Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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Reilly older successful dudes with younger women have just woken uo to the reality that...

Never mind, youre still a fucking virgin, you know not base nature of females.


They gave up bro...

Said fuck it, I just have one life and she isn't catching on, assuming they had noble intent
(10-14-2018, 06:37 PM)Reilly Wrote: [ -> ]:P


I kinda see guys who are with younger women as like... "crusty" old men :P

Maybe it's this day and age

I mean, unless they were super cool

I think it's just the stereotype which make them seem crusty
(10-14-2018, 06:49 PM)Reilly Wrote: [ -> ]I mean, unless they were super cool

I think it's just the stereotype which make them seem crusty

But then again, I'm not that sure


You dont kbow nothing Reilly

Look, when I was less than 2 digits old, I learned tp shut the fuck up, be a good helper yet also think for myself

That didn't come easy, as you can imagine or not, there were many times I was like, but this dont make sense according to my basic bitch knowledge

Over time I woukd learn new information and eventually that training would come in handy.

Essentially women need to be trained in trades as a helping apprentice and gather enough time to gather this skill

Else their ego/pride or whatever makes them take advanced lessons and apply them without the basic foundation of understanding, which can never hold up against a motherfucker with true understanding, yet that person with true understanding often isnt so bold to act because of said understanding, so in the end its incompetence vs competence, natire vs understanding, feminine vs masculine, never does the gap seem to get bridged

One extreme or the other


And McEducation plays a role

Of course those that skip levels or dont have a foundation, those fuck tards are the most susceptible to folly, it might not be immediately obvious to everyone but to those it is easy to discover, a fucking cake walk


Ypu see this manifests equally retarded fpr males too...


"I bought this bitch ass AR15, bad ass, 16 inch M4 profile barrel with a M4 gas system, & all the features and I added a night vision which costs 4-5 times the price of my rifle to make me super tactical, what could go wrong..."

Well your M4 gas length on a 16 inch barrel means you bought a jam o magic, your cheap ass imitation M4 barrel means after one or two mags, its going to bend like a limp dick partying all night and day on cocaine, which means even in the day time, assuming youre sober, with good riflemanship, if you don't nail your target in the first magazine, you couldn't hit a man size target @ 15 yards with even luck on your side, dumbfuck
I think we actually might be heading into a more matriarchal society.

Where women are like.... the "leaders" of the family unit.......

Like their decision weighs more?

Nikola Tesla kinda like "prophesized" this......... that we'd transition into a kinda like.... "queen bee" society or whatever :P

And it certainly seems that way

I think that woman are taking on more like.... heavy roles within the family?

And maybe even in general?

Maybe even leadership outside the family....... but maybe not :P

but maybe
Oh hey, my last post was the 369th post in this thread

That's a Tesla reference



We are in a Matriarch disguised as a Patriarch

Women are at the top but they hate women, hence the disguise, wake uo and stop believing what they programmed you to think was your own thoughts, every man and woman is to be a balance of feminine and masculine, internally not externally, no disrespect to the externally balanced


All i ever knew was women dominating homes with emotional terror and cheered on by the media...yeah there are some good women but they are drowned out by the fucking bigmouths


Emotional terrorist
(10-14-2018, 09:20 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]All i ever knew was women dominating homes with emotional terror

It’s a shame that was your experience...


I'm honestly so sick and fucking tired of how absurdly gorgeous Krista is.

She's right, the neck gets all fucked up from using the computer too much.

Krista is SHIT OF FUCKING BATS insane... shit. Of. Fucking. Bats.

But I absolutely fucking love her, LMAO.

1:28 LMFAOOOLOLOLOL, holy fuck...

These two. Their relationship.


I cannot.

I honestly cannot, ROFLROFLROFL.

Fucking love it so much, OMG.

This is their massage therapist...

I'd let her touch me for the purpose of a totally non-sexual neck massage.

Not gonna say I won't get aroused though, I mean...

If you touch my neck, it's on. I don't give a fuck who you are...

Even if you were one of my absurdly hot cousins, I'd still get wet.


Why do I/we love and want the most obviously psychologically effed up so easily and with such a passion? It's like the more psycho and off-center a chick is, the more I want her.

You know the saying, "don't stick your dick in crazy?" I think maybe it's like heroin, I did and now nothing else can compare.
I don't know, but crazy people make me so fucking horny I can hardly stand it.

I desperately need help.

In the pants.
Desperately seeking psychos
I'm sore from rubbing it.

Mindfuck me harder.
7:20 LOLOL amen, so true. ROFL.
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