NWA: National Wrestling Alliance
Man, the NWA is just absolute fucking garbage.

Their content is just horrible in every way.

Terrible hosts and commentators, stale atmosphere, shitty, soulless studio recordings...

Pure trash.

If Billy Corgan is responsible for this, then my God...

I don't know how he ever did anything good.

He needs to sell the NWA and cut his losses or make a serious fucking change because this shit is an embarrassment.
Their YouTube content is so fucking horrible I won't even link it.

I don't even want it in my watch history...

This is dismal.

It's going absolutely nowhere.

What a disaster.
I resubscribed a couple months back just in the hopes that the content would be better by now...

But it's just gotten so much worse, so much more cringe.

And wrestling is SUPPOSED to be cringy and cheesy at times...

That is not what this is.

Every single video is a shit sandwich.

It has no soul whatsoever, no magic whatsoever.

It's the worst content I've ever seen.
Unsubbed again.
I have no hope for the future of the NWA whatsoever. At least not under the management of whoever is responsible for it right now. As far as I'm concerned, they have failed.
It started going to shit not long after I made this thread, actually...

Back when they made the studio setting their end-all, be-all.

I knew it was a grievous mistake when they made that move, but I had no idea it would be this horrendous.
I hate to say it, but even Lagana was probably part of its former magic...

Too bad he's a gross nasty pervert.

Just an unfortunate situation all the way around.
wwe is the worst its ever been. i only watch it to shitpost in a chat.

aew on the other hand just keeps getting better. hook is now the best thing in wrasslin.

he was previously a meme and ironically loved. this match, his first match, INSTANTLY changed that love to unironic. taz's son if you remember him. i love a good suplex.
2:00 I love it when they go after the referee.

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