Kelli In the Raw: Gods/Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels... They're ALL Reptilians!!!
(08-15-2019, 02:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

3:35 WHAT is the DEAL with these fucking ALLERGIES???

If it hadn't been going on for YEARS, I might be inclined to think she's fricken DYING.

I mean, we're all dying... but you get what I'm saying.

Like... what is UP with this shit???

Is it because she lived in Texas for so long?? Because I've heard about over the past decade people in Texas have been developing really hardcore allergies so bad they have to move and whatnot.

But I mean if Kelli is any indication, hmmm... moving away doesn't seem to work super well.

9:16 hmmm interesting... so she essentially addresses my question in the other post. This why I like Kelli. I feel that she typically comes from a place of honesty.

TBH if I was a dude I'd probably be hardcore in love with Kelli LMAOOOOOOO.

19:20 she's talking about the Ancient Matter. It's basically a huge mass of underground bio matter that has a consciousness and its body is made of decayed natural material, plants, excrement, root systems, etc.

31:15 God I fucking hate HD sooo much...

33:48 fricken Dolores Cannon... *eyeroll*

34:54 she's right, dude... she's fucking right. This is one of the most important truths that Kelli reinforces.

35:16 Kelli is dropping some HARDCORE truth right here... FUCK I love this woman. HELL yes girl TELL IT LIKE IT IS. GOD yes.

59:36 lol :)

1:00:00 I bet there are people out there who want to have sex with Sasquatch the same way I wanna have sex with aliens...


1:02:50 maybe Sasquatch's dreamworld is the earth plane.

1:05:55 Kelli says sprites and faeries are murderous. And leprechauns too, but we knew that.

I mean the bit about the faeries kinda cracks me up but whatevs, that's to be expected when you hear such a statement LOL!

1:08:30 LOL I gotta be honest, this "high society" dude Kelli's talking about sounds pretty fuckable. But I think they're pulling her chain about the whole rareness of mountain lions thing, like... it's the fucking mountains, of course there are mountain lions.

Maybe she saw a bobcat or a lynx though. TBH, mountain lion is more likely. They were probably trying to play it down and act like they're rare so she wouldn't be afraid or something LMAO.

2:30 Kelli is on a YouTube network? Bleh... I think it's pretty archaic to be with a network these days. Or ever actually... why give your power away?

3:45 I agree with Kelli, it's the greatest to handle whatever items you sell personally because it infuses them with your essence... this is why I don't sell physical items I haven't handled.

6:23 ROFL that is a terrible product name, I'm sorry.

9:00 fuck vegans.

12:25 she's right, the dressings out there are horrible. Aside from ranch, I just make my own. Dressing is so easy.

16:56 OMG beaver butt gland flavoring?? WTFFFFFFFF.

22:08 oh hell yeah she's whippin' out the whiteboard!!!!!!!!!!!!

32:08 I just don't even bother calling people by their names.

1:17:48 wow that makes SO much sense re: metals and the blood-brain barrier.

2:10:55 LOL "Bigfeet"... this is why we love Kelli.

2:15:00 Kelli starts ranting and we get to hear her cussing a lot, which I really like.

2:18:30 good story.

2:32:50 Kelli gets really emotional here talking about her mom who is in the end stages of dementia. She has such a big heart. What she says at 2:34:10 about her (former) environment is very important... environment is very important when it comes to mourning, release, proper acceptance and dealing with trauma etc.

2:35:40 I will say this though... one doesn't "do" the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul does YOU. LOL. It's not something you CHOOSE when and where etc. A better terminology for what she's referring to is simply "trauma processing and integration"... I've written at length about trauma here:

2:48:00 AMEN KELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

2:53:45 I REALLY like Kelli's policy about this whole boundaries thing she's discussing here!!! I think I'll adopt this!!!

34:00 I fucking love Kelli's chats... she is absolutely amazing.

39:06 you don't snap for the pool boy... you make it clap for the pool boy.

1:01:00 great points.

1:01:47 you don't HAVE to have the egotistical attitude... but you CAN ;)

1:02:30 we don't want professional... we want real.

2:12:10 she starts talking about her opinions on "open relationships".

2:15:50 and that's the bottom line... you can dress it up how ever you want, but the truth is what it is and that's all there is to it.

2:36:25 she says that deprivation of food extends life... so essentially fasting intermittently is a good thing. I guess it makes sense because it gives the body system a rest from working so hard to digest food etc. I don't think "deprivation" was really the best word to use but I get where she's coming from.

2:48:25 I don't really agree with this description of deja vu. We've discussed and put together the best theory of deja vu I've heard yet here:

2:51:55 totally disagree with her about reincarnation. Reincarnation never ends. 2:52:50 we always got to choose... there is absolutely nothing different, nothing has changed and nothing ever will. This is merely the way the machine operates... period.

This is probably the most I've ever disagreed with her. For the most part everything she says is right on. But a few things... like nah.
3:04:30 she's totally right on though... I agree with her about the importance of being alone.

3:06:00 she addresses the subject of her allergies.

3:11:51 she's right... it's absolutely true.

3:13:14 I do love the way she explains things. She's totally right, so that's why it takes me aback a lil bit when she's off base about some shit.

3:15:25 LOL... totally disagree with her about the sun too. If there's anything artificial going on with the sun, it's due to the lens we perceive it through, the atmosphere... which is being fucked with by 'aerosol injections' and whatnot. Of course I do think there's a natural/cyclical thing going on with the sun and the atmosphere as well... But there IS some human tampering taking place. It's not the artificialness of the sun that she's sensing... it's earth-based shit.

3:19:50 she addresses suicide and makes great points.

3:27:25 it's an important point she addresses well.
Woot woot, Kelli's live right now! Can we look forward to a 3 hour video!?

The first vid is an hour and now she's live with another video titled "Reality Bubbles-Shared Reality VS Individual Reality"... what a great topic. Can't wait to watch these later!

4:00 Kelli's YouTube broadcasts today were like 4:15:00 and apparently she was on Patreon before that... that's like 6+- hours of work she put in today.

5:40 I like Kelli''s stance on astral projecting vs. remote viewing... she says that astral projecting can be dangerous but remote viewing is safe.

I think Kelli's super damn amazing.

12:45 amen Kelli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30:50 I wonder who Kelli's talking about here.

43:34 LOL!

56:26 *sigh* God I love you Kelli.

59:40 I've never thought Channing Tatum was hot either. Or Ryan Gosling.

9:46 I'm sorry but this cracked me the fuck up. I know it's wrong. I know I shouldn't laugh. But I laughed.

13:00 she's so right, it's so true.

29:34 I love Kelli's explanation of existence, it's so true.

34:20 "This is a FUCKED UP reality bubble!" ROFLMFAOOO AMENNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEEN THERE, ROFLROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


38:20 she's gonna find out that's not true... but, that's part of her journey ;)

1:29:00 great analogy.

1:32:37 I used to hold that opinion as well... they're all in different stages of development, but that could also be looked at as appearing differently in different dimensions.

As far as her theory about the moon being a hologram or whatever, I don't buy into any of these cockamamie theories about the moon and never have.

1:36:20 I get where she's coming from but... I'm just saying.

1:40:40 it seems like Kelli is one of those people who believes the world ended circa 2012 and now we're all living in a simulation.

1:43:40 she's right.

1:46:20 I'd really like to know what in the fuck causes Kelli's allergies. Just saying. Doesn't seem right at all.

2:05:50 Kelli says Texas sucks.

2:28:29 so true, such an important point.
Lord in heaven Kelli's broadcasts are long these days...

It's challenging for someone like me who is an obsessive archivist and feels like they have to at least look at ALL the information AKA watch every minute...

But sometimes with her vids I honestly just can't watch it all, there's not enough time.

I'm gonna try to watch all her vids though, it might take days to catch up because I see that she's live again today and she may pull another 4 hour broadcast on us, you just never know.

I LOVE spending time with Kelli though, it's a true pleasure and that's the thing... if it was anyone else, I'd say fuck that. But because it's Kelli, I know it's worth watching (at least until I determine otherwise) because it's certain that she will say really valuable things throughout.

Kelli is just a wonderful lady, I really feel that way. She truly is.

This vid is from yesterday. The topic is really interesting to me, "Psychic Abilities and Mental Illness"...

Looks like this topic was the subject of discussion for all of yesterday's 4 hr. broadcast.

1:39 look at that super gorgeous view though. Not really my cup of tea, but definitely stunning.

2:08 LOL the marvels of modern technology, being online in the middle of the wilderness. I should really hate that, but I don't. I think it's amazing and special, and definitely not bound to last forever so we should very much enjoy it while we have it. A very unique experience for this planet... of course there have been many rises and falls of mankind, we have done this type of thing before. But we really don't spend very much time in these particular ages as we do in the wank, boring, disconnected ages.

3:40 she's so right. Love you so much Kelli. 4:00 she's right, it's all such made up lies and bullshit... I've discussed this topic at length:

That one thread where the issue has been discussed. Here's a quote from the thread:

(12-05-2018, 09:43 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I HAAATE the ENTIRETY of these BS labels the big pharma/psych industry has put on people (to sell drugs and to make people feel like 'damaged goods')...

It's VERY annoying.

I checked out one of the videos I saw in the feed just for the purpose of making fun of it, I was even going to make a thread making fun of it, but it was just such pure and total cancer I decided against it...

In the comments section I saw people saying things like, "My dad wasn't diagnosed with autism until he was 50!" and shit like that...

I'm thinking "Well ya don't say!" because it's ALL TOTALLY FABRICATED.

ADD/ADHD, autism, etc. are LABELS which have been PUT ON NORMAL BEHAVIORS.

Yeah, I'm sorry, they're all NORMAL BEHAVIORS.


Some of them ACT EXCITED.

Reminds me of the 'cataplexy' conspiracy from several years ago...

There's a thread I need to make.

And now that we're on the topic, here is the thread about cataplexy:

Pretty mindblowing shit.

Anyways back to Kelli's vid.

20:30 Kelli I think is referring to statins, though I could be wrong... but she is saying her mom is suffering from dementia due to medications. It's exactly what Clif High said in his recent video:

Re: the end of the video...

Interesting the formerly perfect stream cuts out when she starts talking about how most mass shooters are on anti-psychotics.

13:38 Kelli is discussing 'reaching' Eden/Valhalla, how to get out of the matrix.

18:04 so well said.

28:00 she discusses the truth about remote viewing and our individual missions in life.

30:00 you know Kelli's family think she's crazy, when really she's just right. It's sad we have to deal with that rejection in life. But Kelli is doing damn well dealing with it. She is an amazing woman.

I just made lunch and I actually put together my own seasoning mix with a mostly empty sprinkler of oregano. Kelli style! I'm so stoked to try this.

32:10 she's right, the ghost shows are fucking ridiculous and shameful.

33:50 very interesting subject she's touching on here re: "matrix tricks", tools that we use to "raise our consciousness" that are really just tools of the matrix.

37:40 BWAHAHAHAHA I KNOWWWWWW, I FUCKING HAAAAAATE THAT!!!!!!! I talked about it here:

(06-15-2018, 02:55 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Everything that ever has been/will be is encoded in the data that makes up the entirety of reality.

And there's actually no time... time is an illusion.

So that's why I have issue with it when people say "we can never know the truth" or "we can never know everything there is to know"...

Bullshit, yes we can. The answers are (quite literally) everywhere for us to tap into.

43:25 she's absolutely right.

45:50 yeah for sure, it's definitely an opinion based conclusion re: laziness. I get called lazy and immature by people who are totally jealous of me.

50:02 'self-abuse' means masturbation Kelli, ROFL.

56:00 she's basically addressing the danger of red flag laws in this part of the discussion.

56:20 she's sooo damn right.

1:39:50 "Anxiety is 90% diet" and she's sooo damn right AGAIN, I've seen this be true with people. Kelli is so important.

1:49:00 she told "them"?? WTF?? Hmmm... maybe I'm slow to catch onto stuff but, it sorta sounds like Kelli's family called authorities on Kelli about her mental state or something. Right?? That's what it seems like she's saying as far as I can tell from her recent broadcasts. Maybe THAT was the catalyst that made her ultimately leave her family?? That's awful... poor Kelli. She is NOT crazy. She is a brilliant truth teller is what she is. How fucking offensive that they would assert that she's crazy.

1:53:43 I believe her... I totally believe she was being followed by a private investigator.

2:00:00 I think this fucking idiot who keeps pestering Kelli about a hair appointment is a fucking troll and she just needs to flat out reject all requests for hair appointments from now on. To meet for a hair appointment she'd have to basically give away where she lives... am I wrong?? Fuck that. She needs to just say no to these people and tell them she's not doing hair. They're too retarded and crazy to fuck with. If she wants to do hair she needs to stick to locals she meets in person and forget these internet retards.

2:12:00 Kelli's hands are super cute, I feel like somehow we don't see them very often.

2:16:00 "genetically modified e coli feces" = aspartame.

2:17:00 yeah earrings can be hard to wear sometimes... I've had trouble with that myself in the past.

Very excited about this video, sounds like a great topic... "Don't Be A Copy".

Love Kelli's outfit in this video, she looks great!!!

2:30 she summarizes the truth of existence. I love it when she shares the condensed truth.

31:29 - 32:30 it's because you're gorgeous and have a great personality, Kelli... LOL. Just saying!!! <3

1:12:55 it's a gorgeous view for sure.

1:52:10 such an important point to remember for life.

2:00:00 Kelli discusses what she thinks causes Alzheimer's.

2:13:55 that's a really helpful concept re: overcoming fear.

2:50:40 I mean, it just sounds like the same thing that is being done to us as humans.

3:13:50 Kelli seems to have decided to move along from Colorado in the coming months. Snow doesn't work for her so she wants to move to Cali.

I like it when Kelli comes at us with no makeup, I like the way she looks without it.

1:55 somebody else agrees!

7:40 you know, I actually mostly agree with Kelli on this point re: "shadow work" and trauma... I think her approach is sound.

19:30 Kelli starts discussing how they're attempting to reclassify schizophrenia. And it sounds to me as if they're watering down and loosening up the definition to include way more people, especially free thinkers and those who just see the world differently than most of the mindless fucktard masses.

24:00 I don't deal with suicidal people either... there are experts out there about that kinda shit and I ain't one of them. I've got my own damn problems, talk to someone else.

14:40 LOL.

49:50 I totally disagree with her about the moon... no bad or artificial forces from it. The whole "fake moon" thing seems to be the #1 "David Icke" style red herring choice among these general truth tellers...

54:45 it's a common troll... not a big deal.

1:04:00 it's pretty damn interesting what she's saying about sugar/yeast and these organisms living in our body. She's so right.

1:06:40 she's so right about the importance of physical movement and how your energy moves through other dimensions when you exercise.

1:10:40, honestly, with Colorado... it probably IS rejection. LMFAOOO.

1:37:00 aaaawwww... Kelli. *big hug*

1:45:07 ROFL... sometimes Kelli is so funny.

1:56:30 Kelli tells the truth about lack of energy and how we can remove blocks to having more energy.

2:02:42 Kelli is very smart.

2:09:46 I dunno Kelli, they're always pretty fucking good.

Kelli's such a hottie, love her.

4:16 yes, podcasts historically are AUDIO ONLY, but a lot of total fucking idiots are calling regular videos "podcasts" these days... there goes the neighborhood.

24:00 she's so damn right... consciousness is formless nothingness with no awareness of itself, and any thought or intention sparks the 'projection' of existence. Like a movie on a screen. But in truth there is nothing. There's only "imagination"... it's all an illusion.

Kelli is so great, love her so much.

30:30 super interesting explanation/diagram of existence re: the higher self and the various layers and avatars.

45:45 Kelli touches on the energetic causes of disease etc.

47:50 she's discussing the programming of the matrix.

58:28 the "God Bubble Chair" LOL I LOOOOVE this idea/focusing technique!

1:05:00 "Save yourself and that's what saves the planet"... brilliant.

1:15:37 Kelli has a wonderful personality. She's a great gift to the world.

1:28:06 tackling this particular topic (re: whether we chose our experiences before we incarnated) is where Kelli really shines.

42:00 Kelli has a really beautiful and simple way of putting it, and I love her for that.

53:00 dude fuck cold weather.

Kelli is sexy.
46:00 re: the plant based diet as sold by "The Game Changers" which is a HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION filled with ACTORS...

See this is the problem with Kelli. She drools over TV and movies and FAME... she doesn't get that it's ALL FUCKING LIES.

And my God, you'd think she WOULD.

You'd think Kelli would UNDERSTAND this...

But no, she doesn't. It's by far her greatest downfall.

I don't understand why she doesn't simply call it "Kelli Coffee"...


She should utilize the pun on her name to the max...

Anybody who doesn't know who she is would think it sounds intriguing, like what is this some type of coffee I've never heard of? Kelli? Then they'd be interested.

But just calling it "Kelli's Coffee" isn't as good. And the label verbiage will be confusing...

"Kelli's Coffee" by Kelli Coffee?

Why not just cut to the chase?

"Internet celebrity Kelli Coffee started her eponymous coffee brand at the request of her fans"... gnomesayin'?
I'm still waiting for Marduk to release his Demonbitch Coffee brand...

Promises, promises.

This broadcast is so strange because Kelli's voice is so much different (deeper) and she doesn't sound like herself.

And still, she blames it on "Colorado allergies"...

What the heck is she allergic to when it's freezing outside, winter, absolutely nothing is growing...

How could she be allergic to something under those circumstances??

I just don't get it. If she gets to Cali and still has the allergies, I'm gonna be very suspicious that there isn't something going on within her own body that she seriously needs to address.

She said the air is really dry there in Colorado cuz of the heating... dry air sucks.

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