNNEEEEE.

41:40 she tried to play it like the waterboarding/drowning ritual scene was edited to make it all look super scary and dramatic, but like, sorry... no. It was well edited, yes. But that's what really happened. And notice how they started out with THE MOST PROBLEMATIC person there. It's like Teal handpicks the people who clash with her and games these elaborate ways to get back at them, disguising it as a ritual.

42:10 trauma bonding, textbook.

Well. Teal is fucked.

I recommend they make this docuseries free to view. Until they do, they're not really helping the situation that much.

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