You Are Free TV: Odin's Eye, Snowden, Assange, QAnon, and the Deep State Takedown

She starts out talking about Roger Stone.

Lots of interesting stuff in this video.

33:00 she's right, it's true... racism is made up, it's fueled and encouraged by the media, that's where it came from.

38:50 I'm sure an illegal invader brought in the measles... one of the more pleasant sicknesses they'll be bringing into this country.

LOL I've noticed that the worse the news she has to tell us, the higher pitched her voice is at the beginning.

She's a nice lady but there's just no way you can deliver this shit nicely... this country is in trouble.

4:00 LOL @ the FaceTime third-party spying "glitch"... I fucking despise FaceTime and all other video calling software.

10:30 Kamala Harris, verified baby killing advocate... they want her to be the next president so that they can fight for their "right" to slaughter babies nationwide.

20:50 Kalama Harris's #1 donor is Google.

Here's the NaturalNews article she's talking about:

TL;DR the "Green New Deal" would kill food production in this country and send us into a downward spiral toward Venezuelan-style starvation.

My honest question is this...

If the Earth itself is a conscious entity and we are "extensions of the earth"... then along the same line of thought, couldn't it be argued that the earth itself is engineering this kill off of humanity, using humanity itself as the tool to do so?

Just saying.

6:46 sure sounds like a controlled kill to me. The "autopilot screwup" crash into the ol' barrier bit sounds like a convenient excuse.

7:40 LOL the pope is such a piece of shit.

15:06 re: Joan Baez a survivor of ritual abuse.

6:20 she touches on the "vegan conspiracy" now with AOC as a puppet for the "cause"...

They want us vegan, which is synonymous with sick and weak. Typical communism.

9:24 she discusses assassinations via the "devil's breath" zombie drug.

3:34 exactly.

This thumbnail says it all.

3:00 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Michigan growing babies in "bio bags"... plastic bags.

10:31 wow this is a VERY interesting story. I really love this lady. She's so right.

14:27 "Abortion pills should be everywhere"??? God what a fucking soulless publication... holy mother of God.

17:45 EXACTLY, this is an ongoing assault on COMMON SENSE... they've tried to destroy it little by little, for DECADES and it's working.

21:00 oh this is interesting...

28:10 this lady tries so hard to share the important information and keep everyone abreast of what is going on... she reminds me so much of Mae Brussell.
Posted on other threads in the past several days:

(01-24-2020, 09:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

1:38 she begins addressing the coronavirus.

2:50 "worldwide global unified flu vaccine".

3:15 she addresses the Wuhan contagion lab.

4:45 Wuhan airport and all other transport closed.

6:20 US airport screening stepping up, more cities screening.

14:10 "active surveillance" of everyone who has been exposed, as well as all their contacts. FitBit can warn Google when you have the flu and they are taking over such applications to monitor.

16:00 if you successfully fight off the virus, you would have antibodies which can still be detected with their tech and therefore they could declare you a carrier.

18:06 she gives her personal opinion that she thinks it's test run for a global lockdown on travel and quarantine.

2:00 she begins addressing the coronavirus.

5:07 more proof that they've recently been planning for this. John Hopkins, World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation... all the usual suspects.

8:55 she's right.

10:10 they're saying they need to control the internet/information to stop the spread of the truth/news. China's already doing it.

(01-28-2020, 12:13 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

42:00. 48:00.

(01-30-2020, 12:32 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

9:00 7 year sentences for people in China who put out info about what's going on if that info isn't approved by the government first.

18:18 interesting statements about the sequencing of 2019-nCoV.

33:40 she says to get out in the sun.

I'll tell you what, that lady makes me want to be a better motherfucker!

4:54 "USA, Canada, and Mexico against the rest of the world."

17:50 addresses current coronavirus news.

18:04 the new rule starting Sunday, Feb. 2, @ 5PM (SUPERBOWL FUCKING SUNDAY) is that they're going to stop entry of foreign nationals into the US if they have traveled to China in the past 2 weeks. Any American citizen who has traveled to China (Hubei) in the past 2 weeks will have to self-quarantine, and will be monitored.

21:00 re: weaponizing 5G to cause DNA viruses.

31:20 she says they've been injecting homeless people with info chips in TX and FL, and then ties that idea into the vaccine.

36:40 kinda interesting re: the Wuhan P4 Bio Lab and the Umbrella Corp./Resident Evil logo.

41:30 electroporation, using electromagnetic pulsing tech to insert DNA into people...

42:44 she says Wuhan was the rollout of 5G and says it's suspicious that this is where the virus just so happened to take off.

21:50 addressing censorship about the coronavirus.

24:40 she addresses China's attitude in its propagandist media toward the US recently.

27:17 she addresses the censored studies of the coronavirus's middle sequence being a genetic engineering sequence.

14:00 this voting app thing is outrageous.

15:00 she addresses the coronavirus situation.

15:44 they're going to deploy WHO into the poverty stricken countries to "manage" the situation. Apparently they're going to occupy Africa especially, just like they did with the 2014 Ebola fiasco.

17:15 seems like any cure for 2019-nCoV would also be a cure for AIDS.

19:00 she's talking about what it means for 2019-nCoV to be spliced with HIV... basically she says it's a retrovirus and could be reactivated in the future like any other latent virus. It would essentially be a permanent auto immune disease.

27:50 she addresses the improvement in symptoms when 2019-nCoV infected are given HIV drugs. She goes further into explaining their stated plan to eradicate HIV by vaccine.

0:48 she says there's a connection between chronic fatigue syndrome and retroactive viruses, specifically mentioning xenotropic murine leukemia virus (XMRV).

2:30 this lady is explaining the processes that they go through in bio labs.

8:33 she says MMR causes autism and a lot of different issues like CFS and more.

10:00 damn this lady is pretty interesting.

16:50 very interesting.

18:40 it's just so terrible, because listening to this, it becomes so obvious that HIV/AIDS was made in a lab and people were infected with it on purpose. A lot of celebs who died from it early on were probably specially infected with it by God knows who and how.

22:00 she said AIDS started from a hepatitis B vaccine and that hepatitis B was lab engineered too. That's basically what she said over the course of a few mins.

22:50 she says ALL these diseases are in the vaccines.

23:45 this lady knows a lot... I wonder how dangerous "they" consider her to be?

Great interview.

2:50 she's right, the internet is a huge source of information/news overload... but you gotta have self-control, it's just like anything else.

6:35 she starts addressing the coronavirus.

8:10 yup, it's a culling.

9:30 she says she thinks the virus was engineered to be digital and respond to 5G.

12:00 I mean, fuck, she's right. It'd be nice to be able to say she's not right, but ya can't... she's absolutely right.

21:40 "electronically tracked" vaccines.

This lady's glorious hair.

But anyway, I notice a lot of people don't really believe Jizzlaine is in custody... they think she's hiding in England.

So 90,000 people in the USA are gonna get shot up with a rushed vaccine for a totally fabricated virus...

What could possibly go wrong?

3:44 rofl, this lady is my fucking spirit animal.

32:40 I fuckin' love this lady.

7:03 she's right.

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