Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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LOL, The Seven Tenets of Girl Power...

That’s one hell of a title right there?!

LMAO, I can’t stand that “girl power” bullshit, but heaven knows I sure do love Krista.

So freakin’ hilarious! And look! She’s got a ouija board hanging on the wall?!

Krista is so funky and cool.

I’m like 2 min. in and this girl power shit doesn’t sound like any fun though!?

54:35 I mean I guess they can all be funny or whatever but like...

Who ARE these people?? Are they living with Archie and Krista? I'm so legit confused.
What the ACTUAL FUCK is going on between these 4???

Like for realz.

What's with the dude? And what's with the older chick??

Do you think they all want to bang the snot out of each other??

Are they swingers?? I'm genuinely shook...

Are they all gonna leave eachother for eachother??

WTF is happening right now.
I'm so fricken weirded out like stop.

3:16:00 who the hell is this lady???

Is she creepin' on Archie???

And the young dude, the way he looks at Archie when he's talking and shit...

It's low key culty.

Same with the older chick, but she's more seasoned so it's less noticeable.

I dunno, this all just seems like a recipe for disaster.
It reminds me of the butt nekkid orgy scenes from Looking For Mr. Goodbar and I legit wanna heave...


Dry Heave

Wow, these are a couple of special fruitloops right here.

I mean what in the actual fuck, just the SIGHT of them.

They’re actually stunningly beautiful... especially Krista.

Fucking snow in the desert, is nothing sacred? Fuck that!
I mean Archie is just a fuckin’ dude, who looks good for his age.

Krista though, she is just outstandingly beautiful.

The pink hair kinda scares me a lil, but she changes it up a lot so I’m sure it’s not too permanent.

I mean she rocks it but... you know. It’s just... all the stereotypes about pink hair and whatnot.
I fucking love these motherfuckers LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO.



Damn y’all!!! Krista bein’ savage AF tonight!!!

WTF, is she drunk?!
I feel like she’s on a lower vibrational substance like alcohol in this vid, not godly substances like weed or shrooms!!!

2:45 so Krista admits that she hears voices...

Which, of course, there's nothing wrong with that.

I'm not saying she's shit of bats insane.

I'm just saying...

She said she was hearing a voice.

Let's just cut to the chase.

That's what she said.

I mean yeah, she's fruitloop as fuck...

But she's most certainly not sheer pure and total crazy.

What is that picture on the wall above her head???

I feel like it's probably a vagina.

22:50 "old hippie men" ROFLROFL.

31:18 - 31:36 amen girl, amen amen amen.

I totally love Krista.

Who's Krista mad at over sex???

Her "spiritual teachers"??

I don't get it.

I absolutely do not understand WTF she's talking about in this video though.
She's cute as fuck though.

Would you just LOOK at Krista.

Would you just LOOK AT HER.


She has the energy of a teen girl but she is 32. Notbad
It's really impressive, I'm proud of her for maintaining this youthfulness.
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