Near death experiences...

Totally excellent.
I like that lady, she has some good concise info. There are a lot of vids on her channel, but you can tell the important ones by the length of the video.

Moving along from her now, but she's definitely one of the best finds ever.
I dunno

Amazing story...

7:45 - 8:26 excellent point.

What a beautiful and wonderful soul Bridget Nielsen is...

I love her videos.

9:53 - 10:08 it's so true.
Oh fuck trix that looks shit with the account deactivated thing
Well man, that's your fault...

I'm not far from elephants rock state park I've been great views good hiking and swimming.i def know what she means about loose rocks get some bad footing and away you go.

17:44 - 18:17 so many people have had similar experiences.

20:06 very interesting.

31:24 important points.
(07-15-2018, 05:58 PM)Trix Wrote: Well man, that's your fault...


Well I know but don't know why you felt the need to do this as I was on guest status anyway lol


If you don't know who Grant Morrison is, here are some informational sources:

"Grant Morrison talks about his Near Death Experience (NDE)"

"The Invisibles: 90s Comic Book Series by Grant Morrison, Claims He Channeled Aliens"

"Alan Moore: Language, Writing and Magic"
I dunno guys, I am just saying...

These NDEs sure seem to have a common theme.

If Grant Morrison is gonna see Jesus?

Your ass is prolly gonna see Jesus too, I'm just sayin'.
It's always "The Light" (AKA the white light or simply the light)...

And then it's always some type of ALL ENCOMPASSING LOVE experience.

A lot of the times with a being in some form or another.

Not necessarily always though.

That's what makes Grant's experience even more powerful as an example to others.

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