Rich Lopp: Dude Tarot Reader
(03-10-2019, 11:52 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote:

10:45 what she says there about the high pitch reminds me of how trees talk...

(05-22-2017, 10:16 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I heard a forest of spruce trees talking... it was a high pitched gentle choir of chattering voices. The whole vibe was pure love essence. They were talking about me... they could see me because I was on a deck pretty high up in the middle of them.
Loving her already. Very easy to listen to. She has a real/honest/chill vibe about her
I hope they do the tarot collab would be cool to see her in action

12:28 lol #shade

"I heard a forest of spruce trees talking" I totally believe you!

Mama Amber makin' it rain all over Rich with them Benjamins!!!

There are some people out there with a bunch of money who like to drop the wads all over these YouTubers...

I kinda love that. I totally wanna be one of those people... fuck gambling or strippers and all that shit, I'd be throwing $$$ at YouTubers.
RIP Rich n Sabrina outside the box


My guess is that Sabrina was an overly emotional, probably manipulative (water sign style) kinda chick.

WITH RICH she was that way.

I'm not saying with everyone she'd be that way.

There's the perfect person out there for everybody, but I'm thinking that's why he left.

And again...

No one interrupting his videos anymore.

Just as it should be.

Have some standards Rich...

Don't let people walk on you like that in the future.
mmmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm *nods*
Im happy to see that his tip$ came back
How could they not... he's so damn happy lately.

When Rich isn't happy, things don't go well.

When he is happy, it's a beautiful sight to behold.

I don't really have the hots for him anymore...

But I love to see people be happy.

Dude Rich looks sooooooo much better now.

So much better.

His hair looks fab, he LOOKS healthy.

He looks happy, he sounds happy.

It's just great, it really is.

Better than I've ever seen him doing in my time watching him.
44:00 LMFAO dude Rich is fucking RIDICULOUS about his tarot decks...

You should use tarot decks until they're worn THE FUCK out, it takes YEARS.

They should be all discolored on the edges and be all stickied up with them weird little black dots.


Bottom line, end of story.
It takes forever to get a deck seasoned to that level...

I looooooooooove seasoned decks.
I'm trying super hard to get my Smith-Waite Centennial deck seasoned. They still look brand new.

She didn't approach him with an 'attitude' at all...

He just responded like a fucking cunt.

Sounds like Rich has a selection of cunt mods who share his overly sensitive absolutely ridiculous block-happy lack of discernment.

His channel will stagnate if he keeps blocking the energy.

It's probably already starting to stagnate. I know I basically never click on his videos anymore.
If you're deaf and blind to anyone coming forward critiquing your approach, ESPECIALLY when it comes to moderating or anything like that...

You are an absolute complete and total fucking idiot.
When somebody comes to you complaining about your moderators...

You better fucking listen.
Listen, keep count, keep track, and OBSERVE...

If a bunch of different people keep making the same complaint, they're probably not wrong.

I'm just saying.

It takes a long time to get the hang of it all, to listen to everybody, to observe...

But if you're gonna be immediately triggered and totally closed-minded like Rich was in his response to that totally non-aggressive message...

You are absolutely fucked and so is your operation.
He should have responded something like, "Thanks for letting me know, duly noted!"

And then just shut the fuck up.
He's an immature moron on a few totally unacceptable fronts.
I come back to this place cos I love YOU M.O (in a totally straight girl way lol), not Rich
He has honestly turned into the biggest dickhead I havent watched him in awhile either
I agree that person had no attitude just a lil (natural) concern, who watches your videos dumbass the subscribers or the mods duh! and honestly if you ask me he isnt even big enough to have one moderator yet
he turned into the biggest ego driven tosser, he may have actually overtaken Tylers tarot in that aspect lol Tyler actually started out pretty cute he had this curly fro and a chill vibe but wow his head exploded with the subs

and I dunno maybe its just his stupid attitude right now or the fact that he blasted thru so many chicks in the span of 24 hours, #herpes but he is just so unattractive to me now, I was never full on crush girl but thought he was a lil alright but now, no way, wouldnt touch him with a pole if he paid me *vomit
Dude you know what’s so weird about it...

I couldn’t stand Tyler’s Tarot in the beginning but now I actually think he’s pretty cool.

He seems NICER now. To me.

He’s totally an Aries dude though... totally an Aries dude.

None of his readings ever resonate with me and I basically never look at his channel... but when I do these days I find him much more palatable.

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