Lucian Ilea has completely lost his fucking mind...
dude , is that tourettes syndrome making him snarl ?

just curious
I dunno if the snarl is a Romanian thing, or a Lucian thing caused by just being Lucian, or by something like Tourette’s.
Someone should ask him.
That is a damn good idea.

And with anyone else, perhaps it would even work.

But with Luci “Elusive” Ilea...

He would literally never respond.

He is worlds too aloof to achieve an actual back and forth convo at least textually.

LOL Luci's videos are depressing as shit today...

Why is everything so orange?
The fuck is with the pillow? Looks like a cartoon cat on it.

Why doesn't Luci have a damn fucking mattress cover and use pillowcases like a normal person?

You can't wash that shit, that is nasty...

I wonder how old that mattress is and how...

Imbued it must be with Lucian's draconic essence.
I'm trying to be nice here.
Let's play ispy! 

I spy something triangular.
OMG what a great idea!!!

Hmmm, triangular...

The pyramid, top mid right!!!!!

I spy...

Something long and thick standing at attention!!!
What the hell is that thing?! ROFL.
i think his pillow has curious george on it , i loved curious george cartoons
(12-08-2017, 09:21 AM)MO Wrote: The pyramid, top mid right!!!!!

I spy...

Something long and thick standing at attention!!!

Yes, that's it!

long and thick standing at attention, Luci's hair!
Oh I see it, I had to go full screen, look's like Luci's hair curling iron! right? What else could it be?
Those really don't look like natural curls in his hair. Too fluffy and full, he uses a curling iron. That's at least 1 1/2 inch barrel.
It looks like a mini lightsaber or a fake light up crystal on a base.

I honestly have no freaking clue what it is, but I just can’t imagine it being a hot iron because there is nowhere to set the thing down while it’s heating, etc.
It looks like it's been up ass.
I was gonna say, maybe it’s a sex toy!!!

Does Lucian NEVER speak English anymore!?

LOL, that thumbnail though.

Big Sad Nana

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