Stephi Lee

Alright, let's judge Stephi's boyfriend!

I've always wondered if-- I mean, let's MEET Stephi's boyfriend! Erm.

So yeah, I've always wondered if Stephi dates anybody, or like what's the deal with her love life. I know she was involved with that sketchy dude with the rainbow dreads a super long time ago, and later he got outed for trying to date underage chicks or something really sleazy. Embarrassinggggg!

Let's see if this guy seems like a win or a lose.

0:17 immediately I don't hate him re: when he starts talking, he seems okay so far.

0:21 I dunno, I think he's got a decent sense of humor/personality thus far and seems comfortable in front of the camera.

0:27 he's pretty cute honestly.

0:39 I have to say though on an archetypal level, I recognize this guy. I'm gonna just say, for Stephi he's probably fine. He's probably way better than most other people she's dated in the past.

0:41 lmfao I never call people by their name either if I can help it.

0:45 he's VERY cute and seems quite likable.

1:07 so they've known each other for a little while.

1:24 oh God man I'm so glad he got rid of those horrible dreads.

4:00 I like that he knows that about her.

5:35 at least he has a fucking job!

TBH so far the guy sounds fucking great.

I approve.

2:47 this video makes me wanna have sex with a fireman.

5:20 I don't wanna come off sounding like a douche or anything but...

Maybe Stephi should stop putting herself through the harsh stress associated with traveling, she's just pushing it.

1:50 I mean I guess it's interesting or whatever, but I wouldn't go there.

I'm glad she seems to be doing better in this video but...

Not sure how many times she has to get sick before she gets the hint re: all this traveling to 3rd world countries.

Um No

2:00 dude I'd be so mad if she busted in on me with that barking ass dog when I was trying to sleep.

2:12 she does an update on Trikafta. She talks about having gaining 30+ lbs. during this time. I think people always look better with a lil extra weight... not fat or whatever, but just not rail thin. I don't like the way it looks on anybody.

4:12 everybody needs to be the fuck alone, it's so much better.

5:08 wow there are some obnoxious people living in that house.

5:20 lol her sisters are gonna go get tested for teh COVAIDS and have their brains swabbed for nothing... prolly catch it while they're out. They sound like sheeple to me.

5:52 "Zoom" is owned by the communist Chinese soooo yeah.

5:58 I dunno how in the fuck people do these video conference call thingies... I wouldn't be caught dead on one, I fucking despise video chatting and Skype and all that stupid shit.

6:45 honestly, some dryass place like Arizona would probably be one of the best places she could live. Not to mention that it's just pretty. No way in hell I'd live in the NE USA if I had a choice. Arizona, Utah, or die. TBH I'd probably opt for Utah because there are some insanely fucking hot dudes there. I still lust after that one road construction worker guy deep in my heart...
There's no way she's gained 35lbs. At a push, maybe 10.
Maaaybe. But not 35. No way. She doesn't look that much different
from the last video you posted. She must've had her scale set
to centimeters or some shit.
she needs a big dog like a canine presario that can literally bowl her over and force her to toughen up

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