Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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And if Krista dares to be sentimental toward Archie (as naive women are known to do, another tool which is often used to keep them under control) and thinks that he can’t be replaced...

Then I urge her to remember that Archie replaces her (albeit ineffectively and inadequately) with each outside relationship he pursues.

I feel liiike... MAYBE Krista’s mom wouldn’t want her sharing this with the entire world on the internet, but heck what do I know.

Sounds like it was just a passing convo where she attempted to appease Krista, likely with no intention of real follow through.

If you’re about to trip hard with your mom for the first time, isn’t ayahuasca a tad extreme?? I’m thinking something like... shrooms or weed instead, but I’m not a rocket scientist or anything.
Cuz here’s the thing... if she’d agree to ayahuasca and not shrooms and weed, then she’s got some blocks that are gonna stand in the way of the whole thing anyway.

Ayahuasca is called “Mother” for a reason... if Krista and her mom do it together they won’t be looking at each other as one in that special mother/child bond, they’ll put those feelings toward the ayahuasca spirit. I think ayahuasca is a very personal thing and should be done alone.
They need to do something where they can still talk to each other while tripping, because ayahuasca ain’t it. They need to trip on something strong but pleasant and make sure their ability to carry on a (totally balls tripping) conversation isn’t impeded.
(07-16-2019, 12:27 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]I think ayahuasca is a very personal thing and should be done alone.

As in don’t take your mom or anyone else you know with you like it’s gonna be some kinda hang out... it’s not. A lot of times the people who go together don’t end up talking to each other or learning about each other... they end up talking to themselves and learning about themselves.

Kinda the whole point. It won’t help their relationship as it relates to each other, at least not in the moment. Maybe they would learn something about themselves that helps their relationship on down the line, but it’s not guaranteed.

Krista needs to write this shit down in a journal or talk to a counselor about it or something...

Putting it on the internet where literally everyone can see it though...

Not a great idea. Maybe 20 years from now when everyone's dead or in a geriatric ward, but right now no.


everybody gets angry with sluts , krista

Now she's talking about her FRICKEN DAD TOO!???!?!!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

It sounds like Krista's dad is the most reasonable one...

I would NOTTTTTTT be talking about him.

She says she told him she's from another planet...


It's honestly sad.

Krista's pretty and all but she IS what would widely be known as "MENTALLY ILL".

Let's just call it for what it is.

I mean I guess she's fairly highly functioning... but.

It must be really sad to hear her say those kind of things.

It must really be legitimately heart breaking.
4:20 yeah they probably don't wanna hear about Krista "doing drugs" but let's remember that it's DIFFERENT for her because she's already totally fucking crazy... so when she tells them she did psychedelics, to them it's just a nightmare scenario because they probably think it's going to push her over the edge of craziness for good, and THEN what will they do with her?!
This is a great example of why it's dangerous to have kids.

4:58 everybody likes him because he's FUCKING HOT.

Besides Krista, he's the best looking one out of ALL of them!

LOL! Listen, beautiful people need to stick together.

I would tread sooo fucking lightly about him if I was Krista.

God I hope her dad has the patience of a saint...

If her family got pushed to the limit and disowned her, it would be bad.
I mean the shit she's said in the first 10 min. of this video alone is totally hurtful if you're her dad listening to it...

Because Krista's fricken warped, by and large...

She's probably totally wrong about her dad's intentions.

11:50 LOL her dad is totally fucking with her. It's funny, or at least it would be if she wasn't totally crazy.

Honestly her dad sounds sexy as fuck... he sounds super charismatic.

12:43 sounds like Krista's dad is cursed with a bunch of cunt liberal women in his life. Sucks to be him, but he obviously chose it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

I'm sure Krista's family has issues, I don't doubt a lot of what she's saying...

But she's shithouse rat crazy and there are two sides to every story.

They'll probably end up regretting bringing her over there to visit...

They probably already do, but I'm sure they expected it.

To be honest, they will probably come away convinced that her mental condition is worsening with time...

And let's be real, it probably is.

Hopefully she won't scare them all away and burn the bridges, if (when) Archie finds a replacement, it'd be too bad if she ended up a bag lady.
Krista going on YouTube and talking about all her close relationships is a testament to how crazy she actually is...

You'd have to be straight up delusional to think the people you're talking about aren't gonna see the vids, especially when the channel is YOUR NAME.

17:00 he's right...

I've theorized that's why some shrooms look like brains...

Krista seems to have a nice environment there in Finland. I wonder if her friends are really down with her esoteric jargon? Do they really dig it?

Seems like Krista would be nice to hang out with just because of the giggly lightness of her presence... like yeah, maybe she's kinda crazy, but she doesn't seem overtly unpleasant or anything.

Apparently today was her 33rd birthday...

She's an interesting one.
(07-30-2019, 02:49 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]Apparently today was her 33rd birthday...

i figured she was in her 40s. i guess not everyone can have the eternal youth genes.
Genba you can't be serious...

I'm gonna guess you never read this thread or see the pics or videos because there's no way in hell you could ever legitimately think Krista is 40 or beyond.
(07-30-2019, 05:23 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]Genba you can't be serious...

I'm gonna guess you never read this thread or see the pics or videos because there's no way in hell you could ever legitimately think Krista is 40 or beyond.

And it's not a matter of filters on pics or any of that kinda stuff either, Krista doesn't do fakery that way.

Admittedly, different lighting situations definitely help her out...

But 40+, not a chance in hell.
yeah, i'm going by just the youtube stills on this page. :X [well page 30, now we're on 31]

she feels very 'weathered' to me. i think a lot of it has to do with that mop she calls her hair. i haven't seen that style of hair on a younger person in a very long time. i have some customers that she resembles, and they're all 40s-50s-60s.
Oh man this is a subject we'll never see eye to eye on!!!

Shut up and get naked!!!
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