Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...

Luci's new mic and cam are so much better than the last one.

There are several reasons, that unlike usual, I'm glad this video isn't in English...

LMAO I wonder what the fuck he is saying though.

I wonder if that bed back there is actually where he sleeps?

No sheets. Looks like a wadded up pillow back there.

God I hope not, dude, that's pretty dire.
How does he talk about whatever the fuck he's talking about for 13 minutes?!?!?

Look how serious he looks/sounds at the end of the video.

ROFL, the fuck WAS that?!
LOL let's look at some of Lucian's Liked videos...

So THAT'S the kinda shit Luci's into!?


Hmmm. I'm not really finding all that much to make fun of, so I'ma just stop looking now.
I don´t trust a man who´s subscribed to Mariah Carey Big Grin

He appears to have a thing for Britney Spears too.
Shocker Big Grin
I wish girls had tails like kitty cats so we could tell if they are in a good,bad, sleepy, or phsyco mood
What a thought!

Bitchin' shirt, Luci!!!
LOL Lucian is ALWAYS snarling.

I bet that's his o-face too.
LOL, imagine Luci over top of you making that face while he cums...

What is Luci SAYING?
omg that bursa castle/asylum  is absolutely creepy   - 10% death rate per annum 

reminds me of this    creepy movie  ...

MO i think    poor lucian is way better off in his    room   , living his      fantasy
LOL, he has a salt lamp? That's totally a guy thing, my husband asked me to buy 2 of them, 1 for home and the other so he could give his guy friend a house warming gift. LOL WTF???

Dude somebody needs to come in and throw ALL of that shit in Lucian's room away...

Literally just take a shovel and shovel that shit out.

What's on the top part of the shelf behind him looks fine. That looks like important stuff.

The rest of it though??


Shovel that shit out.

And like...

What's the fucking deal with his "bed"??

Is Lucian really too crazy to put a sheet on that shit??

I think he's lazy.
(12-06-2017, 09:59 AM)Cream of Caulk Wrote: LOL, he has a salt lamp? That's totally a guy thing, my husband asked me to buy 2 of them, 1 for home and the other so he could give his guy friend a house warming gift. LOL WTF???

I have a salt lamp candle holder...

I like the color of it.

I don't have a regular salt lamp.

I kinda want one, I have for a long time but...

I dunno, I don't really have the desk space for it, it's something I feel needs sort of a sacred space around it, and I can't really swing that.
Plus they plug in and stuff, and it's kinda like meh...

Not enough plugs around.

I'm making excuses, believe me... if I really wanted it, I would have one.
I put our salt lamp in a sacred feng shui place for money. Ever since I put a waterfall picture there, some metal and that lamp my husband has been making a fuckton of money. Business is so off and on but this has been a constant since I did that. Yes, you need a special place where you want something enhanced, it's fire so that's going to be a strong energy. Kinda like wearing orange/red panties those make the pussy chakra overheat.
Romanian is a very unique language and hard to learn. I know they are very poor over there and he most likely lives with his parents and he has that room to himself and they probably sleep in the kitchen or living room. I doubt he lets his mom in to clean it. Most people, especially the poor live minimally but he's got some hoarding tendencies.
They even sell them at walmart now. I got ours from Bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon. But walmart is cheaper.

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