NWA: National Wrestling Alliance
(10-31-2019, 02:42 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: The NWA reboot was HELLA fun at first...

It was really organic and intimate, and it had a lot of charm.

They've moved the operation down to Atlanta though, they're filming in some studio down there.

I don't think they grasp the concept of how the audience dynamic changes with locale, which is kinda crazy considering who the owner of the NWA is...

They really should understand that principle but they don't.

The in studio audience is way too loud in all their Atlanta videos and frankly they sound like a bunch of idiots... they react the wrong way at the wrong times. Dunno what their deal is, but it's all a result of WHO is WILLING to go to a such a place in order to attend a show... it's a dramatic difference from the beginnings of the reboot.

But if they want fake, fake is what they'll get...

They've already got some anklebiting famechasers in the inner circle that they seem wholly oblivious to, feeding off 'em like they're a fucking smorgasbord. Maybe they're fine now, but after too much of those kinda people being allowed into the core of the brand, the behind the scenes, the inner workings of the machine...

They'll clog it like a giant turd and things will begin to go wrong, things that will be hard to trace back to their origins (if not impossible) because someone was dumb enough to let them in IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Not good... but ah well, it is what it is. It was fun for a time!

(10-31-2019, 02:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They have some EXCELLENT people...

Eli Drake, up and coming Worlds Heavyweight Champion no doubt...

They've got fun talent like Thunder Rosa...

These folks deserve better than to stake their claim in the NWA and for the NWA to turn around and show favor / honor to bloodsucking leeches.

They really need to wake the fuck up and fortify their inner circle before something embarrassing happens.

NWA needs an adequate manager...

Something they clearly don't have, and let me be frank...

They've got some pretty undesirable nasties vying for the job.

Wakey wakey eggs and bakey.
Just say no to vampires...

Where is their good discernment?

Disappointing that William doesn't seem to "get it"...

How'd he get where he is today with such an apparent lack of discernment?

If he can see what's going on, why is he not speaking up about it?

The longer he lets this go on, the worst and more messy it'll be once it is (inevitably) addressed...

If he spoke up now, no one would argue the point.

They might begrudge it, but they wouldn't argue about it.

I'm not naming names at this point...

I mean if they can't see what's going on here, then they deserve the situation they'll eventually end up with.

It's just...


The beginning is a delicate time.
The inner circle of the NWA (reboot) was not well enough guarded...

I think it's a situation of being undermanned, not having smart enough people on guard...

Or not having anyone on guard at all from the looks of it.

Somebody is gonna have to clean this up and reinforce it.

If it doesn't get reinforced, there will be inner circle squabbles and eventually scandals...

It will be damaging to the NWA's inner workings one way or the other.
I don't think the whole operation should suffer just because William apparently has too many irons in the fire to be able to guard the NWA well enough...

He should assign someone who is not at all involved in social media (or the public whatsoever) to manage the situation for him. Someone with no obvious desire to increase their own fanbase or brag about "being friends with" the NWA headliners. Someone who is strictly business and very, very serious about it.
There is no one within the NWA adequately serving a managerial or protective role at this time.
I'd put my money on Nick Aldis seeing clearly what is going on here... if there's anyone who's smart enough to get it, I bet it's him. Problem is, he's way too busy to do anything about and it really just shouldn't be his responsibility. It's NOT his responsibility. It's William's responsibility, and while I'm sure it's a touchy situation to deal with, surely to God he's dealt with bigger in his time.
there's only one man that can and will save pro wrasslin - orange cassidy.


God I love these wrestler dudes.

0:47 bahahaha OMG he's cool. He's as cool as it gets LOL. Ahahaha. What a great move.

I love these guys so much, for real... he's got that perfect smug douche look, but I guarantee he's a nice guy.
A lot of these wrestler dudes are some of the nicest dudes ever, which is like the opposite of what you'd expect. But it seems like they really are, and they're so talented... they're acrobats.
(10-31-2019, 03:10 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: I'm not naming names at this point...



Looks like I named names.

Joyless fucks!

That was a brilliant contribution by Cornette and anyone who doesn't agree is a pussy!
This guy is a fucking riot...




My question is, what happened that made Jim say this??

Why did he decide to take this approach?

What's upset him?
I mean... that's...

Quite an approach to take right there.




We'll probably never know what made him go there.

But it must have been pretty bad.
So I contacted Jim Cornette about this and (among other things) he said to listen to his Friday podcast for an explanation.

I dunno though... if you listen to his statement in the video at that TMZ link, it didn't sound like something he came up with 'off the cuff'. Nothing in these wrestling matches is real anyway, it's ALL scripted... every last bit of it.

Surely the NWA didn't think it'd be a good publicity stunt to throw a racist joke into the program?? The shows are pre-taped so it's not like they didn't know what he said. That shit isn't live, it's recorded and then released on YouTube as a premiere.
Right? Am I missing something?

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