Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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Krista needs to let me edit some clothes modeling footage of her together into a tightass music video...

For serious.

I don't like to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty fucking amazing.


3:35 LMFAOOO!!!!!?!?!!!!!!1

On her IG page it says "4 years on IG=100 posts/yr"...


Yet her page only has 357 posts.


It doesn't matter if you post 100 times per year if you keep deleting 1/4 of all your posts.

Some of it makes sense... some of it confuses the absolute SHIIIIIITTTTT OUT OF ME.
Oh she'll definitely be deleting this one...
Alien DanceAlien DanceAlien Dance
Archie is so lucky he gets to tap that!

Oh Lord...

Krista's gonna be telling us "how to date in your 20s"...

This oughta be somethin'.

I like the opening quote about self love, I definitely agree with that.

0:23 awwwe, she says weaving is her tribal gift/ability, that's so endearing and hippie dippie, I love it!

1:30 dude what the fuck does this have to do with dating in your 20s.

1:58 you really don't, Krista.

2:50 three lovers?? You mean like at a time?? Or just in total?? I hope that's in total, LOL.

13:17 gah that's all such bullshit... it's not "easy" for women to get laid. It's not. This is fucking lies. Absolute bullshit.
Besides who wants to fuck some stranger at a club? My God. I guess that's why I don't agree with her... because I'd never step foot in a "club" let alone fuck a fucking stranger. Idiots.

13:42 oh really? Do we? Is that so? Again, total fucking disagreement.

16:07 it's not. It's really not.

Some of the stuff she says is pretty right on and understandable...

A lot of time the info through the filter of the "Orion Council" don't make no kinda sense to me, JBH.

Like it makes sense but it's incoherent and random.

The bookstand beside her is very cute, I respect Krista's entrepreneurial hustle.

She looks super youthful when she's channeling, I think it's because it's kind of like meditation for her.

I think Krista is a great chick... if not for the liberal mind rot, she would be absolutely perfect.
I mean, really, Krista is very accomplished.

She's written numerous books...

That alone is fucking amazing.

She's made cool stuff, art and whatnot.

Look how hot they are, especially Krista.

Don't they live in Sedona still?? OMG they're so lucky.

I'd rather live in Flagstaff but still, super cool.

Let's see if Krista can actually maintain a coherent line of thought throughout this hella important topic.

The camera is moving and shit... is Archie holding the camera???

1:20 Krista is such a cutie though.

6:30 ah I think she's holding the camera on a selfie stick, that's cool.

11:20 it's a good message, pretty coherent. It's good. Can't watch it all though.
Can I get a big fat dick necklace?
Feminists are sooooo fucking stupid and cringey.


Maximum facepalm capacity exceeded.
I feel like Krista just needs to stop the channeling shit. Sorry but damn.
It literally doesn't even make sense. It's so arbitrary.



Here is one more before you click that camping vibrator on
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