NWA: National Wrestling Alliance
(11-20-2019, 08:34 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: https://www.tmz.com/2019/11/20/jim-corne...broadcast/




We'll probably never know what made him go there.

But it must have been pretty bad.

So I contacted Jim Cornette about this and (among other things) he said to listen to his Friday podcast for an explanation.

I dunno though... if you listen to his statement in the video at that TMZ link, it didn't sound like something he came up with 'off the cuff'. Nothing in these wrestling matches is real anyway, it's ALL scripted... every last bit of it.

Surely the NWA didn't think it'd be a good publicity stunt to throw a racist joke into the program?? The shows are pre-taped so it's not like they didn't know what he said. That shit isn't live, it's recorded and then released on YouTube as a premiere.

Right? Am I missing something?

Reeks of bullshit to me...

Jim Cornette is from Kentucky. He basically said he didn't see the comment as racist because he's "from the south"... suspicious.

Billy recently had a horribad heckling experience on his solo tour during his Kentucky show...

Maybe this is his way of getting back at people by making Jim Cornette say some fucked up shit on air, and then blame it on Cornette being "from the south" and therefore inherently racist or something.

Either way this is making me want to unsub NWA altogether.
Jim Cornette is ALL OVER the news... ALL the news.

This is the most publicity the NWA reboot has gotten yet, I'm just saying.
It's just kinda dumb because Ethiopians don't even know anything about fried chicken...

He should have said bushmeat instead...

Or said Harlem instead of Ethiopia or something.

I mean it's just full of transparent fail...

I seriously think they did this on purpose.
Which is super fucked up.
Would they really do that??

If so I bet Nick Aldis can't wait to turn over that title to Eli Drake...

I'd just be like it's your problem now Drakey boy, I'm out.
That shit went down hard.


I knew some negatory shit was gonna go down for the NWA but I didn't figure it'd be like this.

There are clearly some idiots running that show.

Is this really Billy's directive?? LOLLL! Wow.
And I am NOT somebody who believes in political correctness, LMAO!

What went down there was just fucking wrong...
There's no denying that shit was wrong and since wrestling is wholly scripted, NWA's got some splainin' to do and I am not satisfied with "sorry about that, we fired Jim, kthnxbye"... ummm, what?
I'm not gonna go into detail, but my contact with Cornette and the NWA management over this issue has convinced me that the NWA is being run by total morons...

Enjoy that trainwreck...

Somebody is too emotional to handle the job...

Bitches and cucks run the NWA...

It WAS great, but they fucked it all up and now they're either getting trolled from the inside because their inner circle is diseased, or they're purposely doing shit like writing racist jokes into their broadcasts to stir controversy...

Either way, looks like they have no intention of dealing with the problem so it's all selling out and bending over from here, as well as letting more total morons into the inner circle no doubt.

Emotions have no place in business... huge fuckup.
The NWA might as well be run by women...

LMFAO, and sadly I think it would fare better in the long run if it was.

Maybe Billy's just trying to build it up and sell it? Probably for the best... he clearly can't handle this.

He's too busy juggling all the other bullshit he does... can you be great at even a handful of vastly different things? Maybe you can be 'good' at them all, but you cannot be an expert.

It's only possible to be a true expert at one or two things in life... for Billy, it's music (art) and his bitchy overly emotional nature is fine there. But it's not fine in business and certainly not in the wrestling world.

He definitely can't do this and the business will rot from the inside out. NWA as a brand doesn't really deserve that, but this is what happens when people have more money than sense.
The way the reboot started out was so promising and legit...

It inspired a lot of hope that the NWA could be relevant and popular again, that it could stand out and be different.

Seems like Billy's past has caused this brand reboot to fail. A sellout moment took place, and it didn't have to happen like that. If someone other than Corgan had purchased the NWA and stuck to what was working, kept in line with the vision, didn't get greedy, and saw to it that the inner circle was managed properly... this wouldn't have happened.
(10-31-2019, 02:56 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: They really need to wake the fuck up and fortify their inner circle before something embarrassing happens.

Yet nobody ever listens to me.

Being right about everything has its downsides...

Time is spent watching idiots fuck everything up even though they were warned.

At some point you just gotta look away...

Idiots gonna idiot. Some things never change!
(11-21-2019, 09:07 AM)Mister Obvious Wrote: At some point you just gotta look away...

Idiots gonna idiot. Some things never change!

yup. that's why i don't get involved with much these days. i've forced enough horses to water only to watch them shit in it.
Well said, Genba.
its funny cuz its true , lived there for   6 years and they are some of the skinniest people next to those dirty Somalis

People are being retarded kiss asses in the comments on that video...

Cornette's comment wasn't fucking funny and it's nothing like the 'racist' jokes made by comedians.

Not on any fucking level.

The National Heavyweight Champion was a black guy named Willie Mack back in 2018...

Is Cornette gonna say that with him in the building?

That's some bullshit...

It was uncalled for and unacceptable and the NWA is run by total idiots. Period.

They were idiots to allow and encourage this, and they're idiots for the way they've handled it too.

Total fail all the way around and I have no faith in the NWA's future now. They're fucked.
Their lemming fans are idiots for acting like it was funny... let's not forget that.

Followers of the NWA reboot were cool in the early days... now they're outnumbered by brown nosers who will just encourage the idiots in charge to keep speeding toward that wall at 100MPH.

that's where zane should travel on a motorbike with a backpack full of beef jerky and discount powerbars next after he leaves prissier with their sub 1 year old . imagine his personality clashing with those africans looking for a good meal , he could get to a million subs imo if he learned some amheric and maybe get a brown wife
ep 22 part 6 , I love how they do the drama ...anything with a nuthouse is great also gives me erections where I think of the sexy wrestler and mo and me

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