The X-Files (1993) - Review & Commentary
I think X-Files had more of a defeatist tone to break everyone's moral because no matter how hard Mulder tried, the Shadow Government Players were too powerful and always won.

Later on you'll even find out what happened at the grassy knoll.
Hands Up!  Panties Down!
Yeah I noticed that...

But so far I've interpreted it as a testament to how little (true) power theses alphabet agencies actually have.

I think somebody wanted that to be known and made clear.
You always see them trumping smaller officials with their own FBI power, but then they always get strong-armed by somebody further up the ladder.
I'll note the specifics whenever I start to get suspicious of the show.
Another thing I keep forgetting to point out is that I don't like the way the background chatter in the show is startlingly 'surround sound'...

When they're out in public places or at their offices or whatever, the background voices sound like they're coming from all around and are sometimes enough to make you think somebody's talking in your own environment...

Really don't like that at all and wonder if it could be being used for some subconscious programming purposes.

It's always too fast to really note what they're saying, but that's only consciously... subconsciously, who knows?
Season 1 - Episode 6 - "Shadow"

0:10 "One To-day is Worth Two To-morrows"... I find that really interesting. That's exactly how it's written on the plaque.

1:30 OMG it moves by itself. WTFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:06 "During your work on the X-Files, have you ever seen anything like this?" look at this lil cutie stonewallin' secret agent over here, who the fuck are these people even supposed to be?? I guess there must be some pretty fine chick secret agents out there.

6:56 "some organization that congress will uncover in the next scandal".

10:12 WTF OMG!

13:40 here's some Pepsi product placement. To make matters worse, she's not holding that can in a natural or believable way whatsoever. Very awkward scene.

15:02 God agents turn me on so fucking hard... how come we can never have what we want in life?

15:40 ummm, a crash like that could be bad and you'd be shaken up pretty hard.

17:00 this a great story right here... it's not commonly heard, this is a rarity. At least the way they're presenting it and teasing it is rather excellent.

17:38 isn't Scully just the most scrumdiddlyumptious little piece of gingerbread you've ever seen??

19:10 so he was a suicide and they're trying to suggest I guess that dying in such ways creates poltergeists. Not a new concept at all, but still a great story. This is probably the best episode so far.

25:18 "Only one man has pulled it off... ELVIS!" Bahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26:10 LOL this lady is scary!

31:45 hoooooooo lee shit.

32:30 I don't get this lady's lack of cooperation.

37:55 did I miss something?? Did she tell them about the replacement boss guy being a second-hand murderer?? Surely to God she told them. I should have been paying closer attention but... come on, LOL! As if!

38:10 "You don't believe" roflrofl I love this fucking guy.

44:30 check out that uglyass dull pink/mauve color that was so popular back in the 90s... ugh. It's even on her dress.
The color itself isn't terrible I guess, it's just the straight up nostalgia... not that the 90s were terrible or something, LOL. But it's just... drab.
Season 1 - Episode 7 - "Ghost In The Machine"

I've written a bit about the 'ghost in the machine' concept, but in hollyweird, it's usually never portrayed the right way. Here's what I've had to say about it...

"Here's the serious issue with execution by the electric chair"

2:00 two sort of ghosty episodes right in a row.

2:28 alright so they're taking the approach that this guy was electrocuted, and then somehow his consciousness melds with a machine. Is that it? Because that's basically my theory... upon being electrocuted, the consciousness becomes one with the electrical grid and therefore can potentially remain conscious after death.

7:35 so are they instead saying that the building system was already haunted by a ghost? And that the guy was killed by the ghost in the machine? Are they not saying that HE'S the ghost in the machine after being electrocuted?

So the electrocution narrative is just a coincidence? I'm not buying it.

16:00 "Vietnam created a riff which has not healed." Should have been 'rift'.

21:10 oh I see what's going on here now.


21:30 anybody else secretly hoping asshole agent dude gets it??

24:03 don't be, sis.

27:00 so it's all about warning of the dangers of artificial intelligence.

29:40 LOL adorable little Dana is telling Foxy Mulder he needs mental help... so cute <3

33:10 "So much for the element of surprise"... what a fucking hottie.

36:30 um, what the fuck? Does this creepy old dude really have something to do with this?

Pretty good episode, didn't really like the ending.
Look at Gillian Anderson's Instagram...

Is this some kinda fuckin' joke???

It's a bunch of stuff that looks like genitals.

Mixed in with normal pics of her.


I've heard over the years by a few disgusted people that David Duchovny went on to star in some show where he just has sex all the time and lives a life of debauchery.

How fucking bizarre.

Like I said, I've never watched the X-Files before this or given a shit about anything to do with Gillian Anderson or David Duchovny... it's ALL news to me.
You wouldn't really expect some weirdo sex fiend by the way she's portrayed in the X-Files.
At least Duchovny's IG isn't a bunch of weird freaky shit...
Season 1 - Episode 8 - "Ice"

The synopsis of this one sounds like "The Thing" which I was never really a fan of. A lot of these storylines I just don't care for... but at least there's Scully and Mulder.

2:35 these dudes are mega hot.

8:02 ooooooo, this pilot dude is pretty hot!!!

9:50 LMFAO what's going on here should be NO BRAINER!!! Haven't any of them seen "The Thing" or "The Thing From Another World"!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!

10:45 uh oh, Bear the pilot's been bitten.

11:56 it's brick shittin' time.

19:20 that was grizzly AF ew gross.

19:45 dude they're just gonna fucking nuke you all now.

24:15 I don't like this fucking guy AT ALL.

26:04 got some LEZBEEIN UNDERTONES with that one.

26:30 I just can't believe Mulder and Scully are going into different rooms.

31:31 ddddaaaaammmnnnnn.


(10-01-2018, 04:32 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Reminds me of the story about the two ancient worms which came back to life after having been frozen in arctic ice for tens of thousands of years...

40:00 this is hot and it makes me wanna bang super hard.

40:55 it's definitely the chick.

41:20 oh great we knew this would happen.

42:00 told you.

This episode was definitely better than either of "The Thing" movies.

Seems like all X-Files did was take these theories that have already been discussed and do a more entertaining re-telling.

Can't post this review on "beneath the ice" subject matter without linking the Antarctica thread...

"Antarctica Hidden Truth: Secret Technology, Conspiracy Theories and Factual Oddities"
But yeah, kinda turned off by Gillian now that I've seen her IG page and she's all obsessed with genitals...

Like what the fuck.

Just posting everyday shit that LOOKS like genitals...

I mean...

Isn't that the LITERAL definition of "perversion"??

I know we throw the word around a lot but damn, she's the textbook definition.

No offense, in case she's watching but...


Yeah like, totally weirded out by ya, chicka.
Season 1 - Episode 9 - "Space"

1:34 "IT'S COMING AT ME!" *facepalm*

5:10 this is an intriguing episode so far.

15:40 ah for fuck's safe.

27:30 so he's puhzessed by some kind of floaty spirit thingy.

28:20 and now it's assaulting the space ship.

29:00 so it's some kinda space mission sabotagin' alien spirit??

Didn't really look like an alien figure though.

31:20 ooo... man! What a shite situation! This is a really good show though, these are like mini movies, and they're just as good as the full length sci-films, but they waste less of your time.

33:00 God I hope Mulder is right... for him to be wrong would look bad. I'd rather Scully be wrong.

37:15 pretty great fucking story right here.

38:10 lil cheeseball, lil stupid... but still great.

41:20 God, astronauts have such a great sense of humor... it's so sexy.
I collect corals and wood on the seashore that are shaped like penis so I can relate to Gillians artwork . I am not a fag I just find them amusing
Season 1 - Episode 10 - "Fallen Angel"

2:50 ERMERGERD what was that?! Fallen angel? Was that a fallen angel? Is this yet more shit that Supernatural stole from the X-Files? LOL :)

4:15 so here they're talking about the 'space fence' that surrounds the continental US... a defense system.

4:55 so who is this old dude? Is he with the FBI? Is he an outside source?

7:10 this episode is boring so far.

8:45 oh wow... WTF is it?!

14:40 it's the Predator. What the fuck?

16:40 he says via the Freedom of Information Act they've been tracking Mulder/Scully's investigations by their travel expenses.

16:25 "Somebody's always paying attention" no, they really aren't.

19:48 "Not this time" lol.

20:20 we understand you're upset, but there's no need to be a cunt.

30:08 Foxy Mulder looks GOOOOOOOOOD in glasses.

39:00 WTFOMG!

44:42 very interesting show.
Season 1 - Episode 11 - "Eve"

1:00 what is this, some vampire shit? I like how these people were shaming him for being neglectful though... pretty awesome.

6:10 she says there was red lightning.

7:40 hmmm, he says that serial killers usually act alone, and if they do act in tandem, they do it when they're physically together. His statement really makes me think. What about serial killing cults?? Surely Mulder knows about those.

11:15 OMG they're twins!

15:55 very interesting storyline.

19:00 genetically modified super soldier children.

20:35 lmao.

23:40 heightened strength, intelligence, and psychosis. It occurs to me that what is labeled psychosis might just be a misunderstood side effect of being superior.

31:40 it's a great storyline though.

34:40 LOL this is fucked up... please tell me Mulder sees through this.

38:00 oh my God.

39:40 OMG.

That episode was suspenseful AF.

Great story.
Season 1 - Episode 12 - "Fire"

England?? Ew. Are Scully and Mulder gonna go to England now??

0:35 bro that guy totally just set that dude on fire with his mind.

2:25 "ten to one you can't dance to it" rolfmao Mulder is so funny!

2:40 lol ooooooh shit.


6:00 LOL the jealousy is off the hook.

8:45 I don't find this episode very interesting so far.


Kiiiiinda trippy.

I don't know if I would have ever realized it if I hadn't looked the episode up on IMDb for other reasons.

22:30 WTF this guy is twisted!!!!!!!!!!!!

24:55 I can't stand this lady.

28:05 ugh, my God. UGH.

Scully is so much hotter than that other chick. This is just cringe.

34:40 whoa... ritual sacrifice eh?

42:00 LOL... wow. What a story.
Season 1 - Episode 13 - "Beyond The Sea"

0:25 so these are supposed to be Scully's parents?? They look literally nothing like her.

1:20 it's 1:47AM, she's up late... it's 1:19 where I am.

1:55 oh well this isn't creepy as fuck or anything.

2:50 Scully just had a paranormal experience!

4:30 uh how about no.

5:00 aw darn, he was a hottie too!

11:30 this dude's playing a great psycho character.

14:45 honestly, Mulder? So what? I think the guy's for real.

15:00 aha, see!

15:35 she better say something. She better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20:00 this bitch needs to start talkin'.

26:40 awe poor Mulder!

29:35 this guy's a great actor.

31:45 it's definitely the best episode so far.

Brad Dourif has to be one of the greatest actors of all time.

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