Massive fire breaks out in 24 story London apartment building...
Now they're blaming the residents of Grenfell Tower, most of whom are DEAD, for sprinklers not being installed because there wasn't a "collective view" for them to be installed, DESPITE BLOGS DATING BACK YEARS (aforementioned and linked in this thread) documenting concerned residents DEMANDING upgrades over FEAR of FIRE RISK.

Dead men tell no tales.
The truth about this situation is that they shouldn't be letting immigrants into the country if their low income housing is such a dilapidated and mismanaged joke.

They're totally irresponsible to let scores of migrants in, just to live in buildings that have been essentially abandoned by management. And when they do decide to 'work' on the buildings, all they do is make them a blazing inferno just waiting to happen.

Britain doesn't have its shit together and it needs to just stop...

Stop being irresponsible, stop fucking everything up by bringing in migrants and refugees.

13:53... Alex makes an interesting point. He suggests that indeed, this building was burned down on purpose in order to continue using refugees as political fodder.
MO , i don't believe the stories about this tower we have been lied to for so many years why do you even believe reports about dead people , they are just manipulating your sexy ass
They're manipulating everybody but me... regarding this story. I assure you.

42 found dead in one room.

Massive coverup of the number of dead.

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