Five Word Chain Story
Alrighty, I think my battery's runnin' low. Muh brain cell, lol.
This is gonna be TRIPPED out, yo! I can't wait!!

Rub Hands
This was the second time Gail was brought up the long, eery drive to Vickie's mansion.
The grounds were well-kept, trees forming a perfect canopy over this gravel path.

"I never paved this driveway. There was just something quaint and too real about it" Vickie informs.

Delia sat between her and Gail. It felt like a clown car ride through the halls of mirrors.
She had no idea what to expect. If she'd ever leave this place alive. If she'd ever see Johnny 
again. There had to be hope. She held on to that.

They reached the front of the house and like clockwork, Clive came around to Mrs. Meyer's door
and freed the ladies from this exquisite metal can. The three of them stood at the bottom of the
staircase. Gail remembering. Delia discovering. Vickie again taking the lead.

"Well, up we go!" she said as she started up the stairs. Gail and Delia followed.

Once inside, both guests were given to a wandering eye. No matter how much you wanted to hate
Vickie there was no denying she lived in a palace. So fitting, yet so undeserved.

"Follow me" Vickie said as she took off down a long, darkened hallway.

As if by magic, with every few steps they took, lights came on to guide their way. Obviously 
set to motion detecting sensors. Clever. They walked to the end of this hall.

"Are you going to serve us tea and cookies too?" Delia asked with dripping sarcasm.

They all stopped in front of a massive bookcase. Vickie reached behind it, hitting a button
that unlocked the hidden door feature. Then turned to face Delia.

"Oh no! We haven't any time for that!" she said as she pulled the door wider open.

They all disappeared into the wall as the bookcase closed shut. 

Once inside, they were met by a black elevator. Vickie tapped her watch and in seconds
the doors opened and she walked inside. Delia and Gail looking on with uncertainty.

"Come on, we're all going!" Vickie lashed. They joined her, reluctantly.

It was dark in there. Not like a normal elevator. Only enough light to see where you were.
Vickie stood in front as the box started to descend. Gail and Delia looked at each other. This trip
was getting stranger by the minute.

The elevator ride was extending long past what Delia thought to be realistic. 

"Does this thing go to Hell or what?" she questioned.

Gail looked over at her with fear in her eyes. She didn't want to be there.
Delia returned a hardy stare, without repent. It seemed that elevator was shrinking.

"Fret not, ladies, it is a long way down" Vickie finally offered.

And she wasn't lying. There was a noticeable drop in temperature. They must be going underground.
This served only to further unnerve her guests. What had they gotten themselves into?

The ride had come to an end. Colder and darker than it started. The doors opened and Vickie
was the first to step out into the solid black of the hallway. She hit a switch on the wall and light
beamed forth. A minuscule form of relief settled over Delia and Gail. They joined Vickie in the hall.

Vickie led them forward into the dim light of this new place.

"Can I even ask where we are?" Delia spouted.

Without stopping or turning around, Vickie offered "All of your questions will be answered. Patience."

The icy chill wrapping itself around the air in this subterranean mystery was unsettling at best.

With every step, Delia felt her life slipping further and further away.
They walked for what felt like days before finally coming to a large, well-secured door.
This time, a code box was present on the wall. Vickie entered several digits and a tiny green
light appeared, granting entry. This was feeling like certain death.

The hallway inside was not much more than a broom closet in size. At least it was well-lit.

The next words spoken by Vickie were the most disconcerting yet. 

She faced Gail. "This will let you know exactly what you are a part of" she said fervently.

Now, facing Delia. "This is the offer you need to accept" she said unwavering.

Both ladies felt a sudden chill at once. What lay just beyond that door?
Vickie pressed her thumb against the biometric sensor outside that final doorway.

"There's no going back now" she said with such crushing oppression.

The door opened. Vickie pushed her way in with Gail and Delia right behind.

A smile of enduring pride overtook Vickie's face. This was truly her baby.
Gail and Delia had no idea what was going on here. And it swallowed them whole.

Vickie turned and announced with elation "Welcome to the future!"

It was a lab. Complete with scientists carrying on in their white coats and clip boards.

The two ladies weren't sure how they were supposed to feel but something about it was
reassuring. It was certainly no firing squad. Their eyes traveling the room rapidly like children
in a toy shop. It was overwhelming in its confusion. But it didn't seem threatening. Yet.

Vickie led them further into the room, it seemed to keep growing as they kept walking.

Delia was the first to speak up. "What is this and why are we here?" she asked.

Gail remained silent. It was her strong suit. Vickie walked them over to a large metal table.

"I guess I have a lot to explain" she said as she looked at her watch.

"Best start with the big stuff first then, huh?" she went on. 

Gail and Delia stood staring at her in silence. Vickie's face had begun to distort. Eyes rolling back.
She writhed gently, as if in some sort of sweet orgasmic bliss. Her right hand resting upon her left
clavicle, skin flushing red, chest moving more rapidly - up & down, up & down - when an almost
painful moan escaped her lips. To the untrained eye it would appear that Mrs. Meyer was in the
unbridled throes of pure ecstasy. Her moaning slowly giving way to such a Hellish scream that both
Delia and Gail covered their ears. And then... It happened!

The two ladies stood with their jaws on the floor, in every bit of total and complete disbelief!

Gail, being the woman that she is, instantly passed out. Hitting the floor like a fallen tree. 

Delia's constitution was much stronger. But it still left her dizzy and unable to move. She was paralyzed.

Standing now before her, in its full & true form, was a hideously grotesque Martian.

What was only moments ago a nice looking middle-aged Earth woman was now this pulsating, 
slime-covered creature whose sole means of communication consisted of howling screeches and 
a dull thudding growl. 

This was the first time for Delia to ever see such a thing. And she hoped it were her last!
It's gettin craaaaaaaaaaaazy up in this bitch!! lol
Delia, woozy from the drama, stood and watched as this eight-foot-tall creature made
its way across the floor to disappear behind a huge room divider. Grunting and growling
with every step. Two of the many scientists came over to assist Gail and Delia. They were 
both very young and pretty. Interns most likely. They both carried with them folding metal chairs
for the worse-for-wear guests. The dark haired girl offered Delia a seat while the redhead knelt
down to attend to Ms. Atwood. Delia's mind was in free-fall. What on Earth could be going on behind
that damned divider!

Delia sat and watched the lovely ginger-haired girl bring Gail back to life. It was nothing more than
an act of compassion, down on one knee, lifting Gail's weary head with one hand while gently stroking
her cheek with the other. It worked. Atwood slowly opened her eyes to witness this angel smiling 
down upon her. 

"You'll be fine, ma'am. I have a chair for you. Would you like to sit?" asked the sweet voice.

Gail was completely lost. She had no idea which end was up.

"Yes, yes thank you. Thank you" she gasped quietly.

With the girl's help Gail made it onto the chair. It felt like climbing a mountain.

Another attractive young lady approached with two small glasses of water.

"Ladies" she offered with a smile. Delia took one in hand, Gail hesitated.

"It's just water. It'll help" the girl reassured.

Gail reluctantly grabbed for the glass. It weighed so heavy in her hand. Like a boulder.

It was at that moment that the figure of a woman began making her way towards Gail
and Delia. It couldn't be! But it was. Vickie Meyer! Looking just as she did before. How was
it possible? This must be some sort of bad dream, a nightmare! It just didn't make any kind
of sense at all. 

This was only the beginning.
"How ya doin' girls?" Vickie asked with a devilish grin.

Delia sipped at her water. Gail dry-wretched. It was perfect.

Vickie then slapped an old cigarette tin down onto the metal table next to where she stood.

Delia's eyes went from Vickie's face to the table and back.

"What's that?" she questioned.

"That, my dear Detective, is why you both are here" returned the confident Vickie.

Gail had so many questions, but not a single word was she able to speak. Delia would be
team captain. It was an undeclared yet unanimous decision. 

Vickie picked up the tin from the table and tossed it at Delia. Always armed with quick precision
reflexes, Delia caught the small container with one hand. She shook it to hear its contents. It sounded
like pills. This made her very curious. She flipped open the lid and poured whatever was inside out
into her hand. Resting in her palm were several capsules. She instantly got a sinking feeling.

"Drugs? You brought us here for drugs?" Delia asked with disdain.

Gail watched on with great interest from a place of silence.

"An oversimplification, Detective. Would you like to know what they are?" Vickie asked.

Delia became indignant, and rightfully so. Her record, both on and off the job, was exemplary.
She would not be party to any matters of illegality. It just simply wasn't who she was.

"I'll spare you the long history lesson and get right to the good stuff" Vickie promised.

Delia shifted on her chair. This should be good she thought.

"The magic contained within those capsules in your hand allow me to go from one form
to another" she explained.

Delia's face spoke every word of confusion that she was feeling. She dumped the capsules
back into the tin and flung it towards the table. It hit and slid as Vickie's hand reached down
to stop it. She picked it up and returned it to the pocket of her fresh, new white lab coat.

"You see, strip-mining on my native planet yielded the discovery of a wonderful compound that
became the main active component in this drug, as you call it" she went on.

"And while it provided a way for us to branch out into the galaxy to do what we needed to
do, undetected, it brought with it certain undesirable, shall we say, side-effects?" she added.

It all started falling into place for Delia.

"You've got one seriously great line of bullshit lady. Politics is where you belong!" said the Detective.

Vickie's expression lit up, as though she'd been paid the highest compliment possible.

"And don't think for a minute I haven't made the most of that opportunity!" she squealed.

Delia was finding her to be even more annoying than before, but she had to hear the whole story.

"Are you aware of the Space Force program, Detective?" Vickie asked.

"Yes, why?" asked Delicato.

"Are you also aware of the mandatory vaccine they issue to all joining members? Without which
there IS no membership?" asked Vickie.

Delicato was starting to sense where this was going.

"They have to re-administer a full round of dosing every three months. That's a LOT of pills" she moaned.

"We knew, long before your general public, that this was being put into play. So we decided it would
be in our best interest to..." she said as Delia interrupted.

"To create a dual-purpose drug, benefitting both your kind with their pirating of other sectors and
my government with their off-planet dick-waving" hammered the lady Detective.

Vickie almost came out of her skin.

"My God woman! THIS is why I love you! You are Always five steps ahead! You're a genius!" Vickie screamed with delight.

Delicato sat with it all for a moment. She still had questions.

"And those undesired side-effects?" asked Delicato.

Vickie turned and looked Delia straight in the eye.

"The strip-mining is slowly killing our planet. Making it imperative for us to scatter out into the
galaxy. We're not Human but we still need a place to call Home" she said nostalgically.

Delicato stared back at her with an almost understanding look.

"That's what this lab is for, isn't it? To try and synthesize an effective version of this drug before
completely destroying not only your Home planet but your sole-source of the compound from
which this drug is derived" Delicato said as the puzzle piece fell into its place. 

"Goddamn, woman, MARRY ME!!" Vickie screamed with joy.

"See, THIS is why I've been trying to kill you for so long. You're the best at what you do and
with you on the job, I'd never get a moments peace. You're really too good!" she said.

Gail finally found her words.

"This, is what I've been a part of... all along" she said in an almost whisper.

"And this is the offer I dare not refuse" added Delia.

Vickie took a few steps, turned and looked at them both.

"There's still a place for you here, if you want it" she said to Gail.

"And I'd love nothing more than to welcome you onboard" she offered Delia.

Tears fell from Gail's troubled eyes. And for the first time in her entire life, she spoke from her Heart.

"I don't think I can do this anymore" she said as her voice cracked.

Vickie turned her back to the women.

"Atwood, you were always weak" Vickie hissed as she spun around, gun in hand, and blew
Gail's brains out.

Dead silence fell. The dull roar of blood rushing through her ears filled Delia with the
worst kind of panic. She could taste bile, her stomach heaving as she felt Atwood's blood
running down her face. This was it. Her dying moments. Here at last. She was not ready.

Vickie then points the revolver at Delia's face as she stands in complete command of the entire room.

"What say you?" she riddled Delia.
Dizzam!! Panic
Delicato could feel the intensity of that gun barrel pinning her down like a spotlight.
Hot and all-encompassing, her last bastion of nerve buckling under the immense
pressure. This was new territory for the Detective.

"Wait, please!" shouted the maxed-out Delia as she raised her hands in a surrender.

Vickie soaking up the emotion like a psychotic sponge.

"Please, just give me a minute!" she begged.

Delia was shaking like a drunk going through withdrawals. Vickie was loving this.

"I just... I... I need to, think..." she stuttered.

That gun shattered any real chance of her coming to a conclusion worthy of thought.
Time was now her most bitter enemy. Every tick placed her closer to Gail and further
from Johnny. Yes, it was He that dominated her final thoughts. Exactly how she wanted it.

"Time's up" Vickie said in a flash as she pulled hard on the trigger. The click struck Delia 
like a thunderous bolt from the heavens. She gasped loudly, sucking in air causing her
to choke and sputter.

Empty chamber.

Vickie roared with laughter.

"Oh you dear sweet girl! I'm not going to kill you!" she yelled jovially.

"I need you!" she continued.

Delia at this point began hyperventilating. Clutching at her chest, looking around for any
comforting signs of help. None were to be found.

It was the height of madness. And Delia was tied down in the center ring.
[Later that day]

Detective John Dempsey sat at his desk pushing papers and being the responsible detective.
He glanced the clock high on the wall behind him and knew things were off-course. She was never
late. Much less a no-show. This concerned him. He stood from his desk and walked towards the
door. He needed to check this out.

The old rust-bucket puttered up to the curb and died before a key could give it rest.
He parked in the back alleyway so as to avoid any witnessing eyes. This had to be
under wraps. For his own peace of mind.

He exited the vehicle and quickly made his way to the fire escape that traveled up the
building right to Delia's room. Extra care had to be taken as this was broad daylight and
he could not chance being caught.

Climbing like a trained monkey, Orville Shotsworth made great time in getting up to
the Detective's room. He had hoped the window was still available for entry. Placing his
elongated fingers onto the wide, paint-chipped pane he lifted upwards: Success!

In her room, he noticed that nothing had changed since he had been there last. This set
heavy on his heart. For he knew it was a sure sign that Delia could be dead now. And if she
were no longer of this world, Gail couldn't be far behind.

A loud knock on the door shook him back to his present thoughts: Getting in & out with
no one seeing him! He froze. A second knock came louder than the first. A man's voice
called out the Detective's name. "Delicato?" said the man on the other side of the door.

It was Detective Dempsey, Johnny as Delia referred to him.

A third knock, louder still. "Delicato, you in there?" he barked in obvious frustration.

Orville knew he had precious seconds to decide his next move. Could he slip out quietly
enough to avoid detection? Was there enough room under that bed for his lumbering
stature? His mind filled with possibilities; all of them negative.

Tick-tock, dear Orville.
Johnny used his years of expertise, and a handy lock-picking gadget, to enter Delia's room.
He opened the door, slowly, widening as he scanned the room for anything out of place.

Everything seemed to be in order. Barring one missing feature: The gorgeous lady he had
come to see. He closed the door behind him and walked over to the window, which was curiously 
left open. He looked out onto the back alleyway, nothing to see there. He shut the window and
turned to view the room from this angle. Still, nothing to raise an eyebrow.

He thought to check the bathroom but with the door cracked and light off, it seemed pointless.
Still, he stood wondering. Maybe she fell and knocked herself out? Surely the light would've been
on had she ventured in there? But if it were just a quick trip, say, for a drink of water. Could he
chance it? A very uneasy feeling took him over as he stood there in contemplation. 

Many years in this line of work taught a man a few things. One of which, was to sense danger.
He knew there was nothing there to worry about but that bathroom may as well have been a bright
blinking red light, complete with shrieking buzzer. No, he wasn't delusional. He was just good 
at his job.

"Alright, I want you to come out with you hands up!" he shouted.

No sound. No movement. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Did the hidden love he had for
this glorious woman cloud his vision? Had he become a liability unto himself? Doubt was never
something to take serious hold of Johnny's mind, but in this moment... 

"I'm not gonna ask you again, come out or I come in shooting!" he yelled with intention.

A whimpering voice suddenly took flight and Dempsey's fears were laid to rest. Most of them anyway.

"Okay, please, I am unarmed" shouted a pitiful voice from inside the bathroom.

Dempsey kept his gun firmly set upon the crack in the door. If things were gonna go sideways 
then he was prepared to do whatever it took to walk away from this whole. He needed to see
Her again.

The crack widened and a tall, sweaty Orville emerged from the dark room. His hands held high.

Orville had some explaining to do. He had better hope his words were straight and true.
He was a mess as he sat there, at the foot of Delia's bed, spilling his guts to Detective Dempsey.
Telling the whole story with animated expression, accompanied by wild hand gestures.

Johnny stood there listening with a judge's ear. Carefully weighing every word. One slip and
no one would miss this freakishly tall, skinny small-time crook. Johnny made sure he had
a bullet with Orville's name on it. Had any harm come to the object of his affection, he would
see to it that every guilty party pay dearly. This was something he was willing to cross EVERY
line for. 

And sitting there in a puddle of sweat and tears, Orville could feel it.
Vickie stared down at the once always composed Detective who now shook & shivered
in the way of a fear-stricken child. It was unbecoming a Lady of her station but totally
understandable, in this scenario.

"Don't fight it, Dee, just breathe... breeeaaathe" Vickie teased.

Delia was getting a hold of things, like a tipsy house guest grabbing onto the corner end
of a table for balance. Her mind very badly shaken by this terrible turn of events. She didn't
care much at all for Gail but never wanted to see her killed. And it happened right beside her.

"There, see? You're gonna be alright sweety" Vickie said in her maligned way.

Delia's inhale/exhale routine gaining a semblance of its past likeness. Her eyes slowly draw
upward to meet those of her captor. They share a small, silent moment before Vickie moves
carefully towards her.

"If I killed you now, what would I do for fun?" she asked with faked innocence.

Vickie then bent down to look Delia right in the eye, just to her left. Locking her gaze on
the blonde beauty the way a lioness does a zebra. The tension was building in a way that soon
couldn't be contained. 

At that moment, Vickie ran her tongue the entire length, from chin to cheek, of Delia's blood-soaked face.

Delia gasped in shock and disgust. Vickie, still fully engaged in eye contact with her, squinted 
slightly, in a sort of lusty scrutiny, as she savored the taste of Gail. Finishing the act by licking
her lips and winking at the floored Detective.

"Clean her up!" she shouted before turning and walking away.
I think this Vickie bitch done blew WAY past Gus Fring!! lol
I think in Vickie's twisted-ass mind, she's [Heath Ledger's] Joker to Detective
Delicato's [Christian Bale's] Batman. Kinda feelin' that way...
A couple edits to post 153.

[unbecoming of a lady of] standing to station
in this particular situation to scenario
[vickie moves] slowly to carefully

just to her right *edited to* just to her left
Dempsey was filled with rage as he stormed towards the door.

"No! We cannot go there, just the two of us!" Orville said emphatically from the end of the bed.

Johnny stopped in his tracks, turned on a heel and faced the lanky man.

"Why the Hell not? I won't just stand around and wait!" he said.

"We'd never make it to the front door" Orville said in a defeated tone.

"What does she have, an army guarding her house?" Johnny questioned.

Orville stared into his lap while offering his response.

"It is to my understanding that there are many invisible features in place" he said.

"It is a fortress" Orville sighed with finality.

Johnny grew more angry by the word. He didn't care what must be done, only that it was, to save
the woman he so dearly loved.
Dempsey and Shotsworth exit the hotel lobby and head around to the back alley.

They come upon Orville's heap and Johnny begins to laugh.

"You've got to be kidding me?" he giggled.

Orville shoots the detective a look of disbelief.

"Point A to Point B. Am I missing something?" he asked.

"Yeah, directions to the nearest salvage yard. That thing wouldn't make the block!" Johnny insisted.

Orville knew there was no time for hurt feelings. He was on to Plan B.

"Then we'll take your car!" he said.

"I got a cab here" Johnny shot back.

Orville didn't miss a beat. 

"Oh splendid, let's just ferry to the home of the most dangerous woman in town via taxi cab, shall we?" he squawked.

Johnny shook his head as he placed his hands upon his hips. 

"So I guess an unmarked police car is out of the question?" he fired.

Orville began walking towards the detective.

"Well daylight's burning!" he said rounding the jalopy being left in the alleyway.
After a shower and change of clothes, Delia was taken to Vickie's office. 

The assistant knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in" Vickie said while sitting behind a large beautiful desk.

Delia entered the room while the young lady who escorted her stood in the doorway.

"Will there be anything else, ma'am?" asked the assistant.

Vickie looked up from the paperwork she was reading. "No, but close the door please" she said quietly.

Her eyes shifted back down to the papers. Delia left standing feet away from the desk. Looking around the room
wondering what was next. Vickie spoke without lifting her head.

"Have a seat kid" came the icy words. Delia chose the chair furthest from Vickie's desk.

There was another one of those long, fitful periods of deafening silence. Delia couldn't bring herself
to look at Vickie. Not with what she knew now. And after all that had happened. She just couldn't.

"Are you frightened" Vickie sparked out of nowhere, still looking over the paperwork.

Delia didn't answer right away. She wasn't even sure how to. Three simple little words had suddenly 
warped into another language. Her gaze remained focused on her lap.

"It's rude to ignore people, Delia. I'm sure your mother taught you that as a child" said the unfeeling woman.

Delia remained silent. Turning her thoughts inward, she thought that if she could just tune Vickie out
then she could magically free herself from this most unpleasant situation. It wasn't working.

"Look at me" Vickie called out. Delia remained. Unmoved. Non-responsive. A second time then.

"Look at me, now, Delia!" Vickie said in a louder, more demanding tone.

And again, Delia ignored the horrible woman barking orders at her. 

Vickie sat staring long and hard at the Detective. Delia still gazing into her lap.

"Then you can just listen" she said hatefully.

Vickie pushed away from her desk and eased back into her puffy leather chair. She took a deep 
breath before reciting what was on her mind.

"I was hoping that we could come to some kind of an agreement here today" she said.

"But you don't seem to be fully present. And that is a shame" she said in follow up.

In the space between Vickie's words, Delia found a few of her own.

"Why did you kill her?" asked the very upset Detective.

Vickie's eyes locked on Delia's pretty face. Maybe this would work after all.

"Well, thank you for joining us Detective. Nice to have you here!" she said sarcastically.

Delia's fear was turning into rage, but only glacially. 

"Answer my fucking question!" the now outwardly angry Detective shouted.

Vickie rose to her feet giving Detective Delicato a standing ovation.

"There's the girl we all know and love!" she hollered out over her clapping hands.

"Goddamnit, I KNEW you were still in there!" she said as her clapping trailed off. 

Delia didn't know if she'd ever see the light of day again, but she was going to be damned
if she didn't get some kind of an answer from this twisted bitch.

"Answer Me!" Delia screamed.

Vickie walked around to the front of her desk and leaned back against it. Again, staring right into
the Detective's face.

"It's called a culling. It's what you do to keep the herd strong. To survive. You know what
survival is, don't you Detective?" she said in a most backhanded way.

Delicato was now almost fully back to herself. Why in the world she chose Gail as her hill to die on
escaped even her own logic.

"And you just get away with it, like that?" asked Delia.

Vickie strolled back around to her comfy leather chair. Sitting down, pulling close to her desk.

"Why shouldn't I?" she asked as the arrogance dripped from her tongue.

Delia now felt a surge of outrage. 

"In a room full of scientists, you just murder a woman in cold fucking blood and expect to get
away with it?" Delia said in angered disbelief.

Vickie saw this as her chance to supply a key piece of information.

"Oh, them" she said in a flippant tone. Now putting her feet up on the desk, she smiles wide and continues.

"Those scientists you saw, filling that large room. The men. The ladies. Even the young girls. All of them.
Just like ME!" came the crushing blow our dear Delia had not prepared for.

"You mean..." Delia began before Vickie rudely interrupted.

"Yes! Monstrous alien creatures! One and ALL!" she belted with pride.

Delia had to sit with this one for a moment. It didn't even occur to her. She was once again caught
completely unaware. This little piece of the puzzle thrilled Vickie to no end. She delighted in the
misfortune and confusion of others. She was sick, even among her kind.

"Now, Delia, I believe we have some details to iron out..."

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