Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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(12-18-2019, 04:39 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]

Why would somebody refer to themselves as a "Slut" on purpose, for any reason??

It's not okay.

1:36 ugh God I can't handle this.

1:58 there are no benefits to having an open relationship...

Open relationships don't exist. You either want to be devoted to somebody or you don't.


If someone tells you they want an open relationship, they do not love you and they never will.

Have they ever loved you? Maybe at one time... but unfortunately, now they don't and you can't get it back.

That person clearly has a problem, and it's not YOUR problem, so don't make it your problem by staying with that person.

It's sad.

(12-18-2019, 04:41 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]Back in the caveman days, "open relationships" might have been a thing... I have talked about this topic at length. But now things are way too complicated with humanity, things have progressed too much, and there are a lot of dangers associated with promiscuity now. It's a different world now, and this kind of shit just is not okay.

And as far as "progressive" shit goes, open relationships are not progressive... it's not evolution, it's devolution.

Bottom line? If Archie isn't willing to knock her up within the next 3 years, she absolutely needs to leave him.

She needs to be promised a child from him within the next 2 years, and if by that time he has not made an effort to impregnate her, she should leave him.

And really, since he loves open relationships so much, she should be looking for a replacement during this entire process of determining whether he will be a successful seed donor.
She needs to begin seriously looking for someone to replace him.

VERY seriously.
And she needs to remove EVERYTHING from her social media where she's ever discussed willingness toward open relationships... period.


ok I am pausing the impeachment to listen to miss moolato slut talk , priorities

as I run my hand over my 7 chest hairs
(12-18-2019, 04:44 PM)Mister Obvious Wrote: [ -> ]She needs to begin seriously looking for someone to replace him.



Make Archie promise in 2020 that he WILL do his level best to impregnate her within 2 years, otherwise before the close of 2022, she will have to leave him for the replacement.

Within three years, Krista needs to be impregnated, by SOMEONE.
(12-18-2019, 04:44 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]as I run my hand over my 7 chest hairs

Sad Nana
Within three years from this date, Krista should be at least 4-5 months pregnant. End of story.

When you look at Archie, you can just plainly see that he belongs in that landscape.

I just like Archie a lot more than I like Krista. He just makes more sense and he really is right about some shit.

I just don't like the brain-rot feminist shit, I'm dumb enough already, I don't need to listen to that shit.

Love Krista, but don't really like her. It's just her sweet body I stick around for!?


She does have a great smile though.

I feel like a lot of people don't understand that this is a joke because it almost sounds like some crazy warped shit a feminazi would say and be 100% serious about lmao.

Granted I'm on my third brandy, I literally CANNOT focus on what Krista is saying and I'm retaining 0% of it.

"The Adventures of Betty X... and other feminist comics"

I think I might legitimately have to unfollow Krista's IG at this point.
I just cannot understand the mentality of feminists...

In the 21st century??

In 2020??

No, I cannot understand still being obsessed with feminism.
The whole feminism obsession should have died down after women got the right to vote...

I don't understand what all the residual hysterical screeching is about.
It just sucks how interest in "feminism" can make an otherwise incredibly attractive girl just become absolutely insufferable.

You know how I know Krista's got a screw loose?

By the sentences she forms.

I'm just gonna quote part of the description of this video...

Quote:I’ve removed comments on this video “Harasser Projections & Admitted Illness” from a guy called Anthony who wrote on my facebook requests to ejaculate.

And really you could look at basically any description on any of her videos or her Instagram for more examples.

She seems extremely hypersensitive to any and all crude comments she ever receives... as if she just started using the internet last week or something. It's not normal. I'm not saying the fucked up shit people come up with in comments etc. is "normal" either... but Krista's response to it is just as abnormal.

I mean... actually, it's exactly the same when she talks too. The thoughts she puts together in sentences are just... sooo not linked together on a logical level at all. Most of them just seem totally unrelated.

1:20 what the fuck does having "autoimmune disorder" have to do with ANYTHING this person said to Krista?? Honestly?? What does that have to do with ANYTHINGGG?

That's like me saying something like this...

The cashier at the grocery store said she liked my glasses. Then I went to a store next to the grocery store. When I came out 20 minutes later, the same cashier from the grocery store was on break talking to a friend. I overheard her say that sunglasses are weird and people who wear them just need to get used to the sun, and then she admitted she had a headache.

See how that makes no fucking sense whatsoever and has nothing to do with fucking anything at all? LMAO.

It's hard to even come up with an example of the kind of shit Krista says and how it makes nooo fucking sense, because I just cannot relate to how the fuck she thinks on any level.

2:21 just listen to this whole line until 2:32. See what I'm saying?? I mean she'll almost 100% certainly delete this video lately (more proof that she's fucking crazy, honestly) so there's little point in timestamping any of it. But it's a perfect example.

It's like her thoughts and the connections between those ideas ONLY MAKE SENSE TO HER...

Honestly let me just quote what she says verbatim to showcase how it makes no fucking sense...

Quote:...Or they are famous gothic psychics who burp during readings and later will troll your page saying stuff like "Remember how I told you you have a second chakra block from your mother"; you might wanna check out this zine or continue watching this video, I think these statements pretty much speak for themselves.

Like, no Krista, they really don't.

And EVERY single statement she was reiterating ended with some kinda super weird, judgemental conclusion on her part. EVERY one of them. The one that made the least sense was the "autoimmune" one... like what the fuck is your point, Krista??

And actually, if you read the graphics she's written up here, particularly at 3:00, the wording makes nooo fucking sense. At all. It's just incomplete thoughts and random words.

I wonder if Krista's ever seen a mental health professional and gotten a diagnosis. It's not that I think the psychological industry labels are actually useful or even right, but I guarantee Krista would come out with at least 1 or 2 labels if she went and got evaluated.

4:05 "who live in dilapidated houses or in the middle of nowhere"... okay, the "dilapidated houses" part vaguely makes sense, but the "middle of nowhere" part, again what the fuck is that supposed to mean, Krista? You really just sound like a fucking cunt. Judgemental as fuck.

Is she saying she takes the money these harassers send her?? I have refunded every single piece of shit who harassed me if they ever sent me any money! I've shipped off physical goods to harassing pieces of fucking garbage and then had to refund them after they got all weird and abusive after purchasing said goods. I've lost money refunding harassing pieces of filth... I don't just take their stupid money and then complain about them, LMAO! God, I sure hope Krista doesn't either. That would be fucked up... can she not see how that would feed and perpetuate the negative energy, therefore continuing the cycle? Probably not huh? She's a feminist after all so she can't really be all that smart.

I really don't think I can keep watching this retarded video... listening to Krista makes me feel dumber.

God bless her, but... I'm just thinking about unfollowing her on all the sites. I'll keep following Archie though because unlike Krista, he makes sense. And doesn't talk about feminist mind rot bullshit all the time.
I truly believe feminism is a mental illness :(
Mental illness is sad. It's sad when people are crazy.

See, Archie is legitimately interesting.
1:25 - 1:35...

She'll undoubtedly remove this heinous embarrassment of a video, so the Unsubbed YouTube channel made sure that it was kept intact for future explanation of just why Krista is being wholly rejected...

Bye Krista...


2:00 STAY IN YOUR VORTEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For real, I dig Archie decently. I like him a lot more than Krista.

I really dig those orange sunglasses, Archie seems to prefer warm tones...

He and I really have a lot in common!
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