Full Version: So yeah I dig the concept of relationships with older men...
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ROFLMAO everyone else wants him to show his nipples too.

Wonder what's up with that.
I think he's aroused...
asstroll! LOL


Smokes weed?! Androgynous!?

That doesn't sound like me, Krista???

What the fuck!?!

God man I gotta say...

This is like a list of 80 million qualities nobody can actually embody!!!

Is Ra gonna make a "What I'm looking for in a boyfriend" video!?

well MO ... you like trinkets ?

farts are non smelly ?

showing up at festivals alone ?

I feel like Krista and I aren't gonna work out.

It's sad.

She's such a hottie!
MO I would like to date you because you seem like a fun person to date and also I voted for trump love you babe
Thanks Jarebear!!!

Maybe we could get together sometime...

Drink Shirley Temples and watch the sunset!
This is actually a pretty interesting video by Archie "Bootysmack" Ra...


this guy is hot Af and becuse he has a mask on it make it even more mysterius and he has alot mores vidoes over here the languae is not my first languae or country but he is inb his early 50's years old
He's pretty hot... he needs to lose the mask though, sorry.

I'm into faces, not really that into bodies.

Interesting info in that video.

(04-09-2017, 09:51 PM)MO Wrote: [ -> ]The subject of this rant is a 31 year old woman (who looks and has the mentality of a 20 year old and I am not kidding at all) and she's dating this dude who's like 46 but also looks freakishly young.

I've been critical of this couple for a while now... it's a really weird as fuck situation and I don't really wanna expound on it right now cuz this was just kind of an on the fly random post, but. It's bizarre as shit.

I think relationships between younger women and older men can either be very beneficial (worldly knowledge and wisdom and other shit) or they can be detrimental, like keeping the mentality of the younger chick stunted. It's sad really. Dependency... older men often love to have younger chicks dependent on them, keep them dumbed down and limit their experiences.

That's why a lot of younger women get out of relationships with the older men then 'go crazy', either because they're enjoying what's left of their youth, or because they wasted too much time with the older dude and aren't young enough anymore.


Anyway there's not much more I can say about these two without going into more detail and I'm too tired for that.

the whole thing is a cosmic joke ! man is like a machine sexual prime and peak 18 ,  women like a sex machine prime and peak 30  and all driven by procreation and the chemicals that fuck with our minds and body. man slows down she speeds up then she gives "men a pause"  at 40 then she slows and her machine shuts almost all the way down . man on a steady pace his machine gets set to medium and he still wants it till 70  and has the drive to chase and then we arrive  back to your posts point. men get fucked but with out the fuck! lol  O and Females live longer so winds up single 1/3 of her life and in this way she also gets the cosmic comedic fuck! with out a kiss!  children are the thing that binds and bridges the purpose, Reason, friendships, emotions and a stable life! unfortunately those kinds of units and unions are hard to find because of the artificial constructs that run our lives. thats why when i was in my late 20s and competing in the fuckathon i "came" in first and got a 1st place and received the Fuck trophy the best thing i ever won by far. although a single dad changing diapers was an unexpected plot twist a few years later one can always tone up and train to join the "Competition" once again!
Now that was a damn well said post, DJ. 

Slow Clap

You almost never hear 30 being given as the sexual peak for women even though it's the truth BECAUSE the heat is on at that time to get FUCKED to oblivion so those eggs can be used. They become ravenous, lusty, cockstarved fuckslaves. Those pheromones travel for miles around to get the attention of every last person with functioning nads.
holy shit your way with words brings a smile once again


She's very cute...

But I do find myself weirded out by her childish aspects.

I just wonder what her story is and why she seems to have encountered some measure of 'arrested development'. I've seen her on livestreams with weird childish toys around, weird like... pink and pastel shit, wearing Hello Kitty kinda crap.

For example:

She's different, that's for sure:

Really pretty though:

There's something to be said for uniqueness. And she's foxy, so fuck the haters!

She had this video a long time ago about how she's got this fear of driving... I'm like WTF. She's in her 30s and she's afraid to drive? It's just not a healthy or independent way to be.

And I can't get over how young she looks... should I start being immature and childish and wear a lot of rainbow colors and jelly sandals so I can be young forever too?
She's got her own oracle deck too...

She made all the artwork and stuff. I dig the funky colors and whatnot, that's very cool.

But the messages themselves, about faeries...

It's not the faery thing that I don't get, it's just the descriptors... makes no sense to me.

I'm proud of her for that achievement though, I think it's very cool.
well nothing wrong with practice even if you dont want the trophy


krista thinks its 'hot fudge' , lol 

@ 18 seconds
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