Supernatural (2005) - Review & Commentary

So I'll be honest...

Even though it's true that I'd like to fuck Jensen Ackles...

I've actually only seen like 5 total episodes of Supernatural. Maybe even fewer.

But today I figured you know what I should just go ahead and watch the first episode and start this commentary/analysis thread because I'm sure, if I live, someday I'll be bored enough to actually watch Supernatural.

I can't imagine ever watching the whole series, I mean how long would it take to "binge watch" 14 seasons?? Probably a really long time.

I also hate to admit I'm actually utilizing Netflix... it's not even my account, it's like somebody else's account. So there's that. At least I still have that. At least I can say I don't even actually have a Netflix account. At least it hasn't gone that far yet.

Without further ado...

Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 1 - "Pilot"

Too bad the video can't be embedded. I always remember the timestamping on Netflix videos sucks balls, so I'll just do my best with these timestamps. Netflix = definitely not my favorite platform.

0:15 and I'm already questioning why the fuck I'm watching this. Legit this will probably be the only episode I ever review, sorry but it's pretty likely.

I do have popcorn though, so it's currently worth my time.

0:40 what the fuck year is this supposed to be?? Dean and what's his nuts are little babychildren, yet their dad looks like it's two thousand fucking five up in here... oversight? Purposeful? Is Supernatural set in the future? I don't get it.

1:03 a Graco baby monitor?? Dude what the fuck year is this supposed to be? I'm so damn fucking confused right now. They better explain this shit.

3:00 what the fuck... with a pilot like this, I can't fucking believe this show ever took off, let alone lasted 14 seasons.

4:40 what the fuck do they mean PRESENT DAY, it was literally ALREADY PRESENT DAY.

4:50 how old were both these main dudes when this show first aired?? Hmmm...

Jared was 23 and Jensen was 27.

Jared is super cute but I'm team Jensen.

5:35 his girlfriend chick in this episode is hawt as fuuuuuuuck... Adrianne Palicki.

6:52 oh fuck yeah, there's the star of the show... rrrraaaawwrrrwrwrrrrrwrrrr.

7:58 I dunnooooo thouuuuugh, Jared kinda makes me wanna fuck super hard too though. Oddly enough, he makes me wanna fuck Jensen even more.

8:40 God I cannot believe how hot this fucking guy is... it's not even right, it's seriously not.

But LOL pilot episodes are always so funny because they try to cram the entire story into it, making the characters say a bunch of lengthy lines you'd never say IRL.

10:50 EVP LMFAO... agh, God. So is this fucking show where all that stupid damn fucking craze about Ghost Hunting and EVPs came from circa 2006? LMFAO.

12:20 "Hey, gonna need you to suck my dick and swallow a load real quick before I leave."


14:16 I feel like... that wouldn't necessarily be everyone's reaction. Like I'm sorry, I know dudes want to fuck hot chicks and whatnot but. I feel like... most dudes would actually just be creeped out. Maybe it's an unpopular opinion but... I feel like this scene just sells dudes short a little bit. I really do.

15:15 this IS a nice creepy story though, it really is. It's a good, engaging, creepy lil story.

16:10 I feel that was a bit cheap, but whatever.

17:02 why God, why? Why won't you just give me Jensen Ackles?? He's gotta be getting tired of his wife by now, my God. She needs to let him go already so we can reproduce together before it's too late. Stop being so selfish.

21:10 it's good... it's a good story, good pilot episode. Still dunno what that shit was at the beginning though.

24:25 that was also kinda cheap/stupid. But it's fine.

28:54 LOOOOL... agh fuck yes that's my kinda man right there.

34:50 but Sam hasn't been unfaithful to anybody and he's not even married, sooo.

38:08 those kids look old/big enough to fight back against her for sure.

I'm sorry but the end of this episode was retarded, like WTF... is this the Supernatural version of the Bonanza 'Blue Dress Curse'?? 

Okay whatever. 

To be honest, that was pretty enjoyable.

I might watch another episode sometime after all.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 2 - "Wendigo"

You know I gotta say, I don't 100,000,000% understand why the last episode segued into this episode, maybe they'll explain it but I'm not really counting on it.

2:18 LMFAO spoke too soon on that one eh?!

2:32 never gonna see THAT guy again, ROFLMFAO THO!!!

3:45 the shell necklace LMFAOOO.

6:04 these 'trees passing by' driving effects aren't terrible, but they're not super great either.

7:22 LOL I love how they lie a lot.

10:42 these "grizzly bear" horror stories don't interest me at all.

There better be some kinda twist here.

13:08 so it's like some killer Bigfoot shit or something.

18:24 LOL I fucking love this guy.

19:20 I wouldn't be saving that dude, I'd be letting him get dealt with for sure.

30:20 ooo, cannibalism!

I'm not super crazy about this episode but it's not terrible or anything.

38:20 LMFAOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure do?!?!?



Yay, only like 284385459 more episodes to go.
For a show that's been on as long as Supernatural, through the changing political landscape that took place during that time, I really gotta wonder...

What was their 'deal'??

What kinda stuff did they push to be able to avoid political propaganda?

Or has there been political propaganda??

I have no way of knowing since I just haven't watched the show.

Was this show subject to all the typical social propaganda as all the rest of TV??

I can't imagine why it'd be any different.

I'd like to say we'll find out, but I can't imagine actually watching a whole lot of this show...

Not that it isn't enjoyable, not that Jensen alone wouldn't be enough to make it worth it.

But you know, that's just kind of a lot of time.

I'm sorta curious though.

Maybe I'll watch an episode or two out of order... maybe skip ahead several years and see if I notice any changes.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 3 - "Dead In The Water"

Why am I watching this?

Okay whatever, let's do it.

0:12 is it just me or does Jensen Ackles look familiar?

1:08 he's just trying to help ya sweetie!

1:36 looks like she turned into a black eye children.

13:10 I don't know why anybody would be on team Jared.

13:56 "The fuck is this, a picture of a house?!" LMFAOOOOOOO.

14:25 pft I'd be haulin' that old dude off to a home.

16:03 ewww, drowning in dirty water, that's the worst!!!

18:52 I'm starting to get suspicious of this chick.

19:08 I wonder if they coached Jensen Ackles to hold his mouth in certain ways and stuff like that...

There's no way he does this shit naturally.

I think he changed his voice on purpose too... I wonder how he did it.

22:00 these driving effects... super interesting. The overlay/filter thing... I've never seen anything like it, or at least I never cared to notice it. Or it was never so obvious.

23:26 so that old dude is guilty of whatever happened to this kid back in the day... he either killed him or he didn't do anything to stop it.

25:00 I mean it's a little much to suggest that the spirits of people who get killed "want revenge" and then kill other innocent people for "revenge" like... it's low key offensive to be honest.

27:49 I mean obviously this police officer dude is covering up for somebody and hiding something.

30:19 this bitch needs to light some candles or something, what the fuck.

34:36 this is a pretty good episode, probably the best one yet.

I dunno, the show is ridiculous but it IS good... it's enjoyable.

I mean it's... LMFAO. Totally ridiculous.

But it's not bad.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 4 - "Phantom Traveler"

Ooo, the title of this episode sounds intriguing!!!

1:27 both these old dudes look familiar.


2:08 wow so some shit just flies out of the air vent and turns this guy into... a black eye children? The fuck is this?

2:56 so what's the deal here, is it a spirit that travels via this method and simply arrives at its destination, or is it something more sinister? Are they gonna be super predictable and cause a plane crash or is it gonna be more original than that?

4:08 see this is why homie don't fly.

6:40 I like this show cuz they drive all over the country.

8:02 LOL so ridiculous.

9:27 lmfao what the fuck.

9:50 I had a ride on a haunted ship like that once.

12:20 this is a pretty good episode too.

13:20 fuck this guy is gorgeous... it ain't even right.

18:10 "If you fellas will excuse me, I have an idiot to fire." ROFLMAO.

19:04 LOL agh, dude this is terrible. Hmmm, strange... I wonder what's the deal with this story, wonder what's the story on this evil spirit thingy.

24:48 bwahahahaha wow I can't believe it, I actually legit laughed out loud at this.

26:04 "Why do you think I drive everywhere?!" ROFLMAOLOLOL SAAAAAME.

27:26 this part of the plot in this particular episode is totally stupid though, there's no way they could do some shit like this during a flight.

28:30 LOLOL. "Say it in Latin." ROFL. This is pretty fucking funny, it's kinda cute, kinda charming somehow.

29:54 LMFAOLOL okay I've laughed a BUNCH at this episode.


34:05 I gotta be honest... I'd probably do whatever these hotass dudes told me to do. Like within reason and not really sexually unless it was super easy. But yeah, I mean prettymuch whatever they wanted.

35:20 LOL this is great.

Another pretty great episode.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 5 - "Bloody Mary"

Not gonna lie, just by the title alone this one sounds kinda lame!?!

Maybe I'm wrong though let's see. Probably not.

1:14 LOL these kids are idiots.

2:57 LMFAO oh come ONNN.

4:50 "Shoemaker" what a literal last name. LOL. If last names were still made like that, mine would be "Shittalker".

12:36 you know, I appreciate them trying to take on this whole Bloody Mary legend and put some kinda spin on it or something.

13:38 LOL this chick is such a bitch.

14:43 the fuck?! OMG.

16:48 LMFAOOOOOOO the way he said "I'm sorry", I just fucking LOST IT BAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK that shit was so funny.

17:31 oh hell yeah, hey boys, what're we about to get up to?!

19:30 so this is pretty interesting in my opinion, like they're putting a moral to some of these stories... like a REASON that people are taken out.

And this is only episode 5... how the hell did this show go on for SOOOOOO long??

This is a really good episode too though.

29:00 pft whatever, it's not her problem that fucktard killed himself.

38:54 ooo, Bloody Mary's pretty hot!!!

What a twist!!! Nice one, I gotta say!!!
Is the recap at the beginning of these episodes a Netflix only thing, or is it on the actual episode?? Cuz if it's Netflix only, that's gonna fuck with my timestamps, which pisses me off.
It would be "just another reason" for me to fucking hate Netflix.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 6 - "Skin"

Oh this one sounds creepy as shit. WTF!!!

2:33 you know, I'm surprised Jensen Ackles isn't a Virgo.

I mean I'm SUPER GLAD he's not a Virgo, but... I'm just saying.

6:12 "A detective actually"... ROFLMAO.

11:47 ooo, a doppleganger!!!

13:00 oh dude, this is some creepy shit. NGL!!!

16:48 a shapeshifter in the sewer system, wow!!!

Maybe that's what's feeding on the sewage!!!

21:43 ERMERGERD. The ensuing interaction between these two is great. I looove shapeshifter Dean. That's so hot!!!

24:04 ooo these shapeshifters are creepy!!!

25:55 he's gotta be a Virgo rising... there's gotta be some Virgo in there somewhere. I'm recognizing something I think is a Virgo quality. Maybe it's not though... hmmm.

28:48 LOL this is great!!! Shapeshifter Dean is the shit!!!

Yeah you know there's just a ton of Pisces going on in Jensen's chart which I find really... I dunno, unexpected. He just doesn't come off as a Pisces to me. Although I admit Pisces is probably the one sign I understand the least. Well, besides Libra.

This scene with Dean being all violent and forceful and aggressive is super hot, I'm loving it. I hope they start doing this more often.

31:57 awww, I feel sorry for these shapeshifters! They just wanna be hot!

33:02 LOL awww, so funny though, this show is pretty cute.

Another great episode, if I'm being totally honest.
I wish there was some way to filter and just watch the episodes where Dean/Jensen gets all violent and aggressive toward chicks...

Big Nanarub
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 7 - "Hook Man"

So again I immediately am sort of put off by the episode title... this again sounds like some type of classic horror story villain situation and I just assume it's gonna be crap.

Can they really put a spin on this? Is it even about what I'm assuming it's about?

And the episode opens up again with the "Previously on..." which is the same exact clip that has been on every one of these episodes so far. It's like 30 seconds long which would significantly fuck with my timestamping if it wasn't present on other platform versions of the show. That REALLY fucking annoys me. It truly does. That's why I have to put in quotes or explain scenes every now and then just so positions can be approximated. Bah whatever, let's just do this.

0:47 "Too Martha Stewart?" LOL this chick looks like an extra out of the original Carrie or something.

1:08 the mini skirt this chick is wearing FUCKINGGG ridiculous. I'm not complaining but LOL. It's like a size zero mini skirt, I probably couldn't fit it on one leg.

Alright which one of these bitches is gettin' murdered!?


2:00 that dude's pretty cute.

3:18 uuuhhh, I'd be the fuck out of there.

3:28 LMFAO like why the fuck is he gonna get out of the car?? They're literally in the middle of nowhere, LMFAO, like it's his turf to fight over or something?! What an idiot!

3:55 y'all I'm sorry but this one is kinda lame so far.

4:25 this is one of those episodes where you're like rooting for them to get killed.

7:03 yikes that frat guy looks like a fuckin' alien.

12:20 I can't believe it... they've actually made it interesting.

13:03 her dad needs a sedative.

15:58 how in the fuck could you sleep in the room with somebody else like that. It's so weird.

18:12 yeah, I mean, this chick is totally beautiful... but she's not "hot" like all the dudes were calling her earlier in the episode. I find that interesting/strange.

20:21 ozone huh? Hm. Noted.

23:00 I dig how Dean wants to bang all the hotties, but he never actually does it... reminds me of me!

26:31 this show is really starting to convince me cremation is the best option.

27:50 their hair really matches each other.

31:07 how are we supposed to believe these two are brothers when they literally look NOTHING alike?

31:20 why are there so many jean skirts in this show? Was that really a thing circa 2005?? I definitely don't remember that.

32:46 "Stay out of her underwear drawer" LMFAOLOLOL.

35:02 I dunno this chick is kinda fucked up, maybe they should just let the hook man have her.

37:55 not a bad episode... not the best but not bad.

39:08 where do these dudes get their money in this show?? Do they ever address this point??
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 8 - "Bugs"

Ah man, another title I'm not diggin'.

I really like the plot. How they travel around the country working supernatural cases... that's pretty cool.

2:19 ew this sucks.

3:17 bahahahaha and in literally the next episode they answer the question of where they get the money. I guess they figured naturally at this point people would be wondering but, it's kinda weird nonetheless. I usually never wonder about that kinda shit anyway. Maybe it was a subliminal message.

4:00 so there's the first propagandist sorta placement I've noticed so far... a mention of Oprah and the suggestion that Dean watches Oprah. Not the most heinous placement ever but... still not great.

8:50 they tried to tie in some gayness there too. So there was little to no propaganda in the first 7 episodes but now they're starting to pepper in the weirdness.

So far the offenses haven't been too terrible but we're literally at the very beginning of the show so I would imagine it gets much worse.

10:56 ew yikes, does this creepy kid have something to do with it??

13:50 I'd squat all night long with Dean in an empty house...


14:20 this lady is creepy as shit too, I'm suspicious of her!

15:23 ugh, gnarly!!!

20:25 LOL ooo a lil brotherly animosity eh?! I wanna see these two duke it out!!!

22:30 well of course, it's a burial mound.

27:11 LOLOLOL.

27:47 I just love Native American culture, it's so fascinating.

28:48 why do they show Dean's face for so long after he says "raped" ROFLMFAOLOLOLOL. Awwwkkwwwaarrrddd.

30:32 I think some of the driving must be the most fun part of the show.

36:29 LOL this is great.

41:05 cracks me up they're STILL looking for their dad, LMFAO.
I fucking neverrrrr watch Netflix, is this whole "Previously On" a thing at the beginning of EVERY show?? I've tried to Google it but I can't find any answers.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 9 - "Home"

1:00 there's something in my closet too, kid. It's called "EVERYTHING I FUCKING OWN" and yeah it's pretty fucking scary.

I'm getting the random urge for some asparagus.

3:40 dude the flashlights in movies and TV shows are always THE WORST, they're NEVER ACTUALLY bright. AT ALL. LMFAO!!!!!!

4:22 oh wow this is Dean/Sam's old house!!!

8:06 agh God man why am I watching this show?? I'll probably stop soon. There are just too many episodes, it's pointless.

9:35 would I let these hotass dudes in my house? Yes. I would.

15:20 oh this looks like it's about to go south!?!

16:45 come on, anybody who's ever stuck their hand down in a garbage disposal knows it's not some bottomless fucking chasm like that.

18:45 I mean, Dean called his dad for help. If he doesn't come and help... well, he'd be on my shitlist.


25:35 it's a pretty good episode really, I mean... y'know. It's not bad. The psychic lady really makes it though.

26:32 "Amateur" lmfaololol, agreed, rofl!!!

37:30 this was a touching moment. Pretty enjoyable.

39:40 poor Sam's hitting psychic puberty... such a confusing time in any boy's life.


The guy who plays their dad sorta looks like Dave Matthews...

And we all know how I feel about Dave Matthews...
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 10 - "Asylum"

Mehhh. It sounds like a plot that's been copied and abused by other shows and movies. I'm immediately reminded of my mental institution sex fantasy though...


Oh wow, this place reminds me of my childhood home!!!

1:50 this guy makes it sound like he's looking for police officers, not like he IS the police.

It's the little things like this that really irk me.

3:46 looks like it did more than "drive him insane"... looks like it POHZESSED him.

4:42 ruh roh! Sounds like this bitch is about to get dealt with!!!

10:27 "Haley Joel" rolflmfoalfofaoflafol.

19:21 LOL "orbing"... sorry but I would have refused those lines, it just makes the whole thing sound totally ridiculous.

24:15 also not a terrible episode, pretty decent.

25:16 LOL as if banging on the door is gonna help. I hate all this pointless shit they do in movies/TV just to cause chaos, it's cheap and it always has been.

35:55 uh oh, PUHZESSED BROTHER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40:00 what a great line. Pretty good episode, not the best, but not bad.

Nice ending on it too!!!


Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 11 - "Scarecrow"

Uh oh, this one sounds lame!!!

0:20 I'm digging this bitch's short haircut.

1:00 isn't this the beginning of the Rocky Horror Picture Show??


I dunno, I just feel like I'm jaded at this point.

4:24 God I wish they could have somehow actually gotten Dave Matthews to play their dad because I would be naked from the waist down buffing my nanner right now.

8:04 I am in total disagreement with Sam, I totally can't believe he'd hold up the mission like this.

11:38 so is hitchhiking a good way to meet hotties? Is that what they're trying to tell us??

14:22 LOLOLOL.

29:06 LOL that's fucked up.


33:55 ROFL this old lady looks like Hillary Clinton... coincidence!?


34:40 LOL this show is funny. Very funny. Very cute.

35:23 I'm becoming spontaneously sexually aroused.

36:08 lmfaololololololol. Fuckin' LOL.

Good shit... great episode, TBH.

38:20 WTF they put her on a bus to hell?!


40:29 OMG NO FUCKINNNN' WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bwahahahahaha ooo!!! I like her!!!

Please tell me we get to see her in future episodes though!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!
Why commentate?


Regardless of the substance (or lack thereof) of my commentary, I’d rather commentate than not to, because I simply don’t believe in watching anything without commentating on it...

Plainly stated, to do so would be a waste of time.

If I’m going to mindlessly watch a video, I’m gonna have SOMETHING to show for that time.

I’m going to express my opinion, call out whatever I notice, and I’m going to make it worth my time.
I’d be lying if I said I think watching any type of TV show (aside from the old classics) is actually worth my time regardless of whether or not I commentate...

But for some reason I’ve found myself doing this currently and I guess it is what it is.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 12 - "Faith"

1:15 how many desperately thirsty fangirls do you wanna bet these two have fucked in their time?? My God. I can only imagine. Both Jensen and Jared married chicks from the show (undoubtedly contracted marriages). Misha and his wife are literal, open swingers. I bet Jared/Jensen have so many mistresses they can't even keep track.

2:37 uh oh, Dean just joined the Electrocuted Club!

4:00 WTF OMG!????????

Time to make a deal with the debbil?!

4:24 ROFLROFL!!!

5:22 "And you can't stop it." CHALLENGED ACCEPTED!?!?!?!?!

6:25 "I'm not gonna die in a hospital when the nurses aren't even hot." LMFAOLOLOL AMEN THOUUUGHHHHH.

9:38 oh Lord... what's the deal with this episode??

11:42 LOL the look on Jared's face was adorable.

12:34 OMG holy shit... wooowww, didn't expect that!!! This is tuning up to be interesting!!! Who the fuck was that?!

13:02 ooo, this doctor lady is pretty fine.

17:18 you know what I think she needs? I think she needs a dickin' by Dean. That'll fix her right up.

18:11 why DOESN'T he?! He's way hotter than she is!!!

19:44 this is pretty warped, probably the juiciest story yet. A reaper?! Pretty fascinating.

21:34 a dude in a suit hmmm! Reminds me of Top Hat Guy... I wonder if they ever address shadow people in this show, I'm sure they do.

26:00 oh my God talk about the most inopportune timing everrrrr.

This is fucked up, LOL.

28:04 oh man... sucky call to have to make.

Wow this is a great episode, probably the best yet.

30:37 I don't get it, why CAN'T he explain it to her?

36:04 LOL fuck Layla.

36:48 oh shit.

Best episode yet for sure.

Very good.


I think this story/episode right here would be hard to top.

42:03 that's hot.
Supernatural - Season 1, Episode 13 - "Route 666"

LOL oh my, that title! Sounds like it could either be a classic, or an absolutely forgettable attempt. Two great episodes in a row isn't at all likely.

1:45 the fuck is this shit? A monster truck? Yeah this episode's gonna be crap.

Sorry. Callin' it.

5:08 so this is bold faced propaganda, the first hardcore propaganda on the show, and it's about race.

Pardon the pun but this particular card is pretty vanilla, so it's not really that offensive at this juncture.

This episode is crap though.

16:31 why does this seem kinda gay even though it's a dude and a chick?

This song is way too fast.

17:11 what... the fuck are they doing.

19:16 I'm sorry but this episode sucks.

19:41 this relationship 'pillow talk' crap is not interesting at all between these two.

It's just pure shit and I'm not gonna finish watching it...

The story is shit, first legitimately bad episode and I guarantee most people thought it sucked.

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