NWA: National Wrestling Alliance

So yeah, in addition to the line probably being scripted in the first place, the NWA's editor (Lagana) failed to edit out the remark before uploading the vid.


I don't even blame Dave. I blame Corgan for being fail at MANAGING the NWA. He can't MANAGE it. And since he clearly just can't seem to fucking do that, he should find somebody who CAN.

I wouldn't trust him to pick anybody who's worth a shit though...


None of this indicates anything good...

To make it worse, Corgan can't take criticism at all because he's an overly emotional bitchboy so even if a smart person did make suggestions or offer advice he wouldn't be able to take it.

Ah well... I guess this can be a good example of "what not to do" for everybody else. This is what always happens when you have a weak, unsecured inner circle... and too many irons in the fire.
(10-31-2019, 02:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They really need to wake the fuck up and fortify their inner circle before something embarrassing happens.


LOL, well I'll be gosh darned!

Does always being right ever get old?

Not really.
(11-22-2019, 02:53 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: To make it worse, Corgan can't take criticism at all because he's an overly emotional bitchboy so even if a smart person did make suggestions or offer advice he wouldn't be able to take it.

Maybe he'll learn from this...

He was warned about his inner circle and he just didn't wanna believe it.

Maybe he gets it now.
Don't get me wrong, I like Billy.

But it is what it is, and it's always been that way with him.


I totally believe her.

Dave is always letting random chicks stay at his apartment, including Katie Carney, who I've written about at length...


Like attracts like. Users attract users.

NWA is better off without Dave and his leeches.
I didn't really figure Dave would be a sex perv though...

I just figured he was an easily manipulated total idiot.
You can tell something ain't right just by looking at him though... it's not really surprising.

The fuck though, Billy?

Where's your fuckin' discernment man?

LOL... anyways.
I dunno what Billy's deal is... maybe he's just strangely naive and overly trusting?

Seems like he's been trying hard to change that for many years, but maybe he was going about it the wrong way.
It's funny though because in any of Katie Carney's videos which Dave appeared in, a lot of chicks in her comments section were telling her to watch out around him because he gave them the creeps...



Sometimes you just gotta listen.
Skimming this last page, the "shocker" take-away for me is Billy Corgan being associated
with professional wrestling.... ?? lol
Also, weird to see that nice-tiddy gal involved in this.
Not that I know her "thing", just know her from the
thread on here about her vlogging. This world is shaken... AND stirred! Eek
Oh yeah dude...

Skim the first page of her thread for "Dave" and "Billy"...

I talked about exactly what the fuck she was up to.

Comment I left:

Quote:At the beginning of 2017, the NWA reboot had this amazing 'new life' kinda zest and I was so exceedingly proud of how well they were fusing it together with internet culture. Those early videos with Tim Storm, the Spiritual Advisor, Jocephus... they were magical. After attending NWA70 in Nashville, I realized things were changing in ways that I didn't really like. Not too long after that, the Atlanta studio chapter of the NWA started and I completely dropped off the scene. The progress was in the fusion of internet media/culture with wrestling narratives... it made us feel like these were just vlogs from peoples' real lives. The beef was more exciting and real... it was more raw.

Sometime in 2019, I saw things going south with Billy's inner circle... Dave, Jim, etc. I tried to contact Billy and address my concerns about what I could see was clearly a path headed for disaster, but my message wasn't received. Here we are today, and it seems like the writing was on the wall. It went down this way because they sought to make it like TV, like the 'old days', instead of embracing everything it means to be on the internet platform, the future of entertainment. It can still be done... but Billy must be so much more careful with who he trusts this time.

I looked at the NWA YouTube channel for the first time in a very long time, and it looks like ALL their videos from the Dave era are just gone.

Is that true??


Did they have to remove all those videos because of Dave??

Is that what happened??


There's like seriously nothing left.


If only Billy had listened to the warnings.
Billy or Dave or someone reading the comments on the NWA channel back at the beginning of the reboot jacked my ideas too...

Surrounding the Spiritual Advisor, it was my suggestion that she didn't talk, and would just be this silent intense presence.

I have the comments screencapped to prove I came up with that shit...

I don't care at all about that...

But I think that if Dave or someone else saw that and ran with those ideas, it's just another picture of how Billy's inner circle just wasn't being honest, had ulterior motives, etc.

I wonder just how involved in the whole NWA process Billy really was in those days.

Did he only take over truly when they started doing the Atlanta studio filming bullshit??

I really wonder.
Because if that's the case, then Billy had like no hand whatsoever in making the NWA reboot as great as it even was in the beginning...

If it was somebody else, then whoever it was needs to take the reigns on a new wrestling brand endeavor because they were doing it right.
And a question I gotta pose to Billy is just...

Sweet mother of God man...

Where did Dave come from?

Where did he come from?


You should have known he was a bad idea.
And this is another reason why artistically collabing with people is a bad fucking idea.

Too bad Billy can't do it ALL himself.

I assume all those videos had to be removed simply because Dave was involved in them.

Maybe he got bitchy in a legal sense and demanded all those videos be taken down because they were associated with him??

I just really don't know. Did all that work seriously have to be undone JUST because of Dave?

Wow man.
YEARS of work?? Really??

Oh my God...

Jocephus died.

I had no idea he died.

He just died in February.

Oh my God, that is so sad.

He was such a great guy, he was so funny and unique...

He was a big dude with a heart of straight up gold.

Wow this sucks so fucking bad.

He passed away "Suddenly" from an "As of yet undiagnosed medical issue"... according to a statement released by Billy.

Man, Joseph was not just a wrestler and a wonderful on screen presence, he was a damn good friend to Billy.

He accompanied Billy on his iconic 2016 road trip journey playing acoustic in different places, just out in nature.

Pretty sure Joseph filmed all of it, and he was probably Billy's protector as well.

Just crushing news.

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