Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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I love you for finding that... I cannot even.
She's obviously being cheeky... she knows it's turds.

She even captioned it with "$1 value set"... ROFLMAO.

That's actually some pretty brilliant trolling on her part.

Can we just talk about how messed up it is that people will actually pay money for "cutesy" depictions of turds in sticker format??

Oh humanity. You can't make this shit up.

SO MUCH of what these two say sounds SOOO CRAAAZZZYYY.

Some of it is totally right on though. It actually is. Some of it is true.

It's like they share a lot of truths, but also a lot of weird fanciful notions that are like... personal to them.

I like how they nerf the quality of their videos with weird filters... they don't give a shit about HD, and I like that about them. Fuck HD!

Deep shit...

If you can get past the head spinning linguistics, it actually makes sense on a principle level.

I actually recognize a lot of what he's saying now because I've been listening to the Leak Project where Rex reads ancient tablets...

I'm highly edumacated.

LOL awww, this girl is so crazy!!!

I mean she's right about a ton of things but...

I can just see her when she's old. I can see it.

She is gonna be a super crazy old cat lady.

I feel like she really gets taken advantage of...

She's naive and it's sad. I think she's a great chick though.

If I was Bashar/Darryl Anka, I would dump my wife and marry Krista.

Archie would be so butthurt, LOLOLOLOL!!!

I am 100% short circuited right now, NGL.


MO that bitch is kookoo for cocopuffs , i mean i see the hint of sexiness but this is one brainwashed loon

The intro of this video really got me... ROFL!!! I literally spoke aloud, "What the fuck, I'ma have to like that"... and I clicked thumbs up even though she's got ratings disabled. ROFL.

You know...

Krista and Archie have this weird vintage thingy going on. It's like very 90s. Which is weird to me because the 90s were hella boring and lackluster if you ask me, but I digress. They always use these weird filters that make that 90s 'videotape' effect. And the music too. I mean it sounds/looks cool, but it's weird. They're like the only ones I really see doing this. They're sort of following the whole retrowave trend without even... really being into retrowave. At least openly.

I dig Krista's "channeling' the more I listen to it because I really think it's mostly a genuine message and her ego doesn't seem to get in the way of it too much. Seems like an honest rap. I dig the mention of the toroidal field. That's cool. I'm down with that representation.

She's even got TAPES of her music...

I mean look at that badass as fuck cassette tape artwork right there. She looking fucking baller.

"Mediumship Rap"... "Starbie" instead of Barbie. ROFLMAO, I love it.

I am jealous. I will not even lie at this point in time, I will admit. I am jealous and wish to have my music available via cassette tape as well.

Lookit, she makes bead bracelets...

Forever young, anybody? Freaked out hippie fountain of youth FTW!

I actually play World of Warcraft, and this is the scariest thing I've ever seen...

My particle is so excited right now.

I feel like she's not making clear sense.

She's just making a bunch of random points that aren't even loosely related.

Usually I can watch a video from Krista and come away thinking I at least got the gist of what she said.
Check out that thumbnail too...

She's basically facepalming, all frazzled and shit...

And she's got a smaller version of herself there in the background.

Psychologically, that says a lot.

She's all over the place, smaller parts of herself detached and oblivious to what's going on.

Okay first of all let me just say.

I think Krista is adorable.

I really do. I think she's very cute.

She's very very cute.

But anyways...

You know drone footage is pretty cool, but one thing I don't like about it is the jerking. It fucks with the flow. I think one of the biggest goals with drone/photography would be operating the drone smoothly. Is that even possible? Drone footage is really about one continuous shot too, so that makes it way way more difficult. This is one reason I'm... like not at all jealous of people who have drones. LOL.

Yeah it really messes with the flow of the shot. It's still cool, but you can't achieve the cleanest and best effect with the footage when it jerks, and of course you could cut out the jerking but then it's not a continual shot. Does it have to do with drone quality??

And I also get the vibe that... basically Archie is trying to make freaked out hippie starseed porno with Krista. Like the drone work on these videos... I dunno, I feel like it's sex to them.

It's totally like sex to them.

Fuck all this shit...

Why is Krista not a model???

America's Next Top Model: STARSEED EDITION!!!

Banana NeonnanaBanana

This is a good message, she’s not playing around in this video, it’s an honest rap.

You can see her channeling style the best in this video, and it is unique enough.

I’m proud of her.

Excellent video from Krista. She’s really been on a roll lately.

Krista is just begging to get the dick in this video.
If I had the dick, I would give Krista the dick.

Archie ain't messing around in this video.

That was downright powerful and I can't even lie.

It's like he's speaking directly to me at certain points.

It's not like I agree with/believe everything he says.

A lot of it is true though, very fascinating and well said.


@ 50 sec. - answer - your wife

1:00 GURL WUT?
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