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Why would he just die?? He wasn't old. Maybe early 40s at most. I actually don't know how old he was.

He was a big feller, maybe it was some type of heart related problem.

I hope he wasn't vaccinated and this isn't just one of many deaths we're gonna see as a result of these vaccines.

It sounds like this was completely unexpected and all his family and friends sound completely shocked...

For a man under 50, I think sudden death (heart related, etc.) is a bit suspect.

Some people have congenital conditions you'd never know until they're a problem though, such as weak aortic valves, so on.

Many things it could have been... I just hope it was something natural, something that was always going to happen, and not some kind of interference because he took the vaccine or something.
An as yet undiagnosed health condition sort of suggests it could have been some type of congenital 'ticking timebomb' situation.

Who knows.

So sad though...

He was a good man.
Joseph had a great sense of humor, an amazing movie collection, a wonderful sense of artistic direction... and a family.

Just ain't right, man.
But if he was vaccinated...

They need to just assume that's what killed him.

If they're being told he died of a heart related condition, they could try and say it was congenital, but the vax is on record giving people deadly heart attacks and heart failure already.

I don't really know what Joseph's political views were, dunno where he would have stood on something like an experimental, highly rushed vaccine.

But if he did take it... his family needs to start screaming on the world stage, and start screaming now.
AEW is gettin pretty awesome if you're lookin for a wrasslin fix.
rhombus will set you free.
Thanks, Genba!!!

I have always liked wrestling, never been a superfan or anything though.

The closest I came to being a legitimate superfan of wrestling was in the beginning of the NWA reboot when their videos were more like vlogs than productions.
it's their theme songs that are really winning me over.



and they gave orange cassidy, pixies - where is my mind. they ended a televised wrestling show with the pixies best song. this timeline is the best.
rhombus will set you free.
And I just want to say this...

People can hate on me for asking questions, bringing up possibilities, shining light into dark corners where there may or may not even be anything...

It is a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.

If I sound like an idiot, I am willing to sound like an idiot.

How could I live with myself if I didn't speak what weighs on my spirit??

So that's why I do what I do and I'm not ashamed.

Possible stroke or aneurysm...

It's very hard to find any information on this situation.

Trying to find what I can though.

All I know is I'm keeping record of suspicious deaths in fairly young individuals. Anyone under 50 most certainly.

Today, DMX died after a week of being on life support following a heart attack...


Word is that DMX was vaccinated, but nothing solid confirming that yet.

I just don't know...

I don't want to jump to conclusions, but reports of all the heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, etc. after getting the vaccine are just really getting out of hand...

I think something pretty bad is afoot on a global scale.

So Jim says that Joseph Hudson was "only like 40 years old"... I think he may have been early 40s, but there's just no way for me to find out that info. He was a public figure, but not to the point of having his b-day plastered all over the internet. He was too young to die this way, period.


Okay, here it is... 1977. So he was most likely 43 years old.
Autopsies take a long time to come back... can take 3 months or so, maybe even longer these days, God only knows.

I just hope and pray that if his death wasn't truly by natural causes (including congenital disease, etc.), and if his story being told could HELP people and save lives... I just hope it is told.

This thread will fall back in the pages, months and months will pass... nothing may ever be known, and there may be nothing more to the story, there may truly be nothing more to know. I just pray that his loved ones be comforted every day forward... the pain of knowing you'll never see someone again is horrible. But at least he left behind many videos and other wonderful media for people to enjoy... I'm grateful for that, because a lot of wonderful people leave this world with so much less to treasure them by.
(04-07-2021, 10:19 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: Because if that's the case, then Billy had like no hand whatsoever in making the NWA reboot as great as it even was in the beginning...

If it was somebody else, then whoever it was needs to take the reigns on a new wrestling brand endeavor because they were doing it right.


I think that Joseph may have been responsible for that early magic.

It does make a lot of sense...


He was very talented, knew how to captivate an audience, and he knew who the audience was.
It's not easy to come across magic like that... doesn't happen often. Happens almost never. Can't be recreated.

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