Kelli In the Raw: Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels... They're ALL Reptilians!!!
(07-05-2019, 08:36 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

Kelli in a new locale?

Wonder if she'll ever explain?

Did she move out alone?

2:20 in the process of moving and deciding where she wants to live... hmmm. She says it could be anywhere in the world. Well I recommend she goes somewhere that may relieve her "allergy" symptoms. And if she tries that and it doesn't work... she might want to consider it could be the fake boobs (IF they ARE fake, which we don't know)...

I'm just saying. Just trying to help!

Wow, so did she finally shake her albatross of a husband off her back? That would be seriously awesome... he always seemed like an asshole to me. Remember in the early days when Kelli could only film in the closet and her husband tried to make that hell for her too? Yeah... we remember. I'd never miss a motherfucker like that. Hopefully he didn't die though!

2:37 she says she's in Colorado right now. Not bad, Denver is good for allergies...

She says she's been gone from Texas for 2 months.

5:20 must be so nice not to be held down by her husband anymore!!! Woo hoo!!! God yes, party time!!!

6:45 meeting "actors and producers and people with money"... LOL, admittedly this sounds like she's run off chasing a mid-life crisis pipe dream. That said though, it's still better than being with her husband.

10:52 - 11:27 oh yeah, because TV is SOOOOOO open and receptive, fucking ROFLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bottom line? She always wanted to be a TV star. YouTube was always a second best concept to her, she never gave up TV's #1 place within her. And TV is wholly antiquated. Her obsession with it displays an inability to change with the times.

I'm not trying to simply judge Kelli harshly... I am stating what I believe to be the honest truth.
Unfortunately she is deluding herself here.
I'm certainly not saying Kelli's a bad chick...

I think even her intentions for the most part are good.

But she thinks fulfillment is gonna come from something it's not going to come from, ultimately.

You haven't encountered "limitation" until you've tried to play ball in the TV world... FUCKING LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or just the hollyweird sphere in general. It is literally the most limiting, stifling, slavery based system currently on the planet... and that is the truth.

And that's what Kelli is trying to get into because she has NOOO idea what it is (no idea whatsoever), or she legitimately thinks she can break that system (she can't, it's not meant to be broken, it's meant to be abandoned, FOR THE FUCKINGGGG INTERNETTTTT, HELLOOOOO, ROFLMFAO). But her efforts are in vain and I mean that literally...

See, Kelli has obviously spent her life as a very attractive woman. She's been the object of much adoration in her time, be it nights out on the town, acquaintances who wanted her for much more than friendship, so on so forth. The same plight as every other beautiful woman who has ever been. But now she's getting older, and because she spent a lot of time childrearing and being married (to a total moron/asshole no less), she never got to GET IT OUT OF HER SYSTEM. She never got to LIVE IT UP when the livin' was fresh and good. Hot off the press.

So she's trying to pursue it all now... and she CAN enjoy life, but it's too late to do some of the other things she wanted to do. And the truth is, those things she wanted were (are) based in vanity. They never would have been good anyway. Those things never would have truly satisfied her. Yet... she pines for them. And she's had so much exposure, gotten so much more attention than most people do on the internet. Global attention. But it still wasn't enough. Why else would she not be satisfied with the internet platform? Because to her, TV represents a higher level of being worshipped and adored. It means more to her, simply put... as antiquated and, frankly, useless as it is today.

15:40 and she really is... she's happy, she's free. Notice she keeps using the words "limited" and "unlimited". It's because she spent all those years as a house slave totally under the oppressive rule of the moron she married. She's going FUCKINGGGGG crazy now that she's free. And she has every right to, her youngest is an adult now pretty sure. She doesn't owe anybody a fucking thing... mommy's OUT! Bye motherfuckers! LOL! I don't blame her AT ALL. And if she'd even chosen to do it sooner... I still wouldn't have blamed her.

Truth is... abandonment is part of human nature. To walk away from it all is part of human nature. I'd even venture to say it's something everyone should do at some point in their lives... maybe even more than once. It's a wonderful experience... sometimes it's forced, sometimes it's chosen. It's usually scary, and on some levels usually painful... but it DOES make you feel free and, for many, that will be a major source of happiness.
I assume that Kelli married a man who was very much into her looks and probably the most shallow aspects of them too... I assume he likely held her to rigorous standards. Daily makeup, certain clothes, etc. And not that he'd ever have the balls to leave her if she didn't uphold those standards because LOL, get real, he's probably totally unattractive compared to her... but it's almost certain he made her life a psychological/emotional hell if she didn't live up to his vision. We already know that about him from what she's shared in videos.

So, no not everyone marries a moron and spends their married years in a situation like that. But Kelli did. That's all I'm saying. It was her story to play out... now she's living another part of her story. But I have no doubt that, even though she is older and she's basically chasing a wild goose here... she will likely be much happier than in previous years. At the least, she'll be living.
Anyway, circa 14:38 she says she's staying with a (male) fan who became a friend. Not saying they're romantic but... my guess is she met this person (and maybe some other people too) and was offered a place to stay before she ever left her former situation. Otherwise... it's hard to say she would have ever left.

That's just speculation, and while most of the stuff I say IS speculation... most of it, I hardcore believe is the truth and I don't PERSONALLY view it as speculation even though it technically is.

I don't think this person she's staying with is a romantic involvement.

23:02 of course this is all a bunch of pareidolia...

But really, what IS pareidolia? A widely debated topic with varying theories.

I have no problem believing what she says about the faces in the orbs... very common to see them.

I have my own pictures of faces and figures in orbs...

These are all from 2006:

Face In Orb:

Cowboy Side Profile In Orb:

Orb Stays In Place While I Move:

Same Orb, Three Times, Different Cameras:

Those were all taken in my childhood home.

On an unrelated note...

24:00 Kelli's "allergies" don't seem to be getting any better even though she's in a place which is supposed to be really beneficial for allergy sufferers.
52:18 I get what she's saying but...

And this is a GENERAL observation I have about the world, this is not related to Kelli but...


I would fucking NEVERRRRRRR throw a baby in the air.
59:00 see this is why Kelli is so damn interesting.

0:42 my exact thoughts are "It's okay, I guess." And that's how I felt every time I was in Colorado... just "It's okay, I guess." Southern and western Colorado, it's totally okay. But eastern Colorado? Total hellhole.

People who really love mountains and stuff dig it I'm sure... the world definitely looks different to Kelli than it does to me. Everybody's different. I'm happy for her being there and that she loves it.

2:50 so I guess this is an apartment that she's renting.

Breckenridge is sort of between Vail and Keystone. It's west of Denver, not that far away.

It'd be great to live there only because of the weed and shrooms...


That's my opinion. If I liked skiing or something then I would feel totally different about the value of the place. But for me, it's not a match at all.

I prefer flat terrain where you can see for miles. I like desert... anything that looks like sand, and I like ocean.

6:19 she's right... you gotta take the freedom, choose the freedom, and you often do have to give up everything. I commend anyone who chooses freedom.

11:00 she's absolutely right... you gotta detach.

11:43 it has meaning... ONLY because of US and what WE carry WITHIN us, the memories/feelings that correspond to that object. So WE are the magic in the situation, WE hold the data... not the object.

12:23 "When you let go, you gain everything"... she's so right and I've been saying this for a long time. You have to be willing to lose everything in life...

15:11 I fricken hate cold weather... that sounds like hell to me. The air must be sooo fucking dry. I was so curious about living in Colorado for a while... but the more I went there and learned about it, the more I realized it truly fucking sucks. FOR ME. For my needs and my wants... it absolutely is not the answer.
50:56 - 51:33 powerful statement... and I've been there. Heck, I'm there right now.


Kelli's with a HOTTTIEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Talk about a massive upgrade from that husband she was with, ROFLLLLL!!!!!!!!
Colorado Bigfoot, here's his channel...

They seem perfect for each other...

I know they're not INVOLVED, but I am shipping the fuck out of it.

The fuck... is Kelli's channel gonna become about Bigfoot now???

Is Bigfoot popular or something right now??

I've never really been into Bigfoot.
And how did she get that MASSIVE rack? Like, how did that happen? Was it the hand of God or the hand of man? I really want to know.
It doesn't even make sense.

I think it's great Kelli's making a lot of videos lately.

They're pretty long so I don't get to watch most of them or anything, but it's great she's sharing.

1:14 so she's still got the allergy problem... see that makes no sense to me. Her allergies should be better if they're actually environmental. I want to know what the REAL problem is.

Kelli's living the fucking life in Colorado though... I really wish I liked that place more, I'd totally live there and get baked all day and night. I believe in cannabis as medicine. But I just didn't really like Colorado. For Kelli it's great though since she apparently likes the mountains or whatever. I mean I like mountains too but... hiking them and shit, not really. Actually, no.

18:45 I like Kelli, she's really great... she's super right on and she has a good sense of humor.

21:37 it's a hard lesson to learn sometimes, but it's true. This one can take years to eventually understand.


2:17:30 damn.

2:20:40 LMFAO... man. Kelli is something else.

2:21:52 OMG.

2:31:00 she gives great distance hugs though. I ain't even gonna lie.

1:24 they're tripping balls over fallen branches...


What in the actual fuck is Kelli doing???

0:37 LOL I can't believe she keeps calling them "dead people" LOL dude what the fuck.

That's legit disrespectful and you can tell she has NOOO idea.

0:47 uhhh, no Kelli.

0:57 now that was a noise, but who knows what the hell it really is. Could be literally anything, ever.

1:42 LMAO she seems legit freaked out.

Is it lit up? Are there lights? How the fuck are there lights in a mine? I don't get it.

2:30 I bet there's gonna be absolutely fucking zero activity in that mine... absolutely fucking zero.

3:13 she needs to run off in there, she's just being a wimp at this point.

How far back does the mine go??

6:21 LOL Lord have mercy Kelli... really?

Let's look up the Country Boy Mine to see what the fuck the story is even supposed to be...

From what I can tell there's not even anything on there about it being haunted at all. Not like I actually read it or anything though. JBH.

Sounds like a load of bullshit to me.

8:44 I mean, I like Kelli, she's very entertaining and all but... LOL. I'm sorry, there is just nothing going on there. At all. Nothing.

TBH like she MAY be communicating with actual spirits but there's no proof whatsoever that they're actually connected to the mine itself.

They're probably following HER around. But she wouldn't wanna talk about that.

11:54 ROFLMFAO, Kelli is fucking great.

The only thing going on in that mine are energy stains that would be (and are) literally everywhere. You can time travel through the energy.

Whoever she talks to... there's just no proof they came from the mine. It could be any energy or spirit donning any appearance and creating any story that they wanted. You can talk to energies and spirits like this literally anywhere/anytime. A lot of them will just make up stories surrounding whatever you're expecting, just to have an exchange with you. I think they can put on shows and shit too, like it's not just one energy that will try to communicate with you and be less than honest... it can be a whole troop of tricksters.

I'm not saying ALL spirits and energies are tricksters, they're certainly not but... when you go SEEKING shit out like Kelli's doing, usually it's like 90% tricksters and 10% real shit that comes to the fore, if anything (and usually nothing does).

16:47 there's a super dirty, smug dude standing around Kelli, smoking a cigarette and laughing at her. He's not being mean per se, but he's definitely amused and he's a very smug dude. It feels like he's the only one that is actually real. I don't know if they actually smoked in mines though because of all the explosives, so it could just be another trickster. There's honestly no way to know for sure.

There is no time, it's just an illusion... everything happens at once. So Kelli going in here and looking for ghosts and whatever can effect the miners in the past too. If anyone back then was perceptive enough to sense Kelli in the future, they could have interacted with her... if you can call standing there and low key making fun of her 'interacting'. It is what it is. There's also the possibility Kelli's energy (in the future) could have been distracting them (in the past) and causing issues whether they consciously knew it or not... which I'd say basically none of them did. The only one who seems to know is the smug guy.


I gotta be 100% honest with you man, I did not expect AT ALL for there to be ANYTHING actually going on in this fucking mine, but the fact that we SAW THE SAME FUCKING GUY?! Bwahahahaha. Wow. Alrighty then.

This is honestly kinda shocking to me.

23:22 he WAS!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!! He's one of those guys where if you give him attention, he won't give you any attention, but if you ignore him then he will be interested in you but always from afar, never up close. Bahahahaha what a fucking trip.

24:50 LOL she's right. Oh my God man wow... I cannot believe we're actually picking up on the same thing or that this is happening at all. This shit is INSANNNNEEEE. She's absolutely right about these energies (male) she's sensing and the thing is it's legit because I saw it first and talked about it before she even mentioned it. That's a trip.

25:07 they're not upset that she's a woman and she's there. ROFL. They're not upset at all. It's interesting she interprets it that way.

35:02, 36:10 it's a damn trickster, LOL. It's actually not funny because it's just trying to get her hurt. I can't believe she's falling for it. Tricksters are interesting because they're so pure with their intentions (of mischief) that it's almost childlike, and I think maybe that's why Kelli doesn't pick up on the danger.

This was a hell of a lot more interesting than I expected it to be, I'll tell you that much.

You know what I find a tad odd...

I find it odd that Kelli believes in ghosts at all.

Ghosts aren't really something I've heard her talk that much about...

And ghosts are usually like THE FIRST THING that people are ever interested in re: the esoteric/ethereal or whatever.

It's like the order is all fucked up.

This is the same Kelli who used to talk on and on about how she thinks angels are just reptilian tricksters basically. LOL!


That it's ALL REPTILIANS and there aren't actually any legitimate interdimensional beings besides the fucking tricksters/reptilians.

Kelli knows her shit, and she's talked about it ALL.

So she just suddenly believes ghosts are a thing???

It doesn't add up. Are ghosts trending right now??

What's the real reason she's talking about this??

Did she see a ghost or something?? LOL. Like she says she used to see them all the time as a kid, so I'm guessing she still does?? Why JUST NOW start talking about it?? I don't get it.

Yeah ghosts are real...

I've written about my experiences and my opinion on what ghosts are:

(10-31-2018, 03:39 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Alrighty, ghost story time! I grew up in a very old building that had been a medical facility at one time (AKA, kind of a lot of people died there). I'll share some stories.

So this story took place when I was maybe 4. In those days, our kitchen was upstairs and down from the stairs was a small hallway. One afternoon, my mom was cooking or cleaning in the kitchen and I was up there playing. I went over to the stairs and looked down into the hallway and there was an elderly man wearing a bright blue suit. He was mostly bald, but he had wisps of white hair here and there. He was pacing back and forth with his hands clasped behind his back, just looking looking at the floor. When you’re a little kid, you’re not thinking, “Oh, it’s a ghost!” You’re thinking, “Who is this person in my house?” I thought maybe he was just a friend of my dad’s or something, and that he was waiting for my dad or something like that. But actually, my dad wasn’t even there at the time. It was the best thing I could come up with to explain who this man was.

I walked away from the stairs and went over to where my mom was. I was going to say something to her about it, but for some reason I didn’t. I just went back over to the stairs again, looked down there, and he was gone. It was really kind of a poignant experience, because the way he was pacing back and forth was like he was just waiting to receive news or word or something like that. It felt kind of sad, but it wasn’t scary or creepy.

The next story was when I was about 13 or so. We lived in a different part of the building in those days, the kitchen was downstairs. I was cooking spaghetti. Friends of the family were staying with us at the time, and they had a 6 month old baby (maybe he was 9 months, I don't really remember). He was old enough to be in one of those bouncy chairs that hangs in the doorway. So it was just me and him... I was over by the stove, he was bouncing in the doorway. Everyone else who was in the house at the time was upstairs. There were two doorways to the kitchen (neither actually had a door on it), one to the left of the room and one to the right of the room, each exiting into a hallway, with the two hallways meeting at a corner.

Anyway, I was standing at the stove stirring the sauce when out of the corner of my eye I saw a tall white figure walk slowly by the right doorway, behind the baby, heading toward the corner of the hallways. By the time I looked straight ahead at it, all I could see was a white "train" trailing behind it on the floor, almost like the train of a wedding dress. But it didn't really look opaque. I stepped to the center of the kitchen, directly in front of the baby, probably about 8 ft. away from the doorway where he was still bouncing, oblivious to any mysterious figure walking behind him. But as I stood there in the center of the room, the baby suddenly stopped bouncing, leaned back in his bouncy chair, and looked to his right, in the direction the figure had gone. He looked up and down, as if he was studying someone. Then after a few seconds, he turned back around and resumed normal bouncing.

I thought to myself, there had to be someone there. The baby wouldn't have stopped bouncing at all, let alone looked in that very direction so intently. There was no way for him to know I'd seen anything pass by, let alone which direction it had gone in. All he should have known from his viewpoint was that I was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking at the doorway straight on. So... I crept out of the left side door way of the kitchen, into the hall, and slowly approached the corner where the two hallways met, fully expecting someone to be standing there waiting to scare the shit out of me on purpose. But there was no one there. About 10 minutes later, everyone who had been upstairs came back down and I told them what we had seen. The first and only time I've seen a ghost and had a witness.

The third story was when I was about 15 or so. I woke in the middle of the night to see a figure standing beside my bed. I couldn't tell whether it was male or female. It had dark hair in a short hairstyle, kind of like a bob or a bowl cut. It appeared to be wearing scrubs. It also appeared to be holding something, like a pillow or a small blanket. Anyway, I essentially caught it staring at me. When I roused to drowsy consciousness, it stepped back from the bedside, turned to its right and started to walk around the edge of my bed, toward the doorway to the room. The walk was very creepy... almost jagged, like something you'd see in a horror movie, only without the totally ridiculous special effects, etc. Once it reached the doorway area, it stood facing the corner directly to the right of the doorway. To this day, it was the creepiest thing I've ever seen with my own two eyes. After that, I moved my bed to face another direction where I wasn't able to see the corner or most of the door.

The interesting thing is that leading up to this event, I had (probably for a few weeks, on and off) been waking in the middle of the night to strange 'illusions' of 'something materializing' in that corner by the door. The clearest one I can remember was the illusion of a vacuum cleaner (of all things) just sort of levitating over in the corner. Over time I have come to the conclusion that it was this presence (whoever it was) attempting to manifest, and that once it had successfully manifested (the time I caught it staring at me), it was never seen again. I always got the impression that particular ghost was just "passing through" and was not a "regular" in the building.

There were a few regulars though, very intense and strong presence. Many other stories of strange occurrences, but these are the top actual sightings which I personally experienced. In that building.

(06-01-2017, 08:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Ghosts are ourselves, back in time or ahead,
They are not communications from the dead.

(07-13-2019, 12:22 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Ghosts are individual consciousnesses who have left a 'stain' on the 'fabric of time', and as more and more time passes, the links to that individual consciousness's experiences whilst embodied become weaker and weaker... due to the constant changes that take place in the matrix. Families dying over the decades, places burning down, etc. so on so forth.

(08-03-2018, 07:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I've seen the ghosts of people who were alive at the time. I've seen "regular" ghosts. And I know that I am haunting places, but I'm still alive so... all my personal experience is proof that it's a real thing.

(04-21-2017, 11:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The consciousness of a building holds memories...

All the more powerful when the consciousness of an individual melds with the building's own memory, and this is one way "ghosts" happen. The structure then can outlive one, providing a vague and often rather specified channel for one's consciousness to peer through from beyond the veil. 

These are concepts which of course being expressed through linguistics have to be detailed in archaic terminologies, as the human plight would have it.

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