Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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1:25 - 1:45 , what in actual fuck is archie teaching this fruit loop ...sounds like he might be a soy boy , they love their victimhood

I listened to the whole video and I have noooooooo idea what it was about.

OMG check out the video description...

Quote:Balancing that sacral chakra with music, dance and a vintage orange lamp...

Holy shit that's EXACTLY what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have my orange lamp on as I'm typing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Krista and I are FUCKING soulmates, WHEN are we gonna be together?!

Look how fucking fabulous Krista looks, THE FUCKING HEART GLASSES OMG I HAVE LIKE 5 PAIRS OF THOSE.


7:00 astrocartography, ooo that's interesting! Never heard of that one before, thanks Krista!

I just looked mine up and it's eerily accurate.

16:00 LOL this is some of strangest funniest shit I've ever heard Krista say... I just think she's honestly so fricken precious.

20:20 hobgoblin slayer... ROFL, love you so much Krista.

2:22 did he say 70 or 17??

14:50 great points, he's totally right.

10:50 "I met this Thai lady who was with an 80 year old"... ROFLROFLROFLROFL.

13:00 the thought of Krista "dating" an older woman...


18:00 she's right.

20:14 lulwut?

I LOVE Krista, but sometimes she is too wackadoodle for me.

Krista's got dark circles going on...

I guess she and Archie do that ridiculous 'vegan' starvation diet.

I saw her post some goat milk on her Instagram though, so she apparently isn't totally vegan....

That's good. She's probably had health issues or something and that's why she introduced milk.

I recommend completely abandoning the vegan diet and having a rare to medium-rare steak ASAP.


Quote:So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...

so does she:
As an older gentleman I am "like totally" offended by you thinking that I am dead or boring once I get to 40.? And here I am thinking that we bonded over our mutual love for funkiness. If I ever meet you I'd have to date you just to prove you wrong!?


i got nude and walked around my home with a huge erection thinking about krista and starseed barbie , just wanna dress her up like starbie and have her sing

Lol Huh

Look what an insanely hot fuckin' babe Krista is.

Dude I'm fuckin' obsessed.

It's this kinda shit that makes me glad I'm in the 21st century right now because LMAO...

I've NEVER seen anything like this in all my lives.

I'm sooo fucking glad to be here right now, ROFLROFL.

It's worth it... it's worth it.

LOLOL Archie and Krista go to the big city to stand in the middle and talk shit about it. Fucking love these two.

2:00 it's interesting though, I noticed the same kinda stuff. When I was in NYC I could feel the biomatter underneath waiting to reclaim the concrete jungle. It's all alive under there waiting to overgrow it all. Doesn't matter whether it's in a few hundred years or a few thousand years... nature will reclaim the area. I felt that nature is very patient... but it's conscious, and ready at any moment. It's constantly working its way through. Without human influence there to hold it back (cutting biomatter that grows through cracks, etc) it would quickly reclaim.

4:20 the people in NYC are assholes always looking for a fight and like he said, you can't even walk around looking happy without being a target... fuck the northeast US and fuck cities.

5:50 he's right.
(01-02-2019, 04:38 PM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]
What thaaaaa fuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk???????

What kind of drugs do they do?


i don't know why but this rap she does here really really works

she needs to stick with the doll theme and do another  and the makers of barbie need to make her an offer

OMG look how funky and gorgeous Krista is.


She is super sexy in that photo. Wow , gimme some candy girl.

I do not want... the drugs that they're on.

I do not want.


Throw her into a rob zombie movie and it will all start making sense. Or maybe she is still mad at her calculus teacher
(02-13-2019, 05:47 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Or maybe she is still mad at her calculus teacher



Archie makes me not even know how to feel, LMFAOOOOO.

Because he's RIGHT about SO MUCH of what he says...

But he pulls these fucking stunts, like. WHAT THE FUCK.

It all gets back to the wanna-be cult leader thing.

I think Krista practically fucking worships Archie with this weird shit that he does.

I mean... I love worshipping older men too, I'm not shittalking Krista about this.

It's natural to want to worship your man.

But here's what I don't like about it...

I don't like all these other people being brought into it...

I don't watch the videos of their fruitloop hangouts because they're far too damn fucking uncomfortable. LOL.

But back to Archie's video...

5:50 in his video AHAAAAA.

AH. Fucking. HAH.

I TOLDDD YOU. Even BEFORE I heard him say this, I was talking about the cult thingy.

So it's VERIFIED. That IS exactly what he's thinking.

Archie, Archie...

You can't HIDE your THOUGHTS from us.

And you can't explain it away either by trying to disclaim the cult angle.

6:30 see none of what he's saying would be questionable in this culty aspect if he DIDN'T have the history of being one of those polyamorous fuckers!

17:00 see it's like FFS I don't even disagree with him.

I just wish they'd leave all the other fruitloops out of this...

Krista and Archie are high quality fruitloops, very few can compare or reach their level.

NONEEEEE of their fricken anklebiters in their awkward get-together videos are ANYYYWHEREEEE near their level.

Just saying. Those get-together videos are NEVERRRR gonna be something I wanna see and I'm sure I'm nowhere near alone in feeling that way.

Like why... why try to bring other people into this? Why? Why ever?
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