Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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i only wear boxers at home in the summer, miss cover up all the eye candy.
Fuckin' tease.
Oh Lord you have GOT to be fucking kidding me...

It's almost certain she'll delete this video...

It's titled "Telling Dad About Orion Council" and they're in the car, he's driving.

I'm honestly afraid to watch this over how... uncomfortable it'll be.

I don't even watch the vids of her with her friends for more than like 20 seconds let alone something serious like this.

I think she's recording him without him really knowing. Maybe not though.

He seems older than I thought he was.

0:30 the way she says that... like she's talking to him from some strange sort of removed viewpoint. It's like she's disconnected from even being there.

Is he speaking english?? I don't think so, I can't understand what he's saying. Probably Finnish I guess. Hmmm... is he FROM Finland then?? Is that where the Finland thing comes from??

Who was he talking to at the beginning of the video if not Krista?? Because the way Krista was acting was like he wasn't talking to her. And the way she approaches starting a conversation with him was... just that, STARTING a conversation with him. As if he wasn't talking to her the whole time.

He seems... I dunno, super European. He just seems like a normal dude. There's nothing weird or "off" about that guy. Still can't understand a single word he's saying, I think he's still speaking Finnish. I honest to God don't know.

He's totally not speaking english. Hmmm. This is so weird. I mean... SOOO weird. Not because of him, but just because of the dynamic of Krista mostly speaking english to us, but she's communicating with him and probably most other people there in solid Finnish. It's just weird to hear how they interact.

She's basically like translating what he's saying. So does he literally not speak english??? Is that why Krista feels so safe talking about all of them on her videos??

2:40 so it's really strange to him I guess because she's talking to him in Finnish and then translating what she says into english. So it's not really like a conversation... it's not really fair to him. But if he CAN speak english and he just isn't, I think that kinda sucks, he should have just spoken english with her.

A better way to do this would have been to just have the whole convo in Finnish and then she could have put in english subtitles. If she didn't have the ability to do that with the equipment she has there, then she either should have just waited, or not posted this at all.

3:10 so this conversation is even worse for him because first of all she's rambling on in english about dimensions and all that crap, which he just tunes out because I honestly don't think he can even speak english. Then on top of that she seems to halfass explain herself when she does switch over to Finnish, so it just sounds like a lot of babbling to him basically. I feel bad for the guy.

I'm sure he really loves Krista a lot, but it must be... a lot to deal with. You can tell he's kinda used to it, but that's also sad. It looks like he really tries hard to keep it together and be cool about it all. I meeeean... he's a hot old dude, that's for sure LOL. Too bad he has all these weird and whacked out women in his life... I'd totally treat him right.

I feel that Krista sorta speaks to him in a condescending manner. So not only is she rambling on in two different languages about shit that he doesn't even understand and just sounds crazy to him... she's also being kind of a bitch about it. At 4:15 he shows fatigue cues. Rubs the eyes, looks a bit taxed. But not in an impatient way, just in a sort of... genuine tiredness kind of way, like at first he was trying to understand, but he just can't do it and it's exhausting him.

4:20 I mean, what she's talking about is... boring as shit, let's be honest, I mean it's a bunch of pointless rambling about frogs and insects or whatever, like what the fuck. It's better to just... not talk. Like is Krista one of those people who can't stand silence???

5:33 so he CAN speak English. Maybe he just doesn't speak it that fluently. This point was important enough for him to reiterate in english, so that's interesting. Apparently he really cares about the frogs. LMAO. Well that's nice... agh. Krista babe, you just really shouldn't film shit like this, let alone post it.

5:57 so Krista starts telling him about how she met this dude who had taken LSD in the 60s or whatever, and he gets this look on his face of like... disdain for these people that influence Krista in such a manner. 6:08 and then no idea what he says, but he says something snarky in response to her story about the dude.

6:57 you can tell by her dad's body language that he feels trolled by God. That's basically exactly what he feels. Like he's been trolled by God.

And it seems like Krista thinks it's amusing talking to him about this and trying to incite some sort of reaction out of him about it. I wonder if she realizes it just hurts him and makes him sad about her? Hopefully not.

7:25 at least he has a good sense of humor, and he tries to combat it that way. Heaven bless him.

8:21 I like him, he's a nice fellow.



I'm done y'all.

Dead Nana

I love Krista, but I just can't do this anymore.

I truly think Krista is sweet, despite the corrosive feminist ideology.

But it's just hard to listen to her talk about this stuff because it's just not cohesive at all.

I hope she always has it good in life and that people will help her and whatnot...

Time is prettymuch a douche to everyone and I'm sure it won't be any less so with Krista.

It's hard enough to get older and lose your mental/physical quickness in the first place, let alone battle additional issues on top of that.
She needs to hang around with people who don't talk about ANY esoteric topics for at least a few years.
Here's that video of her as a little kid...

Her hair looks like they could have straightened it or something, but I'm not sure. It'd be fucked up if they really were straightening the hair on a kid that young.

Because Krista's original YouTube name (the one she had when I first discovered her channel probably like 6 or 7 years ago) was "StayCurly"...

So what's the fuckin' deal?

Is THIS her natural hair??

Probably not huh... it looks like it's been straightened or something. I have NO IDEA, I'm so confused.
Am I just like a fuckin' moron because I can't tell??

Does she get perms?? Why would she straighten her hair if her channel name is "StayCurly"??

And the bitch of it is, if she didn't serially delete her old videos, there would be videos explaining this because she used to MAKE HAIR VIDEOS.
I haaaaaate it when people delete their old videos randomly and for seemingly no fucking reason at all.
Why would she delete all the beauty related vids?? Cuz pretty sure that's how her channel started out way back in the day, making beauty vids or else I never would have found her shit.

When I first found Krista she was ALL about hair...

If I'm not remembering this correctly, then fuck me...

Uh oh, I know what we can do...

Rub Hands

She had a video called "Applying mixed chicks to curly"...

Of course it's been deleted. So at one point she did talk about hair.

Apparently "Mixed Chicks" is a haircare brand...

She HAD to have had more than one damn video about some hair cuz I KNOW I didn't find her shit from no damn alien channelin'.
I was into the beauty guru BS around 2011 so that HAS to be how I found her.

But maybe not...


I mean it's possible I could have found her from a video like this:

But TBH if that had been the first vid I'd seen of Krista, I probably would have never subbed.

Looking back over her Videos page sorted from oldest onward, I really don't know how the hell I would have found her or why the hell I would have subbed in the first place...

Gotta be because of a video she's since deleted.

I'm NOT wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The link is defunct though...

Hmm, so she must have had a lot more hair/beauty vids that are gone now.

I'm just glad I wasn't wrong about this!!! THEM FALSE MEMORIES THOUUUUGHHHH!!!
Why the fuck I was watching videos about curly hair is the real question...


I love just laying on my quilt thinking about mo and our unfolding love affair. She is the best female i ever encountered and i dream about laying with her and petting her kitty
*sheds a single tear of joy*
(08-17-2019, 09:57 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]I haaaaaate it when people delete their old videos randomly and for seemingly no fucking reason at all.

Yeah, you tell 'em Fannie...  Oh wait.

Gah Krista is such a fucking babe...

I love her clothes modeling videos.

LOL... 0:40 the Mr. Rogers shirt.

1:24 come on, you KNOW you wanna hang out with Krista.

2:25 she's such a hottie, I love that shirt... Krista's got such a fabulous body.

Archie is so lucky to have a hot babe like Krista.

3:55 oh wow, just as I was about to talk shit about the music in this video, I love this song LOL.

I think it's time for Krista to make some babies. Chuck that birth control in the garbage sweetie, it's time!!!

5:00 I like those high waisted shorts they're cool, I like the color scheme of this outfit, I'm totally into earth tones these days.

6:10 that's a cool purse, totally 90s, love it!!!

8:08 LOL Jimmy, hell yeah Krista work itttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niiiiiiice~!

Krista is a cool chick, I like her.
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