Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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Because it really is something that shines outward from within, IMO.


MO do you feel the sexual energies of all the kentucky men when you are out shopping and wiggling your tush
Typically no, they don't seem to be interested in me. I'm not looking for anybody in Kentucky anyway.

LMFAO look at the way this chick is bending over in front of Archie's crotch...

Pretty sure that's the same chick I was talking about here:

(02-17-2019, 05:04 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]What the ACTUAL FUCK is going on between these 4???

Like for realz.

What's with the dude? And what's with the older chick??

Do you think they all want to bang the snot out of each other??

Are they swingers?? I'm genuinely shook...

Are they all gonna leave eachother for eachother??

WTF is happening right now.

I feel like Archie and Krista look kinda fucked up lately.

If they're vegan, they should really stop.

Maybe it's all those weird swinger kinda people they've been hanging out with.
They look unwell/ish.
Never seen them look like that before.

I can hardly stand how fuckinggg gorgeous Krista is.

I hope this is a new video and the other vids where her and Archie look all fucked up was just a weird... temporary thing.

Because Krista is fuckinggg gorgeous.

The video topic though, I don't like all the gay blah blah blah crap.

It would have been better to deliver the real message without framing it within a bunch of gayness.

Krista needs to be barefoot and pregnant.

And she needs to be in the kitchen.

And it needs to happen soon.


(03-18-2019, 07:21 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]15:45...

Krista needs to be barefoot and pregnant.

And she needs to be in the kitchen.

And it needs to happen soon.

Give me her number ill sort that out for ya MommaMO Big Grin
I dunno, I just think it’s strange Krista isn’t past the “liking girls” phase yet.

She should have been past that 10 years ago.

Seems like another example of her being not necessarily underdeveloped or “behind” or stuck...

But some variation thereof.
I mean...

“Liking girls”...

What does that even mean??

Compared to what?

Compared to Archie?

Compared to all dudes?

Has she ever dated a NORMAL dude?

Krista just needs to get naked.


There needs to be bunny ranches with girls like krista
There’s no way I could ever agree with you more.


Darling i want to eat sandwiches with you and also become your personal shower soap boy...think of it as a human car wash

I can't watch this...

But I skipped through it a lil.

This is the kind of shit that's going on in hotel rooms next to you, people.



clarence had good taste in women

Dude who is this FUCKIN' guy???

Who is this girlyman??

You can just SEE how VEGAN he is.

His face is fine... but he's TINYYYYYYY.

Is he gay??

I feel like he's not.

But I feel like he's 100% cuck.

And then like...

Circa 1:09:10 in this video, and really throughout, it looks like he doesn't give a FUUUUCK about what's going on.

So why the hell is he THERE???

And like...

I don't even get the vibes of wanting attention or seeking notoriety and that's WHY he's on Krista's channel...

It's not like that at all.

I GENUINELY have NOOO fucking idea WHY he's there.

And where's that LADY that is always with him and Krista and Archie in their super bizarre group videos??

Are they fucking SWINGING and THESE are their PARTNERS??

Cuz I can PROMISE that, IF SO, Archie and that other woman are having a WAAAY better time than Krista and this little dude are.

WAAAY better.

And maybe that's the whole point.

Maybe that's why Archie agreed to let Krista have this sidecuck, he must have come with the swinger package and the other woman was clearly the better deal/the intended prize, the ACTUAL REASON for engaging in this swing-a-thon.

I think Krista needs to dump every last one of these fucking people, twist it and break it off in Archie (while he still cares enough for it to hurt him) and she needs to take her SWEET, SWEET ass and go find a younger (BIGGER) man while she's still got her looks and some energy.

Dude Krista needs to stay THE FUCKKK away from this unicorn cult (Unicult) bullshit, and WHY THE FUCKKK is she hanging around with LESSER FEMALES???

Is that Unicult TURD where these swinger FUCKS came from?? Is that what's brought the riff-raff into Krista's life??
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