Cody Ko & Noel Miller (Tiny Meat Gang)

I hadn't even seen this video when I made this thread...

"ASMR: It's gone too far."


1:20 bwhahahahaahaha WHAT THE FUCK. She looks SOOOOOOO unhappy and uninspired, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

1:30 whoa WHAT THAAA FUCK!!!!!!

2:30 weeeelll... it's better than doing porn! I mean, it was this or porn for her so, yeah. Ah who am I kidding, she definitely does porn too.

3:50 lmfao holy shitballs, this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

4:18 AAAAAHHHHHH OH MY GOD ROFLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:50 rofl agreed.

4:00 lmfao dude why are super rich people sooooooooo fucked up?

7:36 AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy fuck I love these two.

1:18 these guys are damn funny, for real... I am fucking impressed.

1:45 lmfao this song/video is the epitome of "Our parents have too much money."

3:23 bahahahahahahahaha this is so fucking great.

4:45 bahahahaha oh my God EXACTLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:28 lmao WHAT THE FUCK, it looks exactly like a chick from far away bahahahaha oh my God that is HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!

2:39 IT REALLY IS SAD THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!

3:15 ahahahaha lmao SO TRUE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!


7:53 rofl.

9:48 lmfao oh my God, the grossed out freaked out vibes from Noel are palpable.

5:29 rofl.

5:39 lmao oh my God... I want to BE THESE TWO PEOPLE.

5:50 roflmfao it really is terrible advice though rofl.

7:20 roflmao holy shit that's fucking hilarious.

10:48 "Don't try to fuck it" bahahahaha honestly, GT Dave seems pretty chill in real life.

13:09 "Oooh, sh*t, you got a bunny?!" roflmfao, okay, I fucking LOVE Noel.

17:10 the original video filming and editing made GT Dave look so much weirder than he really looks... I dunno why anyone would willingly subject themselves to that. I'm glad Cody and Noel came along and made fun of the original video so that eventually we could just come around to this point where we get to see GT Dave is actually a cool dude.

1:06 I fucking lost it... ROFL2

2:12 I CANNOT believe these people are popular. I mean they sound beyond retarded, their videos are stupid and horrible, they LOOK dumb as fuck... ARE they actually popular or are the numbers simply fake, and then those fake numbers attracted a real audience that is 100% made up of 9 year olds? Any way it goes, it's disturbing and worst of all, it's just plain stupid.

4:20 it's funny how he wanted to say "vibes" but they've made fun of the word so many times that he can't even though it's totally the right word, lmao.

I don't know what this genre on YouTube would even be called, but Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzalez, and Cody Ko are absolutely part of it.

Drew was the first one I ever found, and I think he's great. I absolutely do think he's very funny. I dig his wife too, she's a cool chick.

But the ripping off of the style among these channels is sort of insufferable.

That said, I do think Cody Ko is in a league of his own...

He's without a doubt the funniest, as well as Noel.

Funnier than Drew and funnier than this Danny guy.

Not digging the genre itself but it's certainly not the worst as far as fabricated YouTube shite goes.
I've laughed more at Cody's channel than I've ever laughed at any movie or TV show...

For real.

I usually mostly just laugh at stuff I say...

And there are occasional super funny things that I do laugh at on YouTube, etc.

But lately I've been laughing at Cody's vids until my face hurts and I have a headache...

It's that intense. I mean it's damn funny.

I think it's the commentary/review sort of aspect, it's something I relate to a lot and I do the same thing, only in text format.

So that's probably why I like it.

11:55 lmfaoloololololololololo

I think Cody and Kelsey are gonna break up.

It'd suck to have somebody all involved with your public life and then have to deal with breaking up in front of everybody.

I'd imagine it would be pretty tempting to stay together for a while just to avoid that shit.

But as far as those two go, I think somebody got their feelings hurt and can't get over it.

Then again now that I've said this they'll probably just get married... Mini Dancing Banana

They're fucking hilarious.

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